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Vaal Zeb



In the darkest depths of the Overworld, there are many menacing monsters to be wary of. Monsters that can crush you, squash you, eat you, chop you up, and kill you in ways more painful than you can imagine. But there is one of these beasts that is very unique among it's bretheren: vampires.

Unlike other beasts, who will settle for anything foolish enough to wander into it's territory, vampires feed exclusively on the blood of humans. "But why?" many of you might ask. The answer is, there is something in our blood that separates us from common beasts: sin. However, there is far more in a different source entirely: other vampires

There are no who know of this, and any who figure out aren't allowed to live. For if they knew, brother would feast on brother in a never-ending cycle of bloodshed, until the vampire race went extinct completely. There is only one exception.

A vampire, going by the name of Vaal Zeb, was tired of the taste of human blood, and tried to find something more indulgent to fill his cravings. When he had found out the secret of sin, another vampire quickly set out to silence him. However, he only proved to be a meal for Vaal, who drained every last drop of blood from his body.

After this, instead of telling his brethren of the secret, he kept it to himself, vowing to drain any other vampire in his path dry.

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i really like it it kind of reminds me of the nosforatu mech in mech quest mixed with the hulk