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Kingdom of Ver

January 2nd

Not too long since I have crossed the kingdom's gates. Admittedly Ver is a beautiful kingdom to say the least, filled with an assortment of shops and armories. Right now I'm staying at the local tavern, getting ready for the task at hand tommorow.

I heard rumors from the Sleepy Wolf Inn at Solace that there is a witch in Ver. They say that the church is now offering a good deal of gold to whoever can find the witch. I figure that with the senses given to me by Death, I simply cannot fail.

I hope to meet with the priest tommorow at the break of dawn. Hopefully he won't be as unaquainted with my appearance and title as some, but only time will tell. But for now, I will need to rest. After all, how can such a proud and holy man ask a messenger with saggy eyes and dreary senses to find a witch?

Bloody, Messenger of Souls

Drunkard's Tavern

January 3rd

I arrived at the church around five o'clock in the morning. The sun cast it's fiery orange glow on the entire kingdom, making it seem as if it were ablaze. The cold morning wind sent a chill down my spine, and I could almost taste a dark energy coming from this kingdom. Whoever this witch is, they are becoming more powerful.

When I finally did arrive at the church, I was stunned by it's beauty. The gorgeous gothic design of this holy place made even my estate look relatively bland. Right above the door, there was a sign that read, "Grand Cathedral of Ver".

Before I walked inside, I would've never believed that this holy sanctum could be even more beautiful on the inside than it was on the outside. After I walked in, one glance was proof enough that I was more wrong than I could ever imagine. The early morning light shining through the stained glass windows look almost as if they were glowing, and made the entire room look like it was shrouded in fire. In fact, it took me a moment or two to realize that the church was not set on fire.

Standing at the front of the church, I saw the head priest straightening his robes. He was a rather tall, lanky man with a full head of auburn-brown hair. He seemed in his mid-40s, but had a fiery glow in his eyes, almost as if he was preaching to an immense audience of thousands. Next to him was a white-robed girl who looked no younger than 16, with raven black hair and a similar yet darker glow in her eyes, cold as ice. It looked like they were arguing about something, but I couldn't hear what they were talking about.

"Pardon me sir, but I presume that you're the one who needs help finding a witch?"

The priest then ushered the girl away. He didn't look my way immediately, but he still responded, "Yes, I am. You may address me as Father Fredrick. I think it is safe to say that you want to help us find this menace to our people?"

"Well, yes sir, I do wish to help. Pardon if I may ask, but do you know of any sightings of this witch? Or perhaps a clue that I could go by to start my search?"

Father Fredrick sighed at this. "Sadly, while we do have many who have been killed by some form of black magic, there have been no eyewitnesses as of yet."

"Hmm........ Well then, I would wager that they must have some form of dark energy in their soul?"

The old priest looked confused at this remark. "Most likely, but how does that help?"

"Excellent! I will need you to gather as many people in front of the church as you can by tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I will be able to pick the witch from one of them.

I could tell by his face that he didn't believe me. "And just how do you plan on doing that?!?"

"You'll see soon enough. Now before I go, I need to ask two more questions."

Father Fredrick seem rather irritated at this point. "And those questions are......?"

I smiled at this, and asked, "First, I know you want me to find the witch, but is that all? Do you also want me to spare you the trouble of disposing the witch?"

This seemed to catch the priest off guard. "I wouldn't understand why you would want to, but no. It is my responsibility as head of the church. And what else?"

"Just out of curiousity, who was that girl you were arguing with?"

"That was my daughter, Morgana. She was talking some ignorant nonsense about purifying the witch instead of killing it. She is still naive about the ways of our church."

"Well then, I will be out of your hair now. I must get some rest before tomorrow, after all. I bid you good day."

After that, I had expected him to merely stay there and get ready for the morning congrigation, but he instead stopped me before I had went out. "Before you go, I would like to offer you a cleansing of your soul, if you would be so kind to accept it."

