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The Gray Wanderer



A long time ago, in the village of Solace, there lived a family of great wealth and an even greater love for animals. In fact, when you walked into their house you would practically be walking into a small forest-worth of animals: cats, dogs, birds, fish, frogs, and lizards of every color, shape and breed. But among all of them, the most loved of them was the father's first pet, a grey cat named Cheshire.

If you were to ask any of them about Cheshire, they would tell you that he was the most well behaved cat. He would never bite when you tried to brush him, would always watch their son during their lessons, and would always catch the most mice out of any of the other younger cats.

However, deep within this grey cat's mind, he was always as bored as could be. "*sigh*, Oh how dreadflly dull my life is. Sure the food is great and all, but not only am I never able to go outside like all of the dogs, I have to deal with so many uncivilized brethren!"

"If it were up to me," Cheshire thought to himself, "I would explore the Overworld for the rest of my days. Never take a break for food or water, never have to be cottled by some numbskull little boy, just explore forever and ever. *sigh* Unfortunately, I'm only mortal" Thinking on this, he decided to take a nap before catching some more mice.

What would come into his dreams, however, would be the most terrifying thing to enter the Overworld"

Cheshire was standing inside the same room as before, but instead of all of his brethren, there were thousands of skeletons, all draped about on walls, chains, and littering the floor. And in the middle of it stood a huge, fiendish brute. He had recognized this being immediately.

"Nulgath, I... I've heard rumors of you from my siblings, but I never could imagine them to be true!"

The Archfiend smiled at this, and said to the small feline, "Indeed, and I have heard you're desperate plea for freedom, little one"

"Wait.... You mean you can grant me immortality? Allow me to explore the Overworld for all of time?!?"

Nulgath seemed very pleased by his eagerness. "Yes, but it's not that simple. I will require payment for such a great honor."

Cheshire's eyes lit up when he heard this. "Go on......"

"All I require, cat, is that you report anything of interest to me. You will act as my spy, and will be granted the power and eternal life that you need to do this task."

The little gray cat purred at the very thought. "Well how can I say no to that."

The Old One smiled wide at this, and began laughing like a maniac with pleasure. "Very well, then. You will now be my personal spy, able to wander anywhere in the Overworld until the end of time!"

When Cheshire finally woke, he raised his paw to find that it had become terifyingly boney, and that his claws had become almost like small knives. He then leaped into the mirror, and saw that his whole body had become just as bony as his paws, and his face sported a row of fangs, sharp as steel. He then made a menacing smile at his new appearance, and then jumped out the window, ready to enjoy the immortality that The Archfiend has given him.

So beware, when you see the menacing grin of The Wanderer, do not approach it, unless you wish to die a gruesome and horrific death.

For the record, this is the 1st animal-like Oversoul char suggestion, so feedback is very much appreciated!

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