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Deep in the overworld, there lives many who have "gone round the bend". Those driven insane by the tyranical rampage of the fiends of Nulgath, those whose minds are ravenged by the sheer difficulty to live, just to name a few. But the most common of all are those who end up going mad in search of power.

The best known of these power-hungry madmen is a man known as Viper Drake. Once one of the greatest of doctors in the overworld, he had longed for the power that those with magic possessed. Alas, he was born with not the smallest drop of magic in his blood. He had grown more and more bitter about this, until he found an interesting find during a stroll through Solace: A Necronomicon!!

He had scrolled through every page of the book, seeing countless spells for summoning the skeletal armies that ravenged the overworld. While doing this, he had realized something that would change his life. "If most necrotic armies are as fragile as this book says, then maybe science could make something better!!"

At that point, the destiny of Viper Drake was decided. He had first found the parts of many bugs, fusing them with his own body, giving him equivelant power to a lich. He then began his efforts to reanimate his own necrotic army from scratch.

"And as soon as I am finished, all of those with magic will bow to the pure power of science, and I will stand on top of every one of their corpses! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!EEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAAAAAA!!!!!"

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