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March 12, 2012
Imprisoned by ~liga-marta
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Celebrian, character from Tolkien`s writings.
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MormerilErynbeth's avatar
Haha! I have finally found the artist who did this! I've always loved this piece.
Heartbreaking, but beautifully done.
romenriel's avatar
This picture is really, really good. It looks so terrible and sad, but it's beautiful too. Such a sad story!
Hanasian's avatar
This is such a touching depiction of Celebrian in captivity!
Pelegrin-tn's avatar
nougatetmephisto's avatar
seen on LOTR wiki! very beautiful :)
rachelthepessimist's avatar
This is amazing! I love the detail, and you manage to show so much emotion without even showing a face. 
PCamenzind's avatar
This is wonderful!
SarahBlevins's avatar
Again, I love this! So much emotion.
The-Dragon-Charmer's avatar
this is a very pretty picture !
LimeGreenBunny's avatar
OUUUCH. I think you just stuck a knife into my soul. But seriously...I guess this is so shocking because she is the only female Tolkien character (that I can think of) who has to go through this kind of ordeal. Good job on a very effective image.
Hedonistbyheart's avatar
Oh poor Celebrian! This is very raw and strong, especially her pose and the muted colours.
this is gorgeous ;_;
Rosyan's avatar
Poor Celebrian. I don`t even want to imagine what she went through before her sons came to rescue her... And what it had been for her family. Tolkien has written so much tragic stories, I got a little depressed reading the Silmarillion after a long time.
Fostergirl147's avatar
*sobs like a baby* Oh also your watercolors are amazing
Gryffgirl's avatar
Gorgeous painting of one of the book's more tragic characters (in a line of many tragic characters). :rose:
DarkButterflyOfNight's avatar
That`s very beautiful and at the same time so sad! Poor girl!

You did amazing job:)
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