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   Deep in the Eastern Overworld, there lived a kingdom unlike any ever seen by human eyes. Hidden from the rest of the Overworld, it is a place where thousands of legends have been born, and a place where even more legends would no doubt be born well within the future. It's name was Xhao.

    While having a radically different government then other kingdoms in the Overworld, their class system was relatively similar to most kingdoms: There was a single emperor who ruled the entire country, military and all. Below him stood all other classes of people in Xhao. The first among these classes were the lower working class and servants, who were given the more tedious yet important jobs in Xhao, such as blacksmithing and farming. Then there were the middle class, which was composed of tailors, bakers, and other jobs far more glamourous than that of the lower class.

    However, other than the emperor himself, no other class was envied as much by the other citizens of Xhao as the nobles. These people were the ones who served the most recognized and glamourous jobs of all, such as architecture, artistry, and others. They were the ones who had made Xhao into the mysterious and beautiful culture that it was.

    Among the more well known of Xhao's noblemen stood Hu Junu, a brilliant architect who had worked at the emperor's own palace. He was well recognized for being the one who had redesigned the whole palace from top to bottom, as was requested by the emperor himself. But what made him even more well known and feared by the other citizens of Xhao was his personal assassin who went by the name of Jade.

    Nobody truely knows where Jade had come from. All that anyone knows about her was that she had wandered into town one day, covered in blood and struggling to walk. When Hu had found her in that state, he had decided to take her in.

    After being treated for her wounds, she was trained to be Hu Junu's personal assassin. After years of training, it was clear to everyone why: She was a prodigy when wielding the duel katanas typically wielded by assassins in Xhao, and was able to bring down opponents twice her height in a matter of seconds.

    When she finally became of age, she was given two of the most ornate weapons she had ever been able to wield: A pair of jade katanas, sharper than even the blade of Nulgath. Not only that, but they were incredibly light, making it easier than ever for her to perform her duties for her master.

    One faithful day, she was called to her master, being told that it was a matter of utmost
importance. Although she was confused, she had went to see him as fast as she could.

    "Ah, Jade, so good to see you!" He had said to her. She noticed that he seemed a tad bit happier than usual, but knew better than to ask why. So, she decided to be quick on getting to the point.

    "For what reason did you call for me, Master?"

    Hu Junu just continued to smile and said, "I need you to do a certain job for me. It may be the most important job I have ever asked of you."

    She was intrigued at this, but before she could ask him to continue, he walked up to her, and whispered in her ear.

    "I want you to kill the emperor."

    She didn't understand what it was her master was asking of her. "Why would you want me to kill the emperor!? Xhao itself would fall apart without him!"

    He began to look displeased at her questioning his motives, but he then merely put on the same smile and said, "Why else? He thinks he's far superior to me, when it was I who had made his palace as glorious as it is. I, as well as all of the architects of Xhao, are the reason that we live in the most glorious kingdom in all of the Overworld, and I think it's about time that one of us took the throne to this kingdom. Don't you?"

    After hearing this, Jade was able to understand her master's plan. After she had killed the emperor, he would alert the guards that he was dead, and then she would take the blame. After that, he would be recognized as a hero, and would ascend to the throne as the new emperor of Xhao.

    Realizing that he would sacrifice her so readily, she ran to her quarters, tears running down her emerald-green eyes. She thought about merely sneaking out of Xhao, but then realized that Hu Junu would merely try to kill the emperor himself as soon as he realized she was gone. So, she decided that she had no other choice.

    She would have to kill her master.

    Jade had waited until the dead of the night before pulling her katanas from under her pillow. The halls were desolate, and the way to Hu Junu's chamber was lacking in guards. All was quiet.

    It was time to go.

    She was like a wisp of air, moving silently across the halls of the palace. Almost none of the guards could see her, and she was able to quickly knock out the one that did. Before she knew it, she was at the door to her master's chambers. She slipped into the door, quiet as the wind itself. Seeing her master in his bed, she carefully snuck up on him, and when she was right above him, she stabbed down with her katanas.

     But afterwards, she noticed it was not her master that she had stabbed, but one of the master's pillows instead. Quickly noticing she had been tricked, she was able to block the blow from her master's katana.

    "Why, Jade?" He asked while attacking her with his katana. "Why can't you see that you're on the wrong side of this fight!?"

    She couldn't help but confess her reason to him. "Because, master, if the emperor is dead then all of Xhao will fall! I can't let an entire country perish, even for you!!"

    With that, she was able to slice his katana in two, eliminating his only way to defend himself. Seeing that he was vulnerable, Jade then was able to slice his head clean off his shoulders. Afterwards, she had heaqrd the guards rushing to see what had happened. Thinking quickly, she had jumped out of the chamber window, then ran as fast as she could out of Xhao. Now, she runs across the overworld, trying to make amends for the things she had done for her corrupted master.
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