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AN: Hello once again loyal readers! This is your esteemed author Lightyearpig coming back to you with another chapter of Steven Universe: Secret Wars. Today, we finally see the debut of the Crystal Gems themselves along with the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and a certain trickster god. We will also see our grand villain Thanos begin to put his plan into action by targeting one of the Infinity Stones in Beach City, but I don't want to give too much away! Now then, let us proceed.


Steven Universe couldn't believe what he was seeing. Tony Stark, aka the Invincible Iron Man, standing right before him at his front door. He didn't know what to say, even when the superhero got his name wrong. "N-no sir, m-my name is Steven uh-Universe." he stuttered blushing.

"Nice to meet ya too kid." Stark greeted looking behind the boy's back to examine the interior of the house. It looked like a basic beach house, except for the fact that there was a large crystal structure in the back in front of a door with a five-pointed star on it, each point featuring a colored circle on it. "May I come in please?" he asked. "Oh sure, what can I get you?" Steven offered leading the adult inside and sitting him down on the couch. "Just give me something to drink, I'm a bit parched after flying here."

Steven cheerfully poured Tony some lemonade and pulled up a chair to sit down on. "So, what brings you to Beach City Mr. Stark?" he asked. "Actually pal, I've come here to speak with you about recent events concerning alien activity. Do you happen to know anything about talking raccoons and giant trees?"

As if he spoke of the devil, a beam of light burst from the pad as three colorful beings emerged from it. "Oh man, been so long since we've been on a mission!" the short one exclaimed stretching her back. "Don't be so worried Amethyst, it was just retrieving a Gem artifact." the taller one with a pointed nose replied. "Doesn't matter anyway, thankfully we got this before Homeworld could." the figure with glasses stated carrying a mysterious object in a bubble before sending it away to parts unknown.

"Hey guys, good to see you back!" Steven happily greeted the trio. "What up dude! Say, who's the bearded guy sitting down?" the short one, now named Amethyst, greeted the boy before gesturing towards Tony, who just stared at them before looking between the picture on his phone and the three standing before him. It took a bit to comprehend it, but he just found the Crystal Gems. "I can't believe it, it's you!" he shouted. "Uh, what's he talkin' about?" Amethyst wondered. "Fury was right, you do live here!"

"Can anyone make heads or tails about what he's saying?" the skinny one wondered raising a brow. "Just let me talk here, my name is Tony Stark and I'm here for your boy he-" Before he could finish, the glasses woman punched him hard in the face, sending him flying across the room. "Okay, that was kinda rude." he stated as he pushed a button on his wristwatch which covered his hand in metal plating.

"Garnet, what're you doing?" Amethyst shouted. "We already dealt with one intruder, we don't need another!" the glasses girl, now named Garnet, replied winding up another punch before being blasted in the face by Stark's glove. "Aren't you being a bit short-sighted Garnet? Maybe he's friendly like what happened with the Guardians." the skinny one asked before summoning a spear from her forehead. "So you three wanna play hardball, huh? How about we make this even?" Tony challenged the three. "J.A.R.V.I.S, send in the Mark XLVI!" he commanded to an unknown figure. "Right away Mr. Stark." the voice replied as several pieces of metal fell from the sky crashing through the roof of the beach house and assembling on his person, forming a suit of red and gold armor.

"WHOA!" Steven gaped in awe at the man in armor before them before turning to his guardians. "Guys, don't fight him, he's a superhero kinda like you!" he shouted to the three women. "Wait, a superhero?" the tall one wondered. "Yeah Pearl, he's..." he began before Tony interrupted him. "Just let me do this one sport. I am Iron Man."


Sitting down on the couch, the Gems and the Armored Avenger took time to apologize to one another about what had just happened. "Anyway, I am terribly sorry for punching you." Garnet said in her usual stoic tone. "It's okay, that's happened to me way too many times." Iron Man responded. "And I'm sorry for blasting you in the face."

