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Dune RTS Ultrawide Mockup


This is 'Dune ll: The Battle for Arrakis' (Sega) or 'Dune ll: the Building of a Dynasty' (PC) envisioned as an utra widescreen PvP game. Imagine the chaos!

Here we have on the left: House Atreides defending their base from attack while on the right: we have House Harkonen mining some spice and seeking to expand their territory. Their colours are based on the actual books. Atreides- green and red; Harkonen- orange and blue.

Some of the game's elements have been changed. Cliffs that inhibit most mobilty, deep sand dunes that slow you down, the some structures are smaller, menu is more compact etc.

You can see that it fits a modern 21:9 modern screen (2560x1080):

To see a good example of the gameplay from the original Sega Megadrive/ Genesis see:

(in my opinion the best port)

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Nice! I especially like the rocks at the top right and buildings at the middle left.
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Trick 17 thanks! Also, you're getting really good at painting.
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AH, thanks a lot too!
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Awesome mockup of an awesome series!
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Thanks a lot Sir Scrumps :)