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my girl by ligthnferno my girl :iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 0
Today i Die
It stops today, Enough telling of a so long gone desire
And maybe perhaps something that was or Never was
Enough of making the dot a big visible punch
Enough of feeling sorry for what i lost!!
Instead move on with Strenght to
the point of Forgiving to Overcome
the wall that doesn't let Me be Free
My Love For You Will Burn
My Desire, My Heart, My Memory of You!!
No more mingeling in the past
with Spirits and Ghost of what
HUNTS my Soul and doesn't let me go
Today You'll Burn and So will I!!
I will die because the only way
to kill you is to Die with YOU!
And so i'm ready..ready to move
in that next step of dying completly to who i am
And give birth to a New ME ..untouchable by You
Today We Both Die and We will Both Burn...
And if i make it thru alive...
then i will know i was meant to Live!!
Be set Free in the most crucial way!
I will not Fear the Memory of You
I will embrace Our Death and Drink to the Rest.
:iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 3
last call by ligthnferno last call :iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 0
Today i broke someones heart
Today I just broke someone’s heart
Today I just killed any hope of inspiration
Today I just step on every dream
Today I realize how sorry I am
It doesn’t matter if I feel sorry
It doesn’t matter if I want to make it better
What I broke it cannot be replace or recover
What I did has no pardon or forgiveness
What I killed once beat to the sound of my voice
Now dies to the deception of my lips
And even though I try to heal the wound
I see it now is too late to mourn
If I could give you all I am
I would, wouldn’t hesitate to think
If my life would bring the joy in your face
I would come running and pour down like grace
But I’m not the solution to you heart
I am the mistake of your life
With every breath you take besides me you die
With every look you make, you wash away
Silence is by my side…I have no feelings, I have no time, and I have no pride.
I only have the regret of what was once a beating heart is now a broken angel.
:iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 2 0
Summer 09 by ligthnferno Summer 09 :iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 0
I decided to Write than to Cry
I decided to write instead of crying,
I wonder and I guess is just that thing with the heart.
There is nothing much to say but the fact
and the truth of what I have lived,
but is curious to see how a movie
changes you way of thinking and feeling.
Today I encountered the guy that broke my heart,
took my pride with lies and I still love
It was interesting to see my reaction.
It was one of fear, of nauseas, of hurt
and while I was watching him making a left turn, he didn’t see me.
Or I guess if he did he ignored me,
what blows me away from all of this
is my reaction on just seen him.
My heart almost failed in that instant,
memories came to my mind
and most of all feelings where revolving.
I realize I haven’t stop loving this man
if you can call him that,
but most of all my sense of failure
of not having what I love and want.
Above all I know God is
moving all around me and in me,
and I failed him the most.
The gift that was bestowed in me
for my future of husband
I just gave it
:iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 0
Him and Me by ligthnferno Him and Me :iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 0 Graduation by ligthnferno Graduation :iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 0 sopranos by ligthnferno sopranos :iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 0
There are place wich deserve to be call home
and yet  I don't find it safe enough.
And then there are places where you just
pass by and you feel your home but your not.
But there some places they don't look or feel like home
and they are!. What is home?... some say is a place where
you crash, others say is a place to be comfort and content
but i say is a place  where you can feel and be safe.
One day i went out and sweared i was coming back but along
the way i got lost. Now i'm trying to go back home and I recognize
this place where I am since i been here before. I taught it would be
easy to go back  but obstacles along the way won't let me pass.
There's homes and then again there is HOME.
Right now, I just miss mine.!
:iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 0
I have lost track of everything
that really means or meant something
in my life. I have love and hated
at the same time. In the mist of everything
when i losse something this big, i get lost in the way.
I'm confuse and beaten i stand in a place of wonders.
I wonder most of the time how things had should been
and their not. I come to the point that i don't care
wether i live or die. This was the last straw i had in my
pathetic life. And don't get me wrong i'm not lookinf for your
stupid pitty.''Profundly'' enough i'm looking for escape.
I realized i lost at this game. Keeping what makes me feel safe
Safety once again is broken in pieces that i won't put back together AGAIN.
that was true. I just found out that i am at the edge of braking lose :sad angel:
:iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 1
Spirit within
My spirit within
Cries for a savior
Shouts for him to come
and not delay his coming
My spirit within
Cries for mercy
A simple touch of grace
that will set me free
A savior that can see through
My shame, my crime
A savior who won't judge me
but conforts me, teaches me!
My spirit within is ready
Ready to be free
Ready to die, to die to this hoppless dreams
We call life!
:iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 4
Tulipofyours by ligthnferno Tulipofyours :iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 0
Nor i fear Time, Nor i fear Death
I sit and wait for it to crave
I have no shame of what in slaves me
The part of me that has no name
Call it evil , Call it sin
Who are you to judge me of what i became
At least io know where I step
Shamless me , Unforgiven you
Who tought that i had become one of you
Discusting Human, Unclean Demon
What have i become in riddles?
Nor i laugh, Nor i Cry
Nor i think of death in time
Time awaits for me to die
Death awaits for me to cry
Once upon a pure soul
Never again an innocent world
I felt grace in a cloud of shame
I felt off grace in a quick embrasse
:iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 1 2
We can write to forget
Or we can write to forgive
We can write to remember
Or just to conserve a memory
It Dosen't matter
What you write for
It all comes down
To the feeling of freedom
Free to Scream
Free to Curse
Free to Dream
Free to Burst
Writting sets your soul free
At the doors of freedom
You burst of JOY
CAuse it dosent matter
If no one is listening
What matters is
You are been Set FREE
:iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 2
Us by ligthnferno Us :iconligthnferno:ligthnferno 0 9