"So Steven, who did you say he was again?" Pearl asked Steven. "He's Iron Man, a member of the Avengers alongside the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and my personal hero, Captain America!" the boy exclaimed, to which the genius billionaire replied by waving. "Oh, you mean like the heroes in your comic books?" she added. "No, I'm the real deal. And I've come here to speak with you about recent events." Tony stated. "You know a bunch of a-holes calling themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy?"

"Oh yeah, we know them! They came here trying to capture a friend of ours before we became friends and kicked evil butt!" Amethyst replied. "But speaking of which, if you're superheroes then where were you when Lapis Lazuli stole the ocean, Jasper invaded or when the Cluster was about to form?" she asked Stark. "We were willing to step in, but we had our own fish to fry like Loki, Ultron, Baron Zemo & the Masters of Evil and especially Thanos."

"Who's Thanos?" Amethyst wondered. "I think I may vaguely remember him, but my memory is a bit foggy." Pearl replied. "Mine too." Garnet added.

"Basically to jog your memory, Thanos is a galactic tyrant that wants to get in the pants of the personification of Death by uniting the six Infinity Stones to conquer all life in the universe." Tony explained before they all heard a ringing noise. "Hang on a sec." he apologized pulling out his phone to read a text message from Pepper saying she and Happy have returned to New York. "Oh never mind everyone, just a text from my colleague/girlfriend." That was when they heard another noise before Tony picked up an ID card with the letter A on it. Tapping it, a hologram of a muscular blond man appeared.

"Comrade Stark, thou must heed my words!" the hologram exclaimed. Steven immediately recognized the voice as Thor Odinson, prince of Asgard and God of Thunder. "Hey, that's Thor!" he smiled. "Excuse thy but was that a child's voice I heard?" Thor wondered. "Not important right now Hammerman, what's the big news?" Tony asked. "Anyway, Loki hath returned to Midgard and this time he is headed for your location!"

"Awesome, we get to fight Loki!" Steven cheered before Tony stopped him. "Slow down there kid, this guy might be a bit too powerful for you." Tony calmed him down. "It's alright Mr. Stark, he can handle himself and we've covered threats like this Loki before." Pearl reassured him. "Okay, you can come. Avengers, a-" he began to say the Earth's Mightiest Heroes' famous battle cry before Steven stopped him. "Can I say it?" he asked with stars in his eyes. "Alright, knock yourself out."

"AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Oh, that felt so good."


Mere minutes later, a jet touched down right outside the beach house as Iron Man and the Crystal Gems rushed outside. Five figures had stepped out of the vehicle, each making Steven more excited and the Gems more interested.

The first to exit were actually a pair. One half of this duo was an attractive red-haired woman clad in a skintight black bodysuit with an hourglass-shaped belt buckle while the other wore a purple-and-black uniform with sunglasses and carried a bow-and-arrow on his back. They were Black Widow and Hawkeye.

The next was a giant green beast of a man clad in nothing but torn purple jeans. He was the Incredible Hulk.

After him was another muscular man clad in chainmail battle armor, a silver helmet with wings on each side, a red cape and carried a small hammer. He was Thor.

Finally, a man clad in a full-body suit bearing the colors of the American flag and wielding a shield that had a white star in its center. This was Captain America.

"Tony, we got the message!" the good captain called to his armored teammate from the sand. "Wait a second, is that..." Pearl stared in awe. "STEVE!" Amethyst cried with joy before dashing down toward the Star-Spangled Avenger. "Are those the-" Captain America wondered before the undercooked quartz pounced him and they landed on the sand. "Steve, I can't believe it's you!" Amethyst said hugging him tight. "We thought you died you big red, white and blue lug!"

"It's good to see you all again too Gems." Cap responded getting up before hugging her back. "We all thought you perished saving the country from Red Skull, but here you are!" Pearl added joining in on the group hug. "Aren't you going to join in Garnet?" Their leader stood there for a bit before picking them all up with just her two arms. "I can't believe it, first Iron Man comes at my doorstep and now the Gems know Captain America! MY MIND IS BEING BLOWN SO MUCH TODAY!" Steven screamed before fainting.