I pondered this for a moment. "Sorry but I have to refuse. I don't really have the necessary time, and there are preparations to be done for tomorrow. Once again, I bid you good day."

After that, I had went back to the tavern that I was staying in. There are many people who it could be, but I already have my suspicions. Hopefully Father Fredrick will do his part and find enough people so that I can flush out this witch before anyone else gets hurt.

Bloody, Messenger of Souls

Drunkard's Tavern

January 4th

I could sense the air itself in Ver becoming still, as if the land itself was holding it's breath. The church, as well as the rest of Ver, was beginning to succumb to their own paranoia. It was imperative that I find the witch soon, otherwise all of Ver would be consumed by fear.

I went to the front of the church, as I promised Father Fredrick yesterday. Suprisingly enough, he had managed to gather almost every citizen of Ver in front of the cathedral. I most certainly underestimated his influence of the people of this kingdom.

With everyone gathered, I was just about to announce how I would find the witch, but I was taken aside by Father Fredrick.

"I need to warn you, if you convict the wrong person among all of these people, then the witch will just be allowed to create more fear among the people. Do you understand the importance of this?"

I sighed at this. "You really shouldn't ask questions you already know the answer to. It's not polite."

And with that, I walked up to the front of the crowd, and was ready to pluck out the witch. Meanwhile, Father Fredrick, with his daughter Morgana beside him, was waiting for me to begin. All was quiet. I was ready.

"People of Ver, you will soon be free of the witch that has caused you so much fear for the past few months!"

There was then murmur among the crowd. They all seemed rather frightened at the idea that the witch was among them. So, to calm them down, I continued on with the task.

"I am certain that you are all curious at how I will find the witch among you. Well, being the Messenger of Souls, I am able to sense the energy of the souls of any living creature. Because of this, I will be able to find the witch by sensing the dark energy inside their soul. And in case you're wondering, my senses have never failed me before."

The crowd was completely still. It was obvious that they wanted me to get on with finding the witch, so I decided that the time for talk was over. It was time to find the witch.

I breathed in deeply, and the energy of their souls lit up in my mind like flickering candlelight. At first, i didn't sense any dark energy among the crowd. But then, I sensed something that i recognised all too well: The dark energy of a witch's soul.

But instead of it being among the crowd, I felt it wash over my senses, as if it was right next to me. Only after a short moment of thought did I realize why it had felt so strong: Because it was next to me!

I breathed out, and the crowd seemed in shock from how little time it took for me to finish. I then knew who the witch was.

"I thank you all for your cooperation. And now, you will finally know the identity of the witch."

The crowd was anxious to hear who their witch was, so I decided not to keep them waiting any longer. "The witch among you all, hiding among the church, is the priest's daughter Morgana!"

The crowd was astonished to hear this. When I looked back, I saw the absolute shock on the face of Father Fredrick. But the most emotion was felt by Morgana, who was frozen with fear, her face streaming with black tears.

"Guards! Take her away!" Father Fredrick cried in anger.

The guards took Morgana by the wrists and carried he away to the old dungeons used for witches during the Verran witch hunts. Meanwhile, she was an absolute wreck, crying unconsolably as she was carried away.

Considering everything that Father Fredrick must be going through, I did not expect him to speak. Even so, he had managed to say that her execution would be scheduled tomorrow at dawn, and told me to be present for it. Afterwards, he promised that he would give me the reward, and that I could be on my way back to the Bramley estate.

All things considered, today was most successful. I managed to find the witch with ease, and I now get a front row seat to what will clearly be an interesting execution. However, I will forever remember the family that I had to tear apart to do so. It will haunt me when I return to the Bramley estate, and perhaps for all eternity.

Bloody, Messenger of Souls

Bramley Estate

January 5th

I arrived at the execution at dawn as I promised Father Fredrick. He seemed rather distraught, not that I could blame him. After all, he is the one who is supposed to burn his own daughter at the stake.

