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Tom Tataranowicz's and Rick Ungar's comments
A lot of people are getting pointed in my direction asking for direct quotes from both Tom and Rick regarding behind-the-scenes information ( Modo's wife, the episode where Vinnie and Charley officially get together, etc. etc. ) and instead of constantly answer everyone individually, I'm just gonna put it here.  Both Tom and Rick still do communicate with the fanbase from time to time and I do have some private messages I have collected from them ( more in depth information on Vinnie and Charley, the movie, and DVD rights ) but I won't be posting those until I receive clear permission to share that information.  So for now, I am reposting the archived posts made by Tom Tataranowicz back in 1998 at the Unofficial Biker Mice Club.  The information is still there and accessible by anyone looking for it, but since the website has been inactive for years, it's hard to access the original posts due to registration being required.
"Cheek to Cheek" from Tom Tataranowi
:iconartaith-21:Artaith-21 12 39
Hey there ya all!
I'm back and I'm alive! (oh shit, it's that crazy gal again, run for it! ><)

Yeah, I'm back again and I am terribly sorry that I haven't been active here on DA for some time now (two years at least, ehe ^^' gomen..). A lot of things has been going on in my life and well, I guess you can say it's been hectic, so much that I haven't been able to take a calm moment and write to you guys about it. It's been stressful, and it's been chaos, it's been amazing and so on. Some things that have happened have been so bad that I'm shocked that I'm still here .__.
Anyway, I thought I would share some of my 'adventures' during this time I've been away, so, please, have a sit and listen to ol' grandma Mellie ^-^

Sooo... where to begin...?

For starters I can tell you guys that I'm still living with my gf :iconaotsukinotora: , and has been doing that for a little over 2 years now, along with our two meows. Oh! And I should tell you this to; thihi >w<
...we're engaged! :heart: :heart: :heart:
It was amazing! Oh my god! Okay, okay *ehrm* It all happened during a One Piece meet up at Närcon Summer, this last summer. I was cosplaying a female version of Sanji and I have worked so hard to get it better than last year, and I was very happy about how it turned out. So, at the meet up, which we sadly came late to (about half an hour ><), I asked all the male characters to gather up to me, 'cause, that's what a female Sanji does; she would swoon over them like a wasp around sugar. ...don't ask me where I got that from .__.' But sadly it was SO DAMN HOT outside, that everyone practually melted away underneath their cosplays. So when I asked for a last photo, no one answerd. I understand that it was warm and so, but it made me pretty sad, and it still does as I was workig my butt off with that cosplay. So I stood there alone.
Just as I was almost on the verge of tears, Jo stepped up to me. I honestly first thought that she would take my hand and lead me off the 'stage' as she found me embarrassing. But no. The girl pulls out a little box from her pocket and GETS DOWN ON HER KNEE IN FRONT OF ME. Oooooh my god! My heart just dropped by shock. To my surprise, a lot of my friends knew about this and one of them had this recorded, so... Oh My God. I'm still in shock to be honest, but meanwhile, I'm the happiest little chinchilla :heart:
I can tell, it lifted me up from my sadness.

*Ehrm* moving on..

What to tell now... oh, yeah.
This last spring, have been a pure hell for us. A pure, living, hell.
You know those guys at the social service center, those who's suppose to help you with your economy when you're unable to get a job no matter what you do? Yeah, those guys, almost got me and my gf into jail. Wanna know why? Heh, yeah, its a pretty funny story..

You see, here in Sweden (I don't know how it is in other countrys so, I'll write this from our point of view), you're almost always guaranteed that if you don't have any sort of job that brings you money, you'll always get help from the social service. They will give you a varied amount of money each month, based on how many job applications you have made the last month, how much money you got left from last month and how much there is that needs to be payed off. I'm sure there's a lot more stuff, but I have forgotten them now as this was about a half year ago. Anyway. During spring, it's also the time to send in the papers of your decloration to the Swedish Tax Agency (don't ask me why, it's to complicatied) and they will tell you how much you are to pay in tax and so. On this paper, it sometimes also tells you if you have any other funds where you store your money or so, and it did on Jo's paper.

Jo have the so called 'Aspergers Syndrome', which she found out when she was about 12 years old. Poor thing is struggling with it every day, but she's strong and I'm so proud of her :heart: In any case, being diagnosed, it gives you kinda of a protection that you'll never be fully without money. So, I don't know when or how, but at some time, many years ago, the National Insurance Office once started a fund in her name at the bank where they put a big, BIG, amount of money, which she could use to help her start living. And it was this fund that the social service center saw on her decloration papers.
When you're turning to the social service center for help, you are not allowed to have any other money than that amount you're having on your bank account which they check every month to see what the money have been used for. But as Jo had this fund that she haven't told them about, which have NEVER been a problem before, as we have had different people who's been working with our case, they accused us for cheating and stealing the money of the community, and also planned on bring the police into this.
Jo and I begged them to not to do so, as we haven't done anything wrong. Those money of hers that she have on the fund, she's actually unwilling to use them. We both knew about them, we did, but as it's a big amount of money, we thought of them as the last exit if we really needed money - and we still do. They hardly listened which brought my poor gf into so much stress and despair, almost unwilling to live. Who and what would help us now if no one listened?
Luckily, we got out of it, as they only asked us to pay them back for what Jo's father's insurance have given her besides the money from the social serivce. So, here we are now, 4 months later and we're alive ^^

Talking about Jo's father...

Sadly, I have to tell you, her father left us last year during spring. They believe it was suicide.