Life Below. by lavostra Life Below. :iconlavostra:lavostra 5 1 First Impression by Encephalartos First Impression :iconencephalartos:Encephalartos 1 0 Lavender Lepidoptera by Encephalartos Lavender Lepidoptera :iconencephalartos:Encephalartos 1 4



Miss Jenny
United States
Me and him..

Current Residence: Utah
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: Darren , Oh canada!
Favourite cartoon character: Aqua Teen...Invasion
Personal Quote: No matter how many turns i take..nothing changes, i guess we are meant to face it!
I have lost and i have gain, i am 24 and this last 4 years have been a game.
I graduated in 08' and with a saying ''No drugs''
I lost my dad he died in summer of 06' and my sister moved to utah in August 06'.
I flunked clases in college and i lost the guy i loved the most in my life.
I felt inlove and felt out of love, i dated like crazy.
I experienced true friendship and true betrayal.
I saw new places and made new friends, and along the way lost communication with some of them.
I conquer my fear of been alone, i conquer my fear of been attached.
I made art in my body, i pierced my face and i undo all piercings but my art will never fade.
I recognize that i had been a bad daughter, so i started to get to know my mother.
I tried drugs, alcohol and parties and felt disgusted for what i became.
I moved out of the island and moved to the states (utah)
I became a new person and meet new people
I achieved goals that i never had in mind and i let go of dreams that i wanted cherrished in heart.
I became a woman of power, a woman of love and said bye to the hardcore one.
I advocated and educated people that i never thought i would
I got to know different cultures and exchange lifestyles.
I Lost life along the way and lost my heart to a guy who wasent worth it.
I renew my soul and from the floor i rose.
I am a Better Woman, a Woman of God. Once i hated, now i love.

am i a shame of the things i been thru or desicions i made?

** No, would not change anything that i have lived or been thru. I would
not be half the woman i am now..if i did not lift myself above the ground.
  • Listening to: The Prize Fighter Inferno


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_______$$____$$$$$$s.__$$s__ ___, ,
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_______`$$.____$$$$$$$_$$$$__ _s
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______s.__$$$$___s$$$$$$$$_.s $$__
______$$_s$$$$..s$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $__
______s$.s$$$$s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $_
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