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the mysterious deerbird

By LiigaKlavina

watercolor + ink
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© 2011 - 2021 LiigaKlavina
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pdevinney's avatar
adorable whimsy, lovely
Shmelanna's avatar
ooh, I love whimsical hybrid animals like this.. lovely :)
SaynaTheSpiffy's avatar
Birds and antlers are two of my favorite things and you've combined them gorgeously.
Pickabo's avatar
I adore this.
NatanarihelLiat's avatar
I wanna one as a pet :D To my mind it's beautiful :3
karatechick13's avatar
hehehe deerbird! I love it! :D
haijinik's avatar
what a wonderful chimeral creature.
Tliken's avatar
Simple and wonderful.
Trangus's avatar
i want a deerbird! so cute and interesting
kasuco's avatar
esta muy lindo :love:
Arah019's avatar
Shirral's avatar
I'd like to meet one :)
Anguarius's avatar
Sorelliena's avatar
In the spring, they butt heads in mid air and whoever gets vertigo to spin out of control first gets the girl (y)
DragonKira's avatar
Wow, so cool! I think you have a thing for birds!:) me too!
fairychamber's avatar
Very pretty and a bit scary:)
Moumou38's avatar
I missed your paintings and this one is cool, what a weird beard...I love how intense the red is ....I'm never able to do so beautiful colors while using watercolor painting !
flyingfish98's avatar
quirky + cute...
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