"Tony, I suppose thou is the child from earlier?" Thor wondered pointing at the boy. "Pretty much Thor. Excitable squirt too." Tony answered. "So guys, how do you know about my favorite superhero ever?" Steven asked getting up. "Looks like I have a fan here." Cap said releasing himself from the group hug to meet Steven. "So little one, you know these girls?" he asked. "Yeah, they're my guardians and we go on missions to protect humanity and stuff!" Steven replied smiling. "Kinda like us. So how's Rose been doing?"

"Oh yeah, about that." Amethyst said rubbing her neck. "She married a human and had to give up her physical form to give birth to Steven." Pearl finally answered. "Well I'll be." Cap sighed. "So is pink boy same person as his mother?" Hulk asked. "Well technically. She's like half of me." Steven replied pulling up his shirt to show his Gem. "Wow, that stone must be worth billions." Hawkeye stated examining it. "Clint, what did we say?" Black Widow stated. "Okay, I'll stop."

"Natasha Romanoff, former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and Avenger. This is my partner Clint Barton." Widow introduced herself and Hawkeye to the Gems. "Wassup?" he said. "I am Thor Odinson, crown prince of Asgard!" Thor boomed holding his hammer aloft. "Name's Hulk, and you better not make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry." Bruce Banner added. "So what's the gimmick behind these heroes?" Pearl asked Steven.

"That's a very good question Pearl." Steven replied trying to look smart. "Thor is a god of thunder who wields the mighty Mjolnir to do tons of awesome stuff. The Hulk is just an average scientist named Bruce Banner who was exposed to gamma radiation and can transform when he gets angry. Black Widow & Hawkeye are secret agents that worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. Hawkeye is really good with arrows while Widow has super cool spy skills. And finally, Cap-"

"We already know Cap's story Steven. And I kind of guessed he could've been alive with my future vision." Garnet stated. "Now then Mr. Rogers, tell us your story." she offered to the super-soldier. "With pleasure Garnet."

Germany. August 4, 1944.

HYDRA was on the move, preparing their next attack. Captain America & Rose Quartz led both the Howling Commandos & the Crystal Gems into combat against them. "Rose, any word from Amethyst yet?" Steve Rogers asked to his sister-in-arms. "Not yet, but hopefully soon!" the leader of the Crystal Gems answered as she dodged enemy fire.

Meanwhile in a HYDRA outpost, their leader was making a speech to a platoon of armed soldiers. He was clad in basic military garb, but his most distinguishing feature was his crimson skeleton-like facial features. This was Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull. "Soldiers of HYDRA!" his voice boomed for all to hear. "Today, we stand here on the brink of victory against the Allies! Thanks to technology from thousands of years ago we recently recovered, the odds are most certainly in our-"

Before he could finish his speech, a purple bird pooped on his face, humiliating him and making the soldiers laugh loudly. "WHAT THE?!" he screamed turning his attention to the bird who stuck its tongue out at him. "Don't just stand there you idiots, KILL THAT BIRD!" he commanded the soldiers before they fired their weapons at the bird who turned into Amethyst and landed straight in the path of a tank. "Aw geez." she groaned before Garnet took one out with her gauntlets. "Nearly lost you there Amethyst." she said punching another tank into a tree. "Yo, thanks for the lift G."

"Garnet, Amethyst, air raid at 3:00!" Jim Morita of the Howling Commandos shouted to them as he, along with Gabe Jones, Pinky Pinkerton and Happy Sam Sawyer began shooting down biplanes carrying bombs. "You ready for this?" Garnet asked her shorter companion readying her gauntlets. "I was produced ready!" Amethyst exclaimed as he pulled down planes with her whip.

