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Toadsworth: Hello there boys and girls! I am Toadsworth, you may know me as the attendant of Princess Peach from the Super Mario games. Recently, an old friend of our friend the plumber Mario who goes by the name of Captain Falcon was confirmed to return in the upcoming Super Smash Bros game for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. Now, if you want to become a playable character you must go up to the Princess's castle and train. Before training starts, there is a special pecking order.

It goes.......

CG Shadow 11You.

Spyro the Dragon (character).JPGThe dirt.

The worms inside the dirt.

Toad's stool :iconrimshotplz:

Peach (Super Mario 3D World).pngThe Princess.

Toadsworth artwork -- Super Mario Sunshine.PNGAnd me. Any questions?

Goku: I have one. Where did you get this pecking order from?
Toadsworth: Just follow your nose to the link below!

Original pecking order: [link]

Toadsworth: Any more questions?
Waluigi: Yes! Will Waluigi be (gets tossed out) INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!
Toadsworth: Enjoy being an assist trophy again, weirdo!

P.S. I'm not hating on Crash and Spyro. It's just how far they've fallen and the greedy jerkholes that are Activision that places them in their spots. Have a nice day and hype train tickets are to your right.
Three Fire Emblem characters (Chrom, Lucina and Robin) and one veteran (Captain Falcon) are confirmed for Smash Bros today.

...............Called it.

All we need now are Shulk, Rayman, Jigglypuff & Ness and soon it shall all be complete! And also Falco and Ridley.

EDIT: Sadly, Chrom is now a part of Robin's Final Smash. But hey, at least he's still in the game!
(the Freelance Police, Team Dark, Steve Punch and Vegeta arrive at Super Kami Guru's house.......)

Sam: Well here we are at the house of Super Kami Guru! Maybe we can finally get some answers about this crazy place.
Max: I doubt it Sam. Because look, a bipedal slug!

(........only to be greeted by Nail)

Nail: Can I help you?
Shadow: Well you can go kill yourself so we can save us the trouble of fighting you.
Nail: Is this really happening? Because my skills really need some testing.
Rouge: Maybe we can make a deal, we fight you and you let us in.
Steve: Don't get too cocky everyone. Guys like him are pretty powerful.
Max: Oh, you don't want a slice of what we are!
Vegeta: I'd have to agree with Bugs here, you definitely don't wanna a piece of us!
Nail: Then come on, try and take me down! Or should I make your stupid faces my first blood?
Omega: Gargantuan talk coming from snail-like lifeform.
Nail: Well pretty big talk coming from a weaponized trashcan!
Vegeta: Y'know, you're the best I've faced out of your people, unless I count the last village I slaughtered.
Nail: Oh you are all dead!
SKG: NAIL! Stop making babies with your uncle! It's starting to sound like (starts spitting)
Nail: Thank you Lord Guru!
Sam: We're not here for guys like you, we've come for his Royal Guru-ness.
??? ??: Oh no you don't!

(the group and Nail are greeted by Ben Tennyson, who Sam and Max previously met during the Final Litto Saga. He is joined by Rook.)

Sam: Ben?! It's been a long while since we saw each other, hasn't it?
Ben: Sorry 'bout that Sam. Almost mistook you for a bad guy. By the way, this is my partner Rook.
Max: (mightily shaking Rook's hand) Pleased to meetcha Rook! We here at the Freelance Police sure like making new neighbors!
Vegeta: Oh forget about greetings. Besides our friend the bunny here, some of our friends are some of the strongest beings in the universe! Bar none.
SKG: HEY! Just thought I'd inform you, I sense more evil coming toward the plant.
Ben: What? More evil?
SKG: There are five evil doubles in total coming here.
SKG: They're all incredibly bloodthirsty.
Ben: Bloodthirsty?
SKG: And they're led by an evil sushi bar.
Ben: No.....IT CAN'T BE!
Max: What can't be?
Ben: (grabbing Max by the neck) One of the most powerful villains of the universe is coming here and we're all gonna die because of him!
Sam: Who is it?
(meanwhile outside Frieza's ship, Frieza, Eggman, Lord Hater, the Ginyu/Nega Forces await the arrival of a certain kalamari-faced villain.)
Ben: It's........Vilgax.
(A starship lands as silhouettes of six individuals show themselves.)
Albedo/Evil Jim/Rosy the Rascal/Slash/Venom: We're heeeeeere........
Vilgax: Shall we get started?
Hero League is a 3 hour nightly block that starts at 7pm/8pm Central on Disney XD. It shows mainly action cartoons and anime. While shows such as Sonic X and the 2003 incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are new to the channel, there are also returning shows such as Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go, Yin Yang Yo and Stitch!

