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AN: I'm going to enjoy writing this chapter. This is where things get really good, kind of like how Gravity Falls became fantastic midway through its first season or how Soul Eater became more serious when Medusa was introduced. This is also the final chapter of the Black Blood arc and from here on out, there's only one way to go and that's up! Anyway, let us proceed.