Pearl was currently dodging enemy fire along with Bucky and Dum Dum Dugan, trying their best to swiftly dodge the swarm of bullets. "Quickly everyone, behind those trees!" she ordered as they fled deep into the forest, only for Bucky to get shot in his left arm. "Oh my goodness, Bucky!" Dugan cried out to his comrade as they rushed to his side. "Tell me Bucky, are you alright?" Pearl asked trying to patch up the wound. "It's alright Pearl, just a little bullet hole." Bucky said as the Gem pulled out some gauze from her gemstone and patched him up. "Those riflemen are catching up to us, what do we do?" Timothy wondered as the men crept closer to their location. "Boys, I think I have a plan." Pearl declared.

"So what do you plan on doing if we win this?" one rifleman asked to the other. "I don't know, maybe retire, settle down with a nice wife and kids to tell war stories to." the second gunman answered before they spotted Pearl. "It's the bird lady, prepare yourself!"

"Okay you two, I surrender." Pearl announced. "Just take me to your commander so that I may spill our secrets." she stated with a hint of snark in her voice. "I can't believe it, one of those rock ladies is actually surrendering! What do we do?" the first sharpshooter exclaimed. "I say we just take her to Skull and maybe have a little 'fun' with her, if you know what I mean." the second one answered wiggling his eyebrows. "Hey, didn't you say you wanted to settle down with a nice wife?!"

"NOW!" Pearl shouted which led to the two being knocked out by Barnes and Dugan. "Excellent work you two." she congratulated the men. "I can't believe they actually fell for it!" Bucky said. "Great plan there Pearl." Dum Dum said to Pearl. "Makes me wonder how Cap and Rose are doing."

Speaking of which, the two were plowing their way through HYDRA forces like a herd of elephants stampeding into a china shop. Rose Quartz was slashing down unfortunate soldiers with her trusted sword while Captain America was deflecting enemy fire with his mighty shield. The two of them arrived at a compound with its front door bearing the red-and-black symbol of HYDRA looming in front of them.

"This is it, this is where we dismantle Red Skull's latest scheme once and for all." Cap declared preparing to open the door before Rose stopped him. "I'm not sure about this Steve. HYDRA may have weapons beyond our comprehension. What if you die?" she said. "It doesn't matter if I lose my life here, there will always be someone to defend the country."

Bursting inside, they were immediately cornered by Red Skull standing by himself applauding the duo. "Well well well, the Star Spangled Man with a Plan and his pink compatriot." he calmly greeted the two with a devilish smirk.

"Your madness ends here Red Skull, release the people you have enslaved or else we will have to end you ourselves!" Rose shouted fiercely to the terrorist. "Ah Fraulein Quartz, it shall be you two who will end." Schmidt revealed, snapping his fingers to reveal more HYDRA foot soldiers armed with technology that seemed familiar to Rose. "We have recently recovered weaponry created by a place known as Homeworld created to destroy your kind." the leader of HYDRA explained.

"Wait, what's Homeworld?" Cap asked Rose. "I'll explain later, but right now our problem is them!" she replied. The two shield-wielders stood firm as the soldiers prepared for combat while chanting "Hail HYDRA!"

Meanwhile, the Commandos and the Gems rushed to the compound to find it locked down. "Rose, are you in there?!" Pearl cried pounding on the door. "You alright Steve?" Bucky added joining her in pounding the entrance. Suddenly the door finally opened and out came their respective leaders badly beaten but still alive.

Mere hours later, the heroes were all taken back to Washington D.C to be congratulated by none other than President Franklin D. Roosevelt. "In our darkest hour, you were the light that gave us hope." he spoke shaking each soldier's hand, including the Crystal Gems. "When our country and allies were faced with a calamity of unimaginable proportions, you stood tall and prevailed over the threat that was HYDRA."

The crowd grew more wild as they started taking pictures of FDR standing with Cap and Rose. "You're not only America's heroes, but heroes of the whole world." he continued saluting them. "On the behalf of the people, we salute you Captain America, the Howling Commandos and especially your new companions Rose Quartz & the Crystal Gems."

