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  A long time ago in the overworld, there was a brilliant inventor who went by the name of Daedalus. Not only was he one of the most educated men of Solace, but he was also a dedicated father to his young boy, Talos. Unfortunately his son was compltely incapable of movement after the same horrific carriage accident that ended his mother's life. Driven insane by is devotion to give his son mobility, he went through countless ways to power a device that would fulfill that need for Talos. Then one day, a mysterious traveler, cloak as black as a crow, had promised him his services in exchange for a large amount of gold. Desperate to give his son mobility, Daedalus agreed, and they both prepared the machine, a copper pack that would grant his son what had been robbed from him so long ago. When they turned it on, it sprang to life, and the joy-filled old tinkerer went to put it on his son. But when he put it on his son, he started to change.... the pack began to grow two huge copper spider legs and two sets of long, dagger-like claws, and three clear tubes went into his son's head. Then he realized that he had been tricked: the energy from the pack was fuing with his soul, and the rest of it with his body. Just when he thought it couldn't get worse, the thing that used to be his son knocked him against the wall and left, his former son's body flailing as it ran off. Grief-stricken at the loss of his son, ke kille himself out of remorse. Meanwhile, the creature now know as Talos still roams the overworld, not remembering anything of the life he once had before his father's grave mistake.


  So this is my 1st ever art suggestion for OverSoul (the other was backstory), so I would like to get some opinions from some people before I go into detail about it's deck. Also, I plan on making it Shadow/Energy, so if you have any good ideas for a deck like that, post them in the comments.

  :iconcyberdoom5: , it's because of you that I mustered the courage to not just post a backstory and actually draw this, so you're opinion is much appreciated. :3

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Alright im glad you posted this, i really like it. The drawing reminds me a little of doc oc from spiderman. it is really good i personally think we need more technology.

The story is really good as well. i am wondering if the hooded figure could be Nulgath..... or dare i say it (Miltonius)
its nice to see that even though the overworld is falling apart due to the abyssal army, that someone still is looking out for the less fortunate.

i recommend that when you enter it you enter it in both the art contest and the story contest.

great work all around keep it up