The Sleeping Necromancer

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His life began in the darkest regions of the Gallow Woods. Here, he was raised by a rather feeble necromancer, who attempted to teach him everything he knew. But even if his potential for necromancy was astounding, he lacked both the discipline and the patience to control it.

One day, he had attempted to raise his first undead minion, only to have it go completely out of his control. His teacher had snapped at him for this. " Have you completely forgotten the lessons I taught you?!? You're supposed to grip the spirit orb in order to control it!!"

"I tried," the boy said. "But I don't understand why I can't do it!!" After saying this, he began to weep, then ran off into the woods. His teacher, deciding that he had enough of the boy, didn't do a thing to stop him.

He kept running until he reached into the heart of the Gallow Woods. He then became very tired, and decided to rest beneath a tree. There he eventually cried himself to sleep, still wishing that he could master the power that he has deep within himself.

In his dreams, he stood before a huge, ghostly skull, whose jaw was almost snapped in half, and whose scalp was covered with a ghostly white hair. "Wait... Do you happen to be Nulgath, by any chance?"

The skull then laughed with a sound that was freezing with darkness and cruelty. "Good guess, but no. I am, however, a very powerful necromancer. So powerful in fact, that my soul is not able to be contained by Death himself!"

The boy pondered this. "But if you're that powerful, why come here?"

The skull sighed at this. He then shook his head and said, "Isn't it obvious by now, boy? I've come to offer you the key to unlocking you're full potential! However be warned, the cost of this power is a great toll indeed!"

The boy lit up at this, and couldn't resist this offer. "I don't care! I want to be the strongest of all time!"

The skull made a horrifying grin at the boy's remark. "Don't worry, you'll get your wish. Close your eyes."

The boy did as the skull said. The skull then lunged at the boy, attacking his soul with intense brutality. Then, the boy fell into a deep slumber, laying on top of a swirling cloud of darkness.

The voice of the skull, combined with his own voice, began to whispered in his ear. "Fool! Did you really think that the great Noxus would lower himself to grant power to a brat like you?!? Now our souls are together as one. You will now be known as 'The Sleeping Necromancer', your dreams will be your power, and your power beyond your dreams. And once we both gain enough power, the overworld will be ours!"

Appearance: He is a small child, sleeping on top of a black cloud, with red lightning crackling inside it. He's rolled up into a ball, and is wearing black pajamas with a white skull pattern. He also wears a nightcap with a skull at the end of it, and his hair is black and covers his eyes.
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