"I still look back fondly on that day." Pearl became wistful for the old days as Steve finished his story. "In fact, the reason why you're named Steven is partially because of the good captain here." Garnet revealed putting her hand on Cap's shoulder. "Come on Garnet, you're making me blush in front of him."

"My friends, I hate to interrupt but LOKI IS HERE!" Thor exclaimed pointing to a mysterious portal appearing in the streets of Beach City. "Well whadya say everyone? Kick some Asgardian ass?" Tony asked. "With pleasure." Hulk replied pounding his fists. "Let's go." Garnet added. "Woo, fighting a supervillain!" Steven cheered. "All right everyone, let's move out!"


Meanwhile within Beach City, a portal had appeared and out of it walked none other than Loki, adopted brother of Thor and the God of Trickery. Alongside him were a muscular man clad in black-and-white striped pants & carrying a ball on a chain and a blonde woman clad in a revealing purple leotard with spikes on the arms. They were the Absorbing Man and Titania. "Ya sure this is the place Horns? Doesn't look like much to me." Carl Creel wondered. "Of course I'm sure my friend, he said the Stone would be here." Loki replied with a smirk.

"Hopefully he's right, cause that stupid brother of yours is here." Mary MacPherran stated spotting the Avengers and the Crystal Gems headed toward them. "Oh goody." Loki grimaced. "It seems wherever I go, he always manages to follow me."

"Actually brother, you followed us here." Thor quipped before pointing his hammer at the trio. "Now then, what brings you here?!" he demanded. "I bet you're here to kidnap Steven, and if that happens again we will end you!" Garnet added. "Kidnap who now? HA! I have simply come here for a certain item you may have." Loki claimed. "Wait, what's he talkin' about?" Amethyst wondered.

"Carl, crush her." the Frost Giant ordered. "With pleasure boss." the Absorbing Man affirmed with a smirk before charging at the wannabe Quartz soldier. "Amethyst, run!" Steven called to her, but she was too late and was uppercutted into the air by the villain, causing her to spit out an glowing orange nugget. "By Odin's beard, it can't be!" Thor exclaimed in utter shock. "Please tell me we're seeing things!" Hawkeye added as the other Avengers gaped at the sight before them while the nugget fell into Loki's palm.

"Well, who knew getting the Mind Stone was going to be this easy?" smirked Loki. "You had Mind Stone entire time?!" Hulk wondered. "Wait, the what now? I thought it was a chicken nugget." Amethyst responded getting up from Creel punching her. "You mistook one of the Infinity Stones for a chicken nugget?!" Tony shouted groaning. "Infinity Stones? You mean-" Pearl exclaimed before covering her mouth in fear. "We can explain later, right now we stop Loki!" Cap ordered. "Avengers assemble!"

The two parties charged into battle, the Crystal Gems taking on Absorbing Man and the Avengers against Loki & Titania. "Don't think you can win just because you're aliens babes!" the criminal boasted getting into a fistfight with Garnet. "Steven, you're the superhero expert here! What even is he?!" Pearl shouted. "Well let me think for a moment." answered Steven. "Oh yeah, Carl Creel was an average crook that was given the power to absorb any material he touched through Asgardian magic!" he explained. "And Titania was just an average woman from Denver who got super-strong thanks to alien technology!"

"Thanks for expositing our powers brat!" Carl snarked as he grabbed Garnet in the gemstone on her right hand and his skin suddenly turned as blue as the ocean. "No way!" the fusion gasped. "Fancy! Loving the new skin!" he boasted examining his body before punching Amethyst in the face, freezing her. "Wait, why did Wrecking Ball Man turn blue after touching Square Woman when Square Woman red?" Hulk asked. "We can discuss later Hulk!"

"Okay team, our current mission is to get the Mind Stone out of Loki's hands!" Steve ordered. "Clint, Tasha, I'm gonna need you to handle Titania! Hulk, you try and distract Creel while the rest of us take care of Loki!" The other heroes immediately did as they were told, with Hawkeye and Romanoff first going after Titania.

