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Chibi Dash by Lijiah Chibi Dash :iconlijiah:Lijiah 4 12 OC filly colors for sesshymorph by Lijiah OC filly colors for sesshymorph :iconlijiah:Lijiah 3 0 Blackjack Pixel Art by Lijiah Blackjack Pixel Art :iconlijiah:Lijiah 21 12 Littlepip Pixel Art by Lijiah Littlepip Pixel Art :iconlijiah:Lijiah 37 32
Lijiah and Sam's Equestrian Adventure Ch.2
And that's how I spent the next two days. Sitting in a tiny room, next to my unconscious brother. Derpy came to visit me both days, and we talked for hours about Earth, Equestria, technology, animals, and about a hundred other topics. The second day was easily one of the best days ever, though, because along with Derpy came the smokey purple filly, Dinky.
"Lijiah, I want you to meet my daughter, Dinky." The little filly hid behind her mother. "Don't be afraid, muffin. He's not gonna hurt you."
"A-are you sure, mommy?" She looked at me and back to her mother as Derpy nodded enthusiastically. "Okay..." She slowly stepped out of mother's shadow and approached me with the best brave face she could muster. It took everything I had not to burst into laughter at the pure adorableness of this whole spectacle. I slowly reached out my hand.
"It's nice to meet you, Dinky. Your mom told me all about you." She reached out a
:iconlijiah:Lijiah 0 1
Lijiah and Sam's Equestrian Adventure Ch.1
I awoke to the sound of birds--and a splitting headache.
"OWWWW...what the hell hit me? And did anyone get its license plate?" I said to nobody in particular. I opened my eyes slowly, acclimating myself to the light. A quick movement check told me all my limbs were still attached and, though quite stiff, in working order. I slowly rose to my feet and surveyed my surroundings. It was immediately clear that I wasn't in Pennsylvania anymore. I was in a small clearing surrounded by trees. Fairly average for the northeastern state, but these trees had a blue tint to them and were gnarled and twisted into odd shapes.
"Wait...OH, SHIT. The teleporter! It worked!" My brother and I had acquired plans to a so-called "interdimensional teleporter" that could supposedly be built for under $500 using parts readily available at any home improvement warehouse. So, being completely irresponsible with our money, we decided to go ahead and build it. A weekend later, we had the hunk of junk assembled. We
:iconlijiah:Lijiah 1 8


Join the dark side... by glue123 Join the dark side... :iconglue123:glue123 12 9 Hired Sexy by kimba77 Hired Sexy :iconkimba77:kimba77 42 3 The Princess and the Dweller by kimba77 The Princess and the Dweller :iconkimba77:kimba77 153 14 Happy Mother's Day! by glue123 Happy Mother's Day! :iconglue123:glue123 11 1 BlackJack 3 by MAKC-HUNTER BlackJack 3 :iconmakc-hunter:MAKC-HUNTER 272 27 Fallout Equestria Girls Puppy Smiles by geekladd Fallout Equestria Girls Puppy Smiles :icongeekladd:geekladd 111 22 MN7 - Defying Gravity by Zubias MN7 - Defying Gravity :iconzubias:Zubias 50 12 Rampage by Lomeo Rampage :iconlomeo:Lomeo 55 19 Kallisti IV Request - Whassuuuup! by johnjoseco Kallisti IV Request - Whassuuuup! :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 6,217 601 Littlepip says... by meowing-ghost Littlepip says... :iconmeowing-ghost:meowing-ghost 79 15 Request:  Fallout Equestria by T-3000 Request: Fallout Equestria :icont-3000:T-3000 103 21 Blackjack's not a smart pony by Vector-Brony Blackjack's not a smart pony :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 494 57 Littlepip, what are you doing? by StarlessNight22 Littlepip, what are you doing? :iconstarlessnight22:StarlessNight22 225 36 Warriors of the wasteland by ShinodaGE Warriors of the wasteland :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 1,259 99 FoE Pinup 7: Glimmerlight by Zubias FoE Pinup 7: Glimmerlight :iconzubias:Zubias 30 7 Tuftyfluff timeskipped humanized by glue123 Tuftyfluff timeskipped humanized :iconglue123:glue123 10 4


First journal entry, just commenting on the popularity of my first real art submission. I never expected it would take off like it did, but I'm truly humbled by all the awesome people here. I guess I should start on Blackjack. I think she'd be easier to model than Pip. I won't need to try and find more shades of gray. XD


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Jokiu Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Hey buddy.
I know you won't be able to read this message, but I want you to know that I am finally back online. Back with the ponies and all.
I wish you'd be here so I can share my hapiness with you of being back. 
I will miss you, buddy, and I am. We all do. Maybe someday we'll meet again... In Equestria.
Remember our promise: Bronies for Life. Yours may have ended, but I will carry that promise for as long as I live, for both of us. Glen will too (don't know her name on here).
Goodbye, my friend. *raises hoof to sky* Bronies for Life.
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I'm abit curious, what happened?
Jokiu Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015
He passed away last year.
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Oh.......I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring it up. now I feel terrible.
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