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Evil Jack O Lantern



Carving Pumpkins is one of my favorite things of all time. Every year, i buy lots of pumpkins, go to family and friends houses and carve away, leaving the pumpkin when im done. I dont do many "happy" pumpkins, cause dangit, they are supposed to be scarey! Its what Halloween is all about! Anyhoo, this is my Standard one i do every year. I did this face many years ago, and ive done it every year since then, once on a pumpkin that took 6 people to lift!(i wish i had a photo of that pumpkin)

This is acually one i did last year. I like the photo alot cause i felt it really captured the eeeeeeeeeeevilness of the pumpkin. Still not sure about the orange border, but it just seemd a little more halloweenish with it so its on there for now unless everyone stars telling me im an idiot.(wait, people do that anyway, i might have to devise something else then)

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Wow. By the look of those wrinkles it must have had a pretty tough skin. Was it hard to carve?

Great design, BTW! I might use that!