  • Sonic X (also airing on Omega Vortexx)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 version)
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
  • Yin Yang Yo
  • Stitch!
  • Naruto Shippuden (also airing on Adult Swim's Toonami)
  • Pucca
  • Gargoyles
  • Batman the Animated Series
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai (also airing on Omega Vortexx)

Now I want to hear from you! Which cartoons or anime do you want to see here? Now I bid you farewell. Piranha Plant, CHOMP!

A certain Dexter's Lab ripoff was not on the list of new and returning shows by YTV and Teletoon, indicating it's finally been cancelled.............EVERYBODY PARTY HARD!!!!!!!

I did find it, it's real.…
Please keep in mind that this is just in case that petition all the little people signed doesn't make it. The scheduling is as followed.

8:00am: Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai
8:30am: Code Lyoko
9:00-9:30am: Sonic X
10:00am: Mega Man
10:30am: Kirby Right Back at Ya
11:00am: Pokemon Advanced Battle
11:30am: House of Mouse
12:00n: Sam and Max Freelance Police
12:30pm: Batman Brave and the Bold
HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE THINGS ARE GONNA HAPPEN!!! And they're gonna happen to you, and you, and you and you! Whoa Nelly! (starts going nuts)


(Short version: Litton Entertainment plans to replace The CW's Vortexx with a block featuring E/I programming, meaning the the Saturday Morning Apocalypse is upon us on the day of September 27th. Please sign this petiton if you want your childhood to be preserved.)
Well, here I stand announcing my next Sonic team. Here they are: TEAM FULGORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The roster includes:
  • Lindsay the Lion (Speed)
  • Katana the Bat (Flight)
  • Phantom the Wolf (Power)

Backstory: As some of the few remaining people in the Fulgore ninja clan who escaped during Eggman's invasion, these three are legendary for their skills and mystery. After years of looking for another existing Fulgore ninja, they discovered Team Lightning which was headed by another ninja by the name of Leander.

"Lost Pokemon Week" is a weeklong marathon airing on Cartoon Network that consists of episodes of Pokèmon that were either banned or shown once and never again. Producer Satoshi Taiji also announced that Electric Soldier Porygon will be aired without the infamous seizure sequence in which the flash of red and blue will be replaced by a regular explosion. He also has plans for the banned episode The Legend of Dratini to replace the various firearms with miniature bazookas and have Meowth dressed as Dick Tracy instead of Hitler when Team Rocket is interrogating Kaiser. Also, all banned episodes featuring Jynx will feature the Ice-type Pokemon's current purple skin color.

The scheduling is as followed.

Monday: The Legend of Dratini
Tuesday: Beauty and the Beach
Wednesday: The Ice Cave!
Thursday: An Undersea Place to Call Home!
Friday: Electric Soldier Porygon

This marathon will begin on September 8, 2015 celebrating 17 years since the first episode aired in the US.

After Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends triumphed over the evils of Tirek and restored everything to normal, little did they know that evil still lurks......

With the defeat of Tirek, Scorpan, now bearing the armor of Nightmare Moon and the Alicorn Amulet, he plots to take his brother's place, sap the magic out of the three princesses, murder the Mane 6 and enslave Equestria. But this time, he is not alone!

Scorpan: (cackling) Ol' big bro let that filly they call a princess finish him off, eh? Well don't worry Tirek, it's my turn now. (more cackling) And I'm NOT ALONE!!! (green eyes with red pupils appear, the figure is seen breathing purple-black smoke)

I have a personal vendetta against this one show called Sid the Science Kid, and after so many years I have decided a way to get it off the air......stop watching it! Think of it, the Mega Man cartoon, South Park and others had high ratings while the likes of Johnny Test and Allen Gregory have been less than successful leaving the latter to get killed off faster than you can say "Doofenshmirtz holding a Bucket!" So I want YOU to spread this across the Internet and then, we can grant our wishes of cancelling Johnny Test.
  • Watching: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
  • Eating: Peanut butter crackers

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Moveset: Sam and Max

Costumes (Sam):
Doggleganger Sam
Sameth (DLC)
Kid Sam
Noir Sam
Future Sam

Costumes (Max):
Junior Max
Maximus (DLC)
High Priest Max
Kid Max
Future Max

Minion: Flint Paper


"You crack me up little buddy."

