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Still alive! ^^; A (fairly heavy) manip of a self-portrait photo.

Corel Painter 9, Wacom Intuos 3, a day of furious scribbling. ;p

May be reposted *if* my name is provided along with it, preferably together with a link back to my DA gallery. May not be edited in any way.

Edit: so uh yeah, DA apparently moved this to the "Mixed Media" category 'cause it involves too much painting to be a manip. Or something. o_O O.o Well it's still a manip to me, buuut okay! D:

Update: Appeared on the cover of CD "Timeless" by "Out of Orion".

Update nr2.: Recently appeared in advertisements for the online game Evony by Evony Team. Yes, it was licenced out to them, though I appreciate the concern of all of you who asked! :heart:

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