It happened all so fast. It started as Jo and I was out shopping, when her step mother called and told her that her father was at the hospital. She had found him unconscious on the bed and he didn't respond. It turned out that he have taken an overdoze of his medcial pills for his back along with a big amount of alcohol.
We came there a few days later, and it turned out that he wouldn't make it. And if he did, he would not be the same. I still can't help but to feeling bad as I feel that I wanted to be able to be there for Jo, more than I already was. I remember when we were there at the hospital, where we were placed in a big waiting room; me, Jo, Noely (Jo's step mother), her daughter and her boyfriend, all of their cousins and aunts and Gunnel (Jo's mother). The doctor came and asked to talk with Jo and her mother, and I was left in the room with all those cousins and aunts and so, and I was toally ignored. No one asked how I felt, no one asked about my thoughts and so. I have never felt so alone and unable to do anything. I know now that I could have done something, but I was so speechless and unable to move from my seat. Christer (Jo's father) was a very kind and heart warming person, and he really cared about his daughter, he still does. And I wish that I could had met him more, as he was so kind as a father should be. In his presence, I felt that I didn't have to miss the presence of a father, as he was like one for me too. I didn't know Christer that well, but just being in the same room as him, it made me feel safe.

Exuse me *blows my nose*

In any way, this event, turned everything upside down for us. Jo's mind turned a lot more darker and she lost the intrest in everything she once used to love. She lost the interest of gaming, painting, you know name it. It was a wonder that I got Jo up from the bed every morning.

Later on, we got the news of what have might have caused this to happen. It turns out, that many years go, when Jo was still a teenager?, her father was seeing a woman. This woman was a big ass bitch who never liked Jo and wanted her father for herself. One time, just as Jo has gotten to his place, as her parents was divorced, the bitch had asked her when she planned on leaving. Luckily, their relationship didn't last long.
But, it turns out, that this bitch, gave birth to a son, who she claimed was Christer's. She demanded him to do a father test to see if it was his, which it turned out to be. After that, she demanded him to pay her a child support, as she claimed it was 'hard to raise a child'. The way she blackmailed Christer for his money, and the fact that he was the father of a son he had no idea existed, and the fact that no one else knew about it, it became to much for him. So in other words, that bitch killed him by forcing him to pay her.
It soon also turned out that she's a woman who blackmail men for their money; she meets them and makes them make her pregnant and then forces them off their money for child support. Poor Christer had probably no idea about this when he met her.
After this, we haven't heard anything from her, luckily.

The months went on, and soon Jo have found a new hobby that slowly started to pull her out that heavy darkness: embroidery. She started to make big and beautiful artworks with the treads and began to unlock that closed door she once used to kept herself hidden.
Today, Jo's a lot more happier and uses the embroidery for commissions, as she have finally found her way of making art. ^-^

Sooo... yeah, I guess there's been a lot going on in my life since I moved up here.

Oh! I almost forgot! I also went on my first trip abroad too!

Last autumn, after the event with Jo's father, we decided to leave Sweden for a week to visit London. Neither of us have never been to England, and it was a country that sorta tempted us with all those criminal series and the small towns and the food and so, so we just had to visit it, and so we did. And... OH MY GOD!! What an amazing city London was!! I have never felt more at home as I was there. The buildings, the streets, the river, the parks, the busses, the air - TOTALLY different from our hometown. It wasn't the same weird tense atmosphere in the air as it is here. In London, people were kind and helpful, and totally unlike the people here who looks awkward at you, or ignore you if you asking for help to find your way around. After just spending one day at the down town, Jo and I looked at each other and said; "I wanna move here".
We'll probably not move to London, just yet, but we will come back every year from now on!
Sadly we won't make it this year, 'cause we have finally gotten ourselves a job and we can't risk to leave for a vacation in the middle of it TT^TT, but we will be there next spring and probably at the London Expo! :D

So, there you go, that's probably the biggest events that been happening in my life so far.
So now you know it's been pretty hectic for me ^^' sorry guys, I promise I'll be more active from now on. I will also upload some of my newest pieces that I have been working on since last summer ^-^

Oh, and >___> ..........<_____< *whispers* I'll soon, hopefully, will be able to make commissions for you guys, but I can't promise anything yet as Halloween and Christmas is soon upon us and I have a few presents I need to finish this year. But I'll tell you when I can! ^-^

Hope you all will have a great upcoming week!
Love ya!
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AilwynRaydom Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Grattis vännen min! Hoppas livet går väl för dig och din familj. =D :glomp: Ha en super bra dag med massa godsaker och annat kul. :glomp:
liitletoboe102 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tack sötnos! <3
Jadå, det går sin lilla gång ^-^ vet inte om jag sagt det tidigare, men jag har kommit in på Stockholms universitet där jag pluggar till att bli bildlärare, så jag har fullt upp med tentor o gruppuppgifter ^^' men annars är det bra

Hur är det på ditt håll? :)
AilwynRaydom Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oj grattis! =) vad roligt för dig, jag förstår att det är mycket jobb
med alla tentor och annat, jag håller tummarna för dig att det
kommer att gå bra. Du kommer passa utmärkt till lärare. =) ;)

Är sj utbildad till bildlärare så ;D 

Jo det är lugnt jobbar och sliter men det går med livet. Sakta fram åt
man får njuta av de små stunderna som man har ibland. =)
liitletoboe102 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tack sötnos <3 

Ohooo? :3

^-^b som livet ska vara
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RatchetJak Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
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thank you >3<
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Happy birthday Mel. Hope you have a great day today.
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Thankies <3
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Sure. no problem.
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Happy Birthday!!
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