Two boneheaded police officers hailing from New York. Sam is a laid-back but enthusiastic dog with the suit who possesses a whole encyclopedia's worth of brains while his pal and co-worker Max is more a violent type of, rabbit who uses the agressive way to solve problems. Together, these two have taken down the likes of Hugh Bliss, the Soda Poppers and General Skun'kape.

Arcade Story

*opens similar to Culture Shock in Sam and Max's office. Sam is lounging on his chair, holding his revolver trying to shoot an apple Max is balancing on his head while standing on a bowling ball*

Sam: Quit moving around so much bobblehead!

Max: When do we get another case, Sam? Surely the local lawbreakers must miss our esoteric brand of personalized criminal justice.

Sam: Patience is a sharp razor to swallow, little buddy. OK, don't scream this time.

*the phone rings as the two viciously race for the call to action.*

Max: I got it! I got it!

*Eventually, Sam wins the phone*

Sam: Hello? Yes? Yes? No! Yes? Great Gatsby galloping on a Gallimimus through Guantanamo Bay! We're on our way!

Max: Who was it Sam?

Sam: That was the Commissioner, Max! He said that a new energy source has been discovered and someone is after it!

Max: Maybe on the way back we can get some tacos from this new Mexican restaurant down the street. Promise?

Sam: Promise. Fire up the DeSoto Max, we've got a crook to catch and some juice to look at!


Max: Are you sure we've been jypped Sam?

Sam: Of course not Max. Except for that, there's four of them!

*Sam points at the TMNT*

Leonardo: What did you just say?

Donatello: More mutants?

Sam: Excuse me young, turtles. We're Sam and Max, Freelance Police and we advise you to move aside.....

Max: Or get your butts kicked into Sing Sing!

Raphael: Challenge accepted. Hit 'em high my brothers, booyakasha!

Other Turtles: BOOYAKASHA!

Sam: Let's get 'em Max!

Max: Get who now? Oh.


*opens with Sam and Max outside their building, eating tacos and burritos*

Sam: You were right Max. The stuff from E 'Jalapeño really is good!

Max: Told you so.

*a black car drives up to them as the Commissioner throws a brick with a piece of paper on it at Max's burrito. Sam picks up the brick*

Max: Aw man!

Sam: It's a coded message from the Commissioner. And it says, "Look Up."

*Sam and Max look up to see a double-propellor helicopter flying above them*

Sam: Holy Pac-Man on Tic-Tacs! That helicopter belongs to the UN's most wanted, Hindenburg McGee! It looks like he's plotting to recreate 9/11 by crashing into the Bronx!

Max: *eating the remains of his burrito* So what do we do now Sam?

Sam: Easy Max, put a stop to his plot!

*Sam and Max drive off in their DeSoto, in which both them and the vehicle glow from Polygon Man's power*

Max: Hey Sam, after we beat this guy, can we head WARP Studios and hijack their new show, Slink and Wink? It's pulverizing Midtown Cowboys in the ratings!

Sam: You crack me up little buddy!


X Moves

X Button: Jump
X Button 2 times: Double Jump

Square Moves

Normal: Spin attack
Sideways: Revolver shoot
Up: Max-copter
Down: Luger blast
Normal (air) Bomb Throw
Sideways (air) McGuffin Throw
Up (air) Banjo Slam
Down (air) Sting like a Bee

Triangle Moves

Normal: Bazooka
Sideways: DeSoto Ram
Up: Tear Gas Grenade Launcher
Down: Altered Hypno-Bear
Normal (air) Bazooka
Sideways (air) +2 Sword
Up (air) Random Junk Throw
Down (air) Max Jetpack

Circle Moves

Normal: Longsword Slash
Sideways: Slide Attack
Up: Snowball Toss
Down: Body Slam
Normal (air) Boxing Glove
Sideways (air) Bonesaw
Up (air) Cthonic Destroyer
Down (air) Body Slam

