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SMASH! (All Might and Hulk)
All Might And Hulk by lightyearpig

Adorable but Deadly (Kirby and Tony Tony Chopper)
Kirby And Chopper by lightyearpig

Purple Shapeshifters (Yoruichi Shihoin and Amethyst)
Yoruichi And Amethyst by lightyearpig

Dragons and Knights (Spyro and Sir Daniel Fortesque)
Spyro And Sir Daniel Fortesque by lightyearpig

Legendary Combiners (Megazord and Voltron)
Power Rangers And Voltron by lightyearpig

Thousands of Arms are Better than Two (Doctor Octopus and Nico Robin)
Doctor Octopus And Nico Robin by lightyearpig

PS2 Partners (Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter)
Ratchet  Clank And Jak  Daxter by lightyearpig

Superpowered Delinquents (Josuke Higashikata and Yusuke Urameshi)
Josuke And Yusuke by lightyearpig

Hiding in the Night.....sort of (Nightwing and Black Star)
Nightwing And Black Star by lightyearpig

 Would-be Rulers of the Galaxy (Thanos and Megatron)
Thanos And Megatron by lightyearpig

Gods of Mayhem (Beerus and Discord)
Beerus And Discord by lightyearpig

Your Soul is Ours! (Ichigo Kurosaki and Maka Albarn)
Ichigo And Maka by lightyearpig

Demonic Warriors (Ganondorf and Devilman)
Ganondorf And Devilman by lightyearpig

First Leading Females of their Industries (Cutie Honey and Samus Aran)
Cutie Honey And Samus Aran by lightyearpig

Machines of Hope (Simon the Digger and Optimus Prime)
Simon The Digger And Optimus Prime by lightyearpig

Fighting Souls (Jotaro Kujo and Raven)
Jotaro Kujo And Raven by lightyearpig

Destroyers (Frieza and Lord Dominator
Frieza And Lord Dominator by lightyearpig

Conquerors (Darkseid and Bowser)
Darkseid And Bowser by lightyearpig

Dreaming of Being the Best (Izuku Midoriya and Ash Ketchum)
Izuku And Ash by lightyearpig

Heroic Gods (Wonder Woman and Thor)
Wonder Woman And Thor by lightyearpig

All the Little Creatures (Stitch and Fluttershy)
Stitch And Fluttershy by lightyearpig

Peppy & Pink (Pinkie Pie & Steven Universe)
Pinkie Pie And Steven Universe by lightyearpig

Absolutely Fabulous! (Rarity & Mettaton)
Rarity And Mettaton by lightyearpig

The Fastest Alive (Rainbow Dash & Captain Falcon)
Rainbow Dash And Captain Falcon by lightyearpig

Fearless Fruit Fanatics (Applejack and Donkey Kong)
Applejack And Donkey Kong by lightyearpig

Silly Superheroes (Darkwing Duck and Captain Underpants)
Darkwing Duck And Captain Underpants by lightyearpig

Mechanical Minds (Peridot and Doctor Eggman)
Peridot And Dr Eggman by lightyearpig

How about a Little Fire?! (Muhammed Avdol and Zuko)
Avdol And Zuko by lightyearpig

Show Us our Respect and Bow Down (Black Panther and Satsuki Kiryuin)
Black Panther And Satsuki by lightyearpig

Blinded with Science (Rick & Morty and Dr. Nefarious)
Rick  Morty And Dr Nefarious by lightyearpig

Joker Why So Serious Wallpaper 002 by lightyearpig

Itposterdetail by lightyearpig

One shall laugh, the other shall float.....
Kickin' It Up a Notch (Elena and Sanji)
Elena And Sanji by lightyearpig

DARKNESS! SO MUCH TORTURE! (Cloud Strife and Batman)
Cloud And Batman by lightyearpig

Scottish Pride (Scrooge McDuck and The Scotsman)
Scrooge And The Scotsman by lightyearpig

Mini Mecha Madness (D.VA and Tails)
Dva And Tails by lightyearpig

Masters of the Mystical (Doctor Strange and Twilight Sparkle)
Doctor Strange And Twilight Sparkle by lightyearpig

Season 4 begins.

v1.bjszNjE0MztqOzE3MzcwOzEyMDA7MTUzNjsxMTUy by lightyearpig

Maxresdefault by lightyearpig

2496886-galactus by lightyearpig

I am power incarnate! To Galactus, nothing is impossible!

The end has come, Galactus hungers for Earth once more! Who is bold enough to stop him? The answer might surprise you.....

Captain-underpants-trailer-00 by lightyearpig

I fight for truth, justice and all that is pre-shrunk and cottony!

The ultimate battle for the fate of humanity begins!

60e269ece2f5dee6274a7f50af72493b by lightyearpig

The Devourer of Worlds......

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.14.53 PM by lightyearpig

The Waistband Warrior.....


Absolutely Perfect Symmetry (Death the Kid and Symmetra)
Death The Kid And Symmetra by lightyearpig

Industry Icons (Mario and Superman)
Mario And Superman by lightyearpig

Following in their Footsteps (Luigi and Supergirl)
Luigi And Supergirl by lightyearpig

Warriors of Light (Sora and Pit)
Sora And Pit by lightyearpig

Of Laughter and Insanity (Sans and Bugs Bunny)
Sans And Bugs Bunny by lightyearpig

Deadpool-silhouette-image by lightyearpig

FLCL-2000 06-300x225 by lightyearpig
Maxresdefault by lightyearpig

Images by lightyearpig

A few older combatants make their comeback this season.
The World's Greatest Hero (Mr. Satan and Saitama)
Mr Satan And Saitama by lightyearpig

Kept You Waiting, huh? (Solid Snake and Black Widow)
Solid Snake And Black Widow by lightyearpig

    Zooming Around at the Speed of Sound (Sonic and Tracer)
Sonic And Tracer by lightyearpig

Badass Bearers of the Blade (Roronoa Zoro and Samurai Jack)
Zoro And Jack by lightyearpig

Traveling the Great Wide Yonder (Wander, Sylvia and Monkey D. Luffy)
Wander Sylvia And Luffy by lightyearpig

Redrawing the Lines by lightyearpig
Bring on the intelligence.

The bad guy by lightyearpig
Bring on the domination.

Five minutes by lightyearpig
Bring on the final form.

Bathing the Starways in your Blood by lightyearpig
Bring on the infinite.

Unspeakable Evil by lightyearpig
Bring on the unspeakable evil.

Bring on the villains.

You know his name.....

Superman-1-S by lightyearpig

You know his victory.....

Maxresdefault by lightyearpig

But up until now, he hasn't fought someone more powerful than Goku. Someone like.....him.

Segatasanshirofeature by lightyearpig


Ba7fe307-40c5-4f0f-ab64-ad78514bd17b by lightyearpig

The Man of Steel....

1688703-segata 04 by lightyearpig

The Savior of the Saturn....


                                                 Back-Breaking Blazing Blonde Babes (Android 18 and Yang Xiao Long)      
                                   Android 18 And Yang Xiao Long by lightyearpig

                                                     Badass Adorable Alien Princesses (Star Butterfly and Starfire)
                                    Star Butterfly And Starfire by lightyearpig

                                                                          Protecting for a Good Fight (Goku and Korra)
                        Goku And Korra by lightyearpig

                                                    Fallen Saviors turned Anti-Heroes (Shadow and Red Hood)
                           Shadow And Red Hood by lightyearpig

                                                             Hasta la Vista Meatbags! (Bender and T-800)
                        Bender And The Terminator by lightyearpig
This is the final batch I'll be making for now, so hope you enjoy!

                                                                All It Took was One Bad Day (The Joker and Sephiroth)
                        Joker And Sephiroth by lightyearpig

                                                      An Unexpected Revival (Nathan Drake and Crash Bandicoot)
                                Nathan Drake And Crash Bandicoot by lightyearpig

                                                         Talking with Their Fists (Wolverine and Knuckles the Echidna)
                           Wolverine And Knuckles by lightyearpig

                                                                    Hot Treasure Hunters (Nami and Lara Croft)
                        Nami And Lara Croft by lightyearpig

                                                                    Gentlemen Thieves (Sly Cooper and Lupin III)
                        Sly Cooper And Lupin 3rd by lightyearpig
And here's five more! Once again, special thanks to people like :icondoctormoodb: for inspiring me.

                                                                            Back In Black and Red (Alucard and Ryuko)
                                Alucard And Ryuko by lightyearpig

                                                        Kneel Before Us or Perish! (Doctor Doom and Queen Chrysalis)
                          Doctor Doom And Queen Chrysalis by lightyearpig

                                                     Killer Forbidden Techniques (Kenshiro and Ryu)
                      Kenshiro And Ryu by lightyearpig

                                             Parallel Counterparts from Two Sides of the World (Spider-Man and Ladybug)
                     Spider-man And Ladybug by lightyearpig

                                       Godmothers of Gag Manga (Haruko Haruhara and Arale Norimaki)
                         Haruko And Arale by lightyearpig
So I've recently tried my hand at Tag-Team Explosions and I've come up with a few pairs. Eleven so far in fact! Will I write them, maybe. But for now, here's five of them.

                                                           Two Heads are Better than One (Sam & Max and Dipper & Mabel)
                                 Sam  Max Dipper  Mabel by lightyearpig

                                                                 Waters of Friendship (Aqua and Lapis Lazuli) 

                                Aqua And Lapis Lazuli by lightyearpig

                                                                 Hot Headed Monarchs (Vegeta and Lord Hater)

                                    Vegeta And Lord Hater by lightyearpig

                                             I Have No Idea Why I Made This, But It Seems Hilarious Enough (Deadpool and Shantae)

                            Deadpool And Shantae by lightyearpig

                                                    SUUUUUUUPEEEEER STARS!!!! (Captain America and Franky)
                               Captain America And Franky by lightyearpig

Special thanks to people like :icondoctormoodb: for inspiring me to do this!
This is it my friends.....

Rainfell KHBBS by lightyearpig

Fb04ba3056963d5cca31d12e4705d0c4 by lightyearpig

Mortal Kombat Logo.svg by lightyearpig

250px-Sega-Saturn-JP-Mk2-Console-Set by lightyearpig

The final four of Season 2.