Soon enough the rest of Ver had arrived to see the execution of Morgana. They all seemed rather excited that the threat to them would soon be burnt alive before their eyes. Yet, at the same time, I could also sense their confusion and pain to see a member of the church convicted for such a heinous crime as witchcraft.

At last, the guards arrived with Morgana, who looked at me with a broken, vengeful anger in her eyes. Can't say that I blame her. I mean, I did reveal a secret that she obviously had kept for years.

As soon as she was bound to a wooden stake, and the fire was prepared for ignition, the crowd went silent.

"People of Ver!" Father Fredrick shouted. "Today is the day that the witch, murderer, and traitor of the church Morgana pays for her crimes..." I could sense his voice begin to fail him, but he soon continued. "By being burned at the stake!"

The crowd roared to life. They seemed rather anxious to get on with the execution.

"But before she is punished," The priest continued. "She must try to explain her crimes to the church and to the kingdom of Ver! So Morgana, care to tell your people why you had killed so many?!?"

Morgana's eyes filled with the same, midnight black tears as the day before. "I didn't want to hurt anyone! They were going to tell everyone the truth! I couldn't let them do that! I tried so hard to hide it, I couldn't let them tell you, Father!"

Father Fredrick looked straight into his daughter's eyes. I could see the grief and anger that filled his eyes as he tried to make sense of it all. "Very well." He finally said. "And now, as a special thanks to Bloody, the man who revealed Morgana to be a witch, he will now light the sacred fire that will burn the witch to the bone!"

Admittedly, I was caught off guard, until I thought about it for a second, and realized why he was truely doing this. He didn't want ot be the one who killed her daughter. He would rather see someone else light the flame to burn her. Seeing this, I decided I wouldn't argue.

I took the sacred torch in hand, and was ready to light the flame to burn Morgana. But then, I began to notice her form changing. The area around her heart began to turn black, almost as if it were rotting away. Her eyes began to fill with hatred and fury, as those blakc tears I have seen before had begun to turn to sludge.

Before I could light the flame, she managed to break free from the stake. She then kicked me to the ground, proceeding to stab me with the same torch that would have lit the sacred fire. After that, she ran off and Father Freadrick began to cry, as if he felt that my death was his fault. I soon had enough of that, however.

"Oh please, would you stop crying like a little child and help me up?!?" I told him. He had just realized that my wounds have already healed. "But how..." he attempted to ask.

"Well, if I were that easy to kill, then I wouldn't be much of a Soul Messenger now would I?"

Father Fredrick had stared in silence for a while before he finally spoke again. "Well, I guess a deal's a deal." He had begun to reach for his pocket for what I could only presume was my reward.

"No. Keep the money." I told him. He seemed rather confused at first. "Are you sure?" He asked me.

I sighed. "I have not only torn your family apart, but I also allowed Morgana to escape from Ver. I'm not going to act like I deserve any kind of reward for that! Now if you'll excuse me, I must be on my way back to the Bramley estate. Good day."

Leaving a confused Father Fredrick behind, I had went back to the Bramley estate, arriving at twilight. After the events of today, I now have a new enemy that will undoubtedly hunt me down: Morgana, The Heartless One.

Not any more time to reflect on today's events, for I am weary from the journey back home. Though I have no doubt in my mind that Morgana will find her way into my nightmares for years to come.

Bloody, Messenger of Souls

Saving this for next Character Suggestion contest in OS. Opinions are appreciated!
Appearance: She has raven black hair that goes over one of her eyes, which are white and without irises. She wears a tattered gray cloak, the same one she wore during her execution. Her eyes are streaming with black tears, and her wrists and ankles are bruised from the ropes that bound her during her execution. Around her chest is a black, jagged area that has a texture of rotting wood, where her heart has rotted away.
Element: Darkness
Controlled Quote: You would never understand the pain I went through!!
Enemy Quote: You humans do not know true misery!
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