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December 30, 2011
.The Death of the Fish. by *Lii-chan
Also suggested by InspiredbyJack
Featured by Marcellyne
Suggested by shinkamalei
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.The Death of the Fish.

"And in the dark, I can hear your heart beat; I tried to find the sound.
But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness... so darkness I became." -- Florence + the Machine, "Cosmic Love"

Can you tell I love Florence? ;) Just a coincidence that I finished 2 paintings tonight inspired by her songs.

Art (c) Erin McManness 2011
Approx 20 hrs?
Portfolio piece
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SilverandZuko's avatar
This is so beautiful! Her facial expression and the relationship with the fish is just amazing.
PJ-K21's avatar
This is beautifully made.
Zak05's avatar
This is amazing!!
crh's avatar
wonderful piece! very emotional and excellently mastered :clap:
Lay-Nad's avatar
just amazing!
Emmaethyst's avatar
This reminds me of a Cinderella story I read once. The Cinderella in this story had a magical fish that was her only friend. When the godmother found out, she killed the fish and ate it along with her favored daughters. Leaving the girl to discover that her beloved fish was only bones.
Absolutely beautiful depiction of how I imagined that scene. ;)
ekkiart's avatar
omg one of my favourite pieces of art, IM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS!!!!:D:D
lovianyloviany's avatar
Johanna-Puukila's avatar
I'm totally in love with it... amazing work
its beautiful....thanks for sharing
mst-photography's avatar
This is very strong.
GuardianOfShigeru's avatar
Your wonderful work has been featured here. :love:
Lii-chan's avatar
Darklight-phoenix's avatar
also reminds me of the film avatar: last airbender
Lii-chan's avatar
Thanks! Though I've never seen it,hahah... I heard good things
Darklight-phoenix's avatar
It's pretty good....some say the mini versions (animated??) are better, but yeah....
Aniphine's avatar
I can hardly explain... No, I can't explain how incredibly breathtaking this is. It's so realistic and detailed and beautiful. So surreal. I love it. :D
Lii-chan's avatar
Thank you very much, I really appreciate that!
Sketch-Iz's avatar
This is so beautiful.
Lii-chan's avatar
tsurugikage's avatar
did the fish drown in water?
Lii-chan's avatar
No, the fish drowned out of water, I put the water up top and the air on the bottom :nod:
MillaChaney's avatar
This is just so inspiring....
I've been following your blog for a while, and I only just realised you have dA. I'm so glad I did!
Also my middle name is Florence xD
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