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Sir Jonah's A.S.C.(Absolute Safety Chamber)



This is a part of my new design for my DF personal character!

I might not be able to explain the new story behind him that well, but I'll try.

You see, Sir Jonah is one of the most well known Technomancers on Lore. However, he has one major flaw: His irrational fear and paranoia. He had been afraid of almost everyone and everything since he was little, and was ridiculed for it for most of his childhood. But then one day, he had seen a well-known hero wandering through Popsprocket, telling stories of all of his incredible feats. After this, he had realized that there was only one way to get over his fear: by becoming the most powerful Technomancer of all time. So, he had designed the A.S.C(Absolute Safety Chamber) in order to not only protect Lore, but also to provide absolute safety from all of the things that would threaten Lore.

I might also make a front view of him inside the chamber if enough people like the design and idea!
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