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Molly and Holly



A long time ago, in a distant part of the overworld, there lived a small, peaceful village. Here lived many kind hearted people, and many would say that you could not leave there without a change of heart. And while they were not rich or powerful in any way, their tight-knit community would allow them to endure through anything.

Among the people in this village lived two little twin girls, inseparable since birth. They practically did everything together, at school, home, or the meadows surrounding the village. In fact, they were so close that people couldn't hardly tell them apart.

One stormy day, their parents had to leave to gather food from the woods, telling their sweet daughters that they'd be back soon. Hours started to pass, and they began to worry for their parents. "What if they don't come back?" Molly said to her sister. "Then we'll be left in the local kingdom's orphanage!!" Holly had calmed down her sister, promising that they'd be back in the morning.

The next morning came, and they both woke up extra early in hope of seeing their parents. However they found that their parents were still not home. They decided that they couldn't take it anymore, and asked one of their neighbors if they'd seen them. "Sorry but nobody has seen them since yesterday," their neighbor said. "They must have gotten lost."

They both froze in terror. For you see, it is a very common things for relatives without a parent or guardian to be put into different orphanages. Neither of them could stand the thought of being separated, so they both ran inside their house. They then decided to get a little more sleep before enjoying their last few hours together before the local kingdom's guards came. Little did they know that after they both cried themselves to sleep, they would find one of the darkest forces in the overworld waiting for them.

"Who....Who are you?" they both said in unison.

He smiled at them and said, "You may call me what you want. 'The Old One', 'The Archfiend', but for now, how about you just call me, 'Nulgath'"

The sisters both paused at this. They had both heard many legends of Nulgath granting wishes for a great and terrible price. However they were desperate enough to try anyway.

They both asked in unison, "Will you please be certain that we are not separated?"

He merely sighed at this. "And why would I do that? What are you prepared to give up for you're wish?"

They both pondered this for a second, until Molly finally spoke up.

"What about half of each of our souls?"

Holly immediately got what she was proposing. "Yeah, that'd be one whole soul, as two halves equals one whole."

Nulgath looked interested by this offer. "Are you so sure you both want to give up half of you're own souls?"

They both nodded.

Nulgath began to grin, showing off two rows of menacing, glimmering white teeth. "Very well then. From this point, you're two souls are one. And if any being tries to separate you two, both of you will die on the spot!"

They woke up to find that their pillows were still dampened with tears. When they looked back at each other, they saw something that would take their breath away. Their long, black hair was now fused together, and they could feel a sort of energy coming from wheretheir hair met. That meant that the deal worked.

So, with each other in hand, they ran away from their village together, in order to find their parents. They both longed for the day that they would all be back together. But even so, as long as they had each other, they would never feel alone again.

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it looks really cool i was thinking of making some kind of imp like creatures that symbolize yin and yang one would use light cards to heal and enhance and the other would use dark cards to sacrifice and drain health.
it would have to be a dual deck of light and shadow.
and the player would have to pick whether or not they want the path of light or dark.