Block: Max Shield


Sideways: Trash Can Roll
Up: Rat Cannon
Down: Spanner Boomerang

All Star Move

Level 1: Bullet Tornado
Level 2: Surfin' the Highway
Level 3: Toys of Power

Toys of Power Moves:
X button: Teleportation
Square Button: Shapeshifting (Transform into opponents)
Triangle Button: Mind reading
Circle Button: Eyes of Yog-Soggoth


Option 1: Shoots from Gun
Option 2: Juggling
Option 3: Points and laughs


Option 1: Fall from the sky, striking poses from end of opening credits of season 2
Option 2: Run on screen
Option 3: Crashes DeSoto into telephone pole

Winning Screen

Option 1: Give each other a thumbs up
Option 2: Sam points at player while Max laughs
Option 3: Raises their fists in the air
Icon Box: Sam plays the banjo while Max dances, ala the opening credits to season 3

Losing Screen

Option 1: Grand Piano falls on them
Option 2: Both get blown up
Option 3: Facepalm
Icon Box: Sam puts his hat to his chest while Max hangs his head

Greeting planet Earth, I am your new leader! Naw, I'm just kidding! Since Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been announced, many people have been speculating on which worlds will make it, and I am one of them! Now it is time for YOU to join the Radiant Garden Speculators! Tell me your ideas for worlds in this long-awaited title whether it be Disney or not. And TV shows (mostly animated), live action movies and non-Disney do count, so please opinion away.
To all Bronies,

The Breezies have invaded Ponyville! Stop. Have taken refuge at home of Fluttershy. Stop. Wear protective hats for 30 minutes in case reruns air. Stop. We must save in-depth characters and adventurous plots from becoming brainless, idiotic and lack conflict. Stop.

Contact all Equestrian armed forces immediately! Stop. We shall not let them ravage Ponyville and any other landmark. Stop. Breezies' latest victims: Wally Walrus and Mrs. Harshwhinny. Stop.

Armed Bronies meeting dismissed. Stop.
Copied from :iconhewylewis:

There is a hacker on DA. Two Deviantart accounts has been shutdown but have come back. Spread this out. Don't allow him/her to hack your account. Keep things safe and please be on the look out. Never know who can be next.......

Sonic: So what're we supposed to do, kill thebestgamers?
Mario: Precisely.....


I know that your powers of retention
Are as wet as a Squirtle's backside
But thick as you are, pay attention!
My words are a matter of pride

It's clear from your vacant expressions
The lights are not all on upstairs
But we're talking sales and successions
Even you can't be caught unawares!

So, prepare for the chance of a lifetime
Be prepared for sensational news
A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer
Mickey Mouse: And where do we feature?
Mario: Just listen to teacher
I know it sounds sordid
But you'll be rewarded
When at last, I am given my dues
And injustice deliciously squared
Be prepared!

Sonic: Yeah, be prepared! We'll be prepared! For what?
Mario: For the death of The Best Gamers!
Sonic: Why? Are they sick?
Mario: No, my blue friend, we're gonna kill them. And ROCKCOCK64 too.
Mickey: Great idea! Who needs those guys?
Mickey and Sonic: No guys! No guys! La-la-la-la-la-la!
Mario: Mama Mia you stupes! There will be a guy!
Sonic: But you said, uh...
Mario: The Nerd will be best! Stick with me, and you'll never get bad reviews again!
Mickey and Sonic: Yay! All right! Long live the Nerd!
Video Game Characters: Long live the Nerd! Long live the Nerd!

Video Game Characters: Nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd!
It's great that we'll soon be connected
With a reviewer who'll be all time adored

Mario: Of course, quid pro quo, you're expected
To take certain duties on board
The future is littered with prizes
And though I'm the main addressee
The point that I must emphasize is
You won't get any high scores without me!

So prepare for the coup of the century
Be prepared for the murkiest scam (Oooh la, la la!)
Meticulous planning (We'll be great!)
Tenacity spanning (Lots of praise!)
Decades of peace (We repeat!)
Is simply why I'll (Endless beats!)

The Nerd, undisputed
Respected, saluted
And seen for the wonder he am
Yes, my power-ups and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!

Mickey/Sonic/Kirby: Yes, our power ups and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!

"Join the Destroy BestGamers army and erase those losers from existance!"