"Hey babe, wanna see some tricks?" the archer offered to the villainess. "What kinda tricks Robin Hood?" his opponent wondered before she grabbed an arrow fired by him that started beeping. "Tick tick boom." The arrow then exploded in her face knocking her back. When she got back up, she looked furious and charged at the duo.

Meanwhile, Bruce had stood his ground against Absorbing Man who had already put Pearl literally on ice. "Hey Wrecking Ball Man, you leave Bird Woman and friends alone or else Hulk smash!" he roared. "That's what you always say big guy! Y'know, maybe I should start counting how many times you do it whenever we fight." Creel fired back before Hulk punched him in the face and started smashing him. "Hulk gonna break you to tiny pieces and turn you into fancy rings!" the gamma giant shouted continuing to crush him with his emerald fists.

"Banner, calm down! We just need you to take him out, not kill him and turn his remains in jewelry!" Iron Man said. "Yeah, the better to SMASH YOU with!" Crusher cried as he picked up his wrecking ball and smashed Hulk back. "Hey, you leave him alone!" Steven demanded summoning his shield to protect the scientist from the supervillain. "What the?!" Absorbing Man exclaimed before he was instantly knocked out by none other than Mjolnir. "Good work there defending Bruce young one." Thor thanked Steven retrieving his trusted hammer. "You're welcome Thor." the boy replied beaming.

"It's always got to be him, doesn't he?" Loki moaned facepalming. "Titania, please pick up where Creel has failed!" he ordered to Mary only to discover she was already beaten by Natasha and Clint. "No matter, I still have the Mind Stone on me!" he declared before it was immediately snatched out of his hands by Amethyst's whip. "That's what you think sucka!" she bragged before changing her form to resemble that of a pro-wrestler and knocking Loki to the ground with a clothesline attack.

"It's over brother, your cohorts have fallen and the Mind Stone is ours. Any last words before we have to bring you in?" Thor declared before his arch-enemy finally rose from being beat up. "Don't get too cocky fools! You may have defeated me now but I am nothing compared to what's next! He will put an end to you once and for-"

Hulk had finally got sick of the Frost Giant's talking and grabbed him tightly before jumping high up in the sky. "HULK SICK OF PUNY GOD TALKING! HULK SMASH PUNY GOD!" he roared for all to hear as he let go of him and started punching him while falling down.

Loki landed first and was about to flee before he noticed the strongest there is still charging toward him. "HULK CANNONBALL!" He utterly crushed the brother of Thor, leaving him lying on the ground only letting out a small, pained squeal. "Still a puny god."

"Good work team, we saved the town and stopped Loki." Cap congratulated everyone. "Now, let's hand these two over to S.H.I.E.L.D and reconvene at the Gems' temple."

"You all did great there Gems, especially you Steven for defending Bruce from Absorbing Man." Tony said to Steven, who was utterly ecstatic. "Thank you Mr. Stark!" he smiled. "Uh, hey guys I hate to be a party pooper but Loki is getting away!" Hawkeye exclaimed seeing the mangled Frost Giant escape through a portal before giving one last hateful look at the heroes. "I will be back soon fools." he uttered before finally retreating and the portal closed behind him.


Later at the Crystal Temple, the Avengers and the Crystal Gems begin discussing the Infinity Stones while Steven made them all snacks. "So if this apparently an Infinity 'Gem', why isn't it reforming yet?" Pearl wondered.

"Actually my pointy-nosed companion, these are not the types of Gems you are familiar with. Tony, if you please." he said to Stark who created a slideshow with his repulsor lasers. "Before creation itself, there were six singularities. When the universe exploded into existence, these singularities were compressed into a group of ingots known as the Infinity Stones." he summarized.

"Each of them represent an aspect of our universe such as space, time, power, the soul, reality and of course the mind. A mad being known as Thanos constantly sought to obtain these Stones to gain ultimate power over the universe and win the love of the personification of Death herself."

