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April 21, 2010


    I woke up to the sound of my alarm, still slightly groggy from my trip outside of town last night. I looked outside my window, only to see the same old town, floating in the same old white void, as it has for years and years on end. Everything was the same as I had made it so long ago.

    And yet, I still felt much happier than usual. For you see, today would be different. Today, I would have somebody to play with for once, instead of having to play all by myself again. Today, I might finally make a friend.

   But first, I'd have to introduce myself.

   I looked into the classroom that I had put her in. She was still sound asleep, laying on the two desks that I had laid out for her to rest on, and her head still laying softly on the one spare pillow I could find. Normally, I would've waited for her to wake up on her own, but I was just too anxious to introduce myself. So, I decided I would try to gently wake her up.

   "Wake up, sleepyhead." I whispered to her. Soon enough, she slowly opened her eyes. She seemed much groggier than I did this morning, but that didn't surpise me that much.

   "Who... Who are you?" She asked sleepily.

   "Oh, right, I forgot to introduce myself! Most people call me 'The Collector'."

   She still seemed a little sleepy, so I asked her, "Do you want anything to drink?"

   She paused for a little bit, but eventually nodded slowly. So, I had went into the hall to find the cabinet where I put the hot chocolate. Eventually, I found it, still turned to the left side, just the way I left it. I opened the drawer, got out a packet of hot chocolate mix, and proceeded to get some milk out of the fridge in the next classroom over.

   I found the room within a few seconds, and went to the fridge, which was still on it's right side as I had left it before. I checked the milk, but of course, it was expired! Quickly thinking, I went to the cafeteria and got some water out of the sink, then walked to the 2nd classroom in the 1st hallway to the left. I went in to find my microwave, still plugged in and nailed to the wall, once again, just as I had left it. I quickly put the mixed hot chocolate in the microwave, and set it for a minute to heat it up.

   As soon as it was done, I walked over to the classroom where I had left my guest. As I had expected, the hallways were still littered with the same scribbles that I had drawn on them so long ago. But, since I had a guest waiting for me, I decided now was not the time to reminisce on all of my work. So I hurried back to the classroom where I had left her, careful not to spill her hot chocolate along the way.

   I had arrived at the classroom where I had left my guest to find that she seemed a little more awake than when I had left her. I gave her the hot chocolate, hoping that she would like it despite the fact that I had to use water instead of milk.

   "Thank you." she said to me.

   As she drank the hot chocolate, I had just realised I had no idea what her name was as of yet. So I had asked her nicely, "So what's your name?"

   She looked up at me. "Carol." She said.

   "Oh, well that's a pretty name!" I said, trying to be nice. She just smiled and continued to drink her hot chocolate.

   I started to get a little nervous. Most people who I had brought here were usually a lot less nice than Carol. Most of them would be afraid of me and would try to leave, but she seemed like she might be different from them. So, I decided to ask her, "Hey, Carol?
   She started to look at me. I shuffled my feet and said, "I was wondering if, as soon as you're done with the hot chocolate I made you,......"

   I paused, starting to get a lot more nervous. "Would.... Would you like for me to show you around the town?"

   She smiled at me, took the last sip of her hot chocolate, and said back, "Sure. Sounds like it might be fun!"

   I couldn't believe my luck. Usually, people would run away from me by now, but I had actually got somebody to want me to show them around the town! So, reinvigorated by my success, I said to her, "Okay then, let's go!"
   I led Carol out of the schoolhouse trying to be sure she didn't get lost in the winding halls. She seemed to look around the walls a lot, especially the scribbles on the walls.

   "Did you draw all of these?" she asked.

   I nodded. "It took me a while to do all of them, but I like to think it was worth it. But what do you think?"

   She seemed to pause for a minute, but she then smiled and said, "I like them."

   I smiled with her. Today was going so well! I finally seemed to be making a friend, after all these years! But, as she wanted to see the rest of the town, I couldn't just sit here and talk about my scribbles on the walls. So, I continued to lead her through the halls of the school until we reached the entrance door.

   When I opened the door for her, she slowly walked out. She stared at the white void surrounding the town, and seemed very astonished yet confused.

   "How.... Where is this place?" she asked me.

   I didn't know how to respond. "Should I tell her the truth?" I thought to myself. "What if I tell her, and she becomes afraid of me like the others?" But I couldn't hide it forever, and I would have to tell her eventually if there would be any hope of us becoming friends.

