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September 15, 2012
'Sss-Mine! by *liiga
Featured by KovoWolf
Suggested by Daemonic-Fae
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Another quick doodle that turned into a Project. A naga lady that doesn't mind the occasional bird snack, but this one sings oh-so-pretty and they're so hard to come by underground anyways...

Corel Painter, Wacom Intuos, and oh about a week? or so, in between other things.

Edit: Zomg, a DD! That was such an awesome thing to return to from my two week trip. Which is, incidentally, why I'm horribly late on answering all the comments. Sorry, I love you guys anyways! :D
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queenmotherbug's avatar
Beautiful and so expressive....
Joe-Roots's avatar
This is a piece like no other. I love it. VERY nice use of light, colors are mesmerizing
Chrisma60's avatar
Your wonderful work is featured here [link]
Chrisma60's avatar
It is really an excellent painting work :iconblakelord:
BiBiARTs's avatar
wonderful work ...
selkie-fox's avatar
I love the expression of conflict on her face!
kneestocking96's avatar
Awww, she is so gorgeous.
I wonder if she could use some company down there?
Animators-Voice's avatar
Awesoooooooomes... :3
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Awesome artwork! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
Tahyon's avatar
great work , congrats for DD!:clap:
Pandeki's avatar
so scary! amazing
SpiritWahya's avatar
Awesome! c: I've never seen anything like this before.
Charlene-Art's avatar
That's a cool unique anthro
pearl-whisper's avatar
Beautiful... but the crushed bird is disturbing too. Great job
Kaonashi-Nanashi's avatar
Female form of the word "naga" is "nagini"
kneestocking96's avatar
Nobody ever uses it though
Kaonashi-Nanashi's avatar
So? It's still the correct word.
kneestocking96's avatar
Just saying is all
Kaonashi-Nanashi's avatar
Okay? There are a lot of female forms of words that people don't use.


just to name a few.
Nettleheart's avatar
I use tigress and dragoness...
Kaonashi-Nanashi's avatar
Your one of the few that I know do. Granted the term "tigress" has gotten more known thanks to Kung Fu Panda, since the tiger character is a female and they call her Tigress. But few people refer to a female dragon as a dragoness. The majority just call them "dragons" or "queens". At least that's what I've come across. I also refer to my young female dragons as "dragonette" and my young male dragons as "dragonet". Since I believe "ette" is the French female dimitive.
Nettleheart's avatar
Thanks. I've never heard the words 'dragonette' and 'dragonet' before, though. I don't use dragoness and tigress often, mainly because I don't often use characters that I can use the term for.
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mario45675's avatar
creepy but cool
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