"We nearly lost our lives against Thanos before, but we were always able to defeat him and separate them across the cosmos." Widow followed up. "And it seems one of them landed in the hands-or rather stomach-of you four." Amethyst just glanced around before turning her attention back to the Mind Stone. "So what do we do now?" she wondered. "Simple, we go to space and find the Stones before Thanos does." Cap declared.

"Whoa whoa whoa, are we really going to space?!" Steven exclaimed. "The last times we were there didn't end very well for us." Garnet added. "We understand you may be a bit uncomfortable with going to space, but it's for the good of all life." Thor said.

"Before we leave, Hulk still got a question." Hulk said before he regressed back into Bruce Banner. "How is it that Garnet has sort of a reddish color yet when Absorbing Man touched her gem, he turned blue?" Bruce wondered. "Funny you should ask that Doctor." Garnet answered with a smile before glowing brightly and splitting into Ruby and Sapphire. "Wait, what?! You mean to tell me this badass square afro lady with the hilariously oversized hips was actually two little girls in a trenchcoat?!" Bruce shouted.

"You could put it like that Doc. We're a fusion." Ruby said. "A special process when two Gems are completely synchronized together to form something entirely new." Sapphire added before they finally merged back into Garnet.

"Good news everyone, I've already arranged a Quinjet that'll take us into space and I also got some extra firepower coming with us." Iron Man announced. "But who will protect the city while we're gone?" Widow wondered. "Right, almost forgot." the Armored Avenger responded pulling out his phone to make a call. "Hey, is this Reed Richards?" he spoke. "Good to know, thank God you haven't been replaced with a Skrull. Listen, the Avengers and I are going to space to find the Infinity Stones again, so I'm gonna need you and your fantastic friends to pick up the slack while we're gone."

"While Tony is talking, I think we should still prepare for what's to come." Rogers stated. "The Quinjet should be arriving in a few minutes, so best to say your goodbyes before we leave."


Meanwhile in a far off part of the universe, Loki had finally fled from the Crystal Gems and the Avengers to an asteroid field known as Sanctuary. It was infested with alien races preparing for battle at any moment from Chitauri to Outriders and much more. "Lord Thanos, I wish to speak with you." the god declared to a figure with his back to him. "Speak Loki." the figure boomed. "I hate to say this, but I failed to acquire the Mind Stone, plus I have ran into some...problems along the way."

"Problems Loki? What kind of problems?" The figure turned to face Loki, revealing himself to be a purple humanoid creature clad in blue and gold armor with a golden gauntlet that gave off an eerie purple glow.

It was Thanos.

"I ran into those so-called 'Avengers' during my quest along with a group calling themselves the Crystal Gems." Loki explained, which made Thanos furious as he grabbed him by the torso and hoisted him up to his eye level. "Not only have you failed to bring me one of the Infinity Stones, but you were once again foiled by those heroes?!" he shouted. "Enjoy these last moments while you can boy, for I will bathe the starways in your blood!"

"WAIT!" a voice called out, charging to Thanos's side and whispering into his ears. This was Ebony Maw, another one of the Mad Titan's minions. "Very well then. I shall let you live." he stated dropping Loki to the ground. "But you won't bring me the Stones anymore."

"Oh really, and who have you nominated to replace me?" Loki wondered with a smirk. Thanos simply grinned and turned his gaze to another being clad in red clothing pressing his fingertips together behind him.



The plot begins to thicken true believers! What adventures will our united heroes go on? Who will protect Beach City while they're gone? Will they encounter a certain bunch of a-holes along the way? Find out next time on Steven Universe Secret Wars chapter 3, The New Crystal Gems: Rise of MODOK!
"Assembled We are Strong" (originally posted on December 4, 2017)

The following is a fanmade crossover. Steven Universe is owned by Cartoon Network Studios and Rebecca Sugar. The Avengers and all other characters involved in this story are owned by Marvel Comics. Please support the official release!
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