   So, I told her everything: About how I had gotten this little, empty slice of the Void from a wish granted by a mysterious man so many years ago, how I had taken this town in order to fill this empty, white place, and how I had filled it with all sorts of things, putting them just the way I wanted them, in order to not feel completely alone in this little town.

   She didn't respond immediately, but she looked at me and said, "Well, you must have felt really lonely."

  I nodded to her. "But it doesn't matter, now that you're here! Ever since I brought you here, I felt so happy! Plus, If you stay, we can be happy here together for all of time! So what do you say!"

   She waited longer to respond this time, but eventually sighed and said, "I wish I could stay here, I really do. But I just can't stay here forever!"

   I stood there, frozen in shock. "She's not gonna stay?!?" I tought to myself. "But why? Why would she just leave?!?"
   She continued, "I have a family! They're probably worried sick about me by now, and I can't just abandon them for somebody I just met! I'm sorry, but I really need to get back home."

   I couldn't take my misfortune. She was going to leave me, just like everyone else I brought here! I decided then that I couldn't have that! "No, not again!" I said. I then used part of my powers, given to me by that mysterious man all those years ago, to make my hand grow enough to grap Carol with a single swipe.

   She looked at me with a terrified expression. "What are you doing?!?" She asked me.
   I looked at her, thick, mud like tears oozing down my face. "I'm sorry, but I won't lose another one!!"

   I walked back inside the schoolhouse to a large closet. Thinking that this was the best spot to keep her, I threw her in, slamming the door and locking it behind me.

   "Why are you doing this?!?" She yelled.

   I stood there, trembling with sorrow and rage. "You may come out when you've decided that you won't run away from me!!" I stormed away from there, back to the bedroom that I had made for myself in what used to serve as the principal's office. I then began to cry even harder than I had before.

   I looked in the mirror, only to find my black sweater-vest covered in the mud-like tears that I had been cursed with since I had my wish granted so many years ago. What a rotten turn of events that turned out to be! I finally think that I have a friend, and they decide to want to leave just like everyone else who had ever been here!

   "But maybe," I thought. "If I let her out and apologize, then she might want to stay with me after all!" So then, I decided that I had to go apologize for my barbaric acttons, in the hopes that she'll forgive me and that we can start over.

   However, when I got to the closet where I had left her, I had seen that she had somehow knocked it down. Frantically, I rushed to find her, hoping that she hadn't done anything foolish in an attempt to escape this Void.

   When I ran out to the schoolyard, I found her trying to find her way around the town.

   "Wait!" I called out to her.

   Carol looked over at me. She seemed afraid, but still rather sad. I could almost sense a feeling of pity coming from her. I then said, "Why? Why are you so desperate to leave? Why can't you just stay here with me?!?"

   She paused, clenching her fist tightly. She then said, "You can't force me to stay, Collector! You can't force me to be your friend!"

   I stood there, half in sorrow and half in shock. I then told her, "Fine. You're right. I can't force you to stay here if you don't want to. So, I'll give you the choice: You can go back to your family, back to your boring old life, and never see me again. Or, you can stay here with me, and I can make every day with you more fun than the last. I can make you happy today, tomorrow and until the end of time!! So, what's it going to be?"

  She stood there, tears running down her face. I couldn't tell whether those tears were out of fear or out of empathy for me. Finally, she said, " I already told you, I have a family! I cant just abandon them, even for someone like you!"

   It felt like Carol had just stabbed me with a hot knife. So she wanted to leave after all, huh? I nooded, and made my hand grow to the same size that I had made it when I grabbed her the first time.

   She didn't try to resist this time. It was almost as if she knew that I would keep my word. She even managed to fall asleep as I had carried her to her home, and placed her in the same bed where I had gotten her from to bring her to my world.

   Before I left, I had left her a note. It said:

Dear Carol,

I'm sorry for all of the trouble I had caused you. I truely wish that you would have stayed with me, so that I wouldn't be all alone again. But, you did make your choice. However, just remember that your choice means that I won't ever see you again.
Sincerely, The Collector
Name: The Collector
Age: Physically, 9, Chronologically, 92.
Powers: He can grow his whole body or parts of it to tremendous size. The size that he can achieve is limitless in his own world, but is limited outside of it.
Personality: playful and sweet, unless angered.
Unique Attributes: Mud-like tears
Likes: Drawing, Arranging his things, People, long walks.
Dislikes: Bullies, things in his collection not being the way he likes them, being feared by others, being dirty.
Fears: Smile Dog, Being left alone, Being rejected.

Important Edit: The Collector has now been adopted by :iconriverthunder: so he is now her's.
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