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(The trailer opens on a black screen. There is only the background music providing the only sounds before quotes from Clod on the Run begin echoing)

Star-Lord: So you have some kind of history with these rocks?

Gamora: I've actually met one of the Diamonds.

Thanos: Silence orange fool! Your attitude is like a pouty child! Now remain silent or I will have to end you.

Rocket: Of course I can talk, there ain't anybody in this universe like me except me!

Groot: I am Groot.

Drax: I, the mighty Drax the Destroyer, wish to challenge you!

Titus: I was an esteemed member of the Nova Corps and I demand your respect!

Yondu: You're on my turf now kid.

Steven: I'm sorry guys, I'm doing it for you!

Garnet: That's the magic of Steven, he's very forgiving.

Amethyst: I wandered this place for years without a purpose until Rose Quartz found me, and ever since then I felt happy with my new life, but I still feel kinda worthless deep inside.

Pearl: Because we've sworn to protect the people of Earth from Homeworld and crooks like you!

Peridot: There's too many of them!

Lapis Lazuli: Yeah, I did it to protect Steven but Jasper utter brute. We fought over control of Malachite for months on end until she finally won. Being stuck with her was an utter nightmare, and-

Holly Blue Agate: Quite the ambitious one, aren't you my friend?

Connie: That's called fusion. A process in which two people who are very close with each other form an entirely new being, like so.

Nick Fury: Assemble the Avengers.

Tony Stark: It's time I had a little talk with them.

(as Stark's quote ends, the music changes as quotes from Steven Universe: Secret Wars echo while a silhouette illuminated by six colored lights appears.)

Iron Man: Yeah, name's Tony Stark. You wouldn't happen to be one Stephen Quasar, wouldn't you?

Steven: So, what brings you to Beach City Mr. Stark?

Garnet: You ready for this?

Amethyst: I was produced ready!

Pearl: So if this apparently an Infinity 'Gem', why isn't it reforming yet?

Captain America: And as long as one man stands against you, you will never claim victory.

Thor: Before creation itself, there were six singularities. When the universe exploded into existence, these singularities were compressed into a group of ingots known as the Infinity Stones.

Black Widow: We nearly lost our lives against Thanos before, but we were always able to defeat him and separate them across the cosmos.

Hawkeye: Tick tick boom.

Lapis: Like 5,000 years or something. It wasn't until Steven found me that I was finally released. I stole the Earth's ocean, nearly killed tons of people and it was just a painful time for me overall.

Peridot: Earth is our home now. Isn't it worth fighting for?

Connie: Well, guess this is goodbye everyone. Good luck.

Spider-Man: I mean c'mon, you're the son of an alien warrior lady who helped protect the Earth thousands of years ago! You still got a lot to learn kid. After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

Doctor Strange: Stark, we've got your message.

Captain Marvel: Looking back on the old days is fine and all, but we still got Thanos to deal with!

Black Panther: It is time.

Thanos: Such noble sentiments from two mortals who are about to die.

(the music finally reaches its high point as the silhouette reveals itself to be Thanos, fully armed with the Infinity Gauntlet as he turns to the audience and smirks)

Thanos: Come and get me.

                                                                                        Steven Universe: Secret Wars
Part 2: Battleworld
Returns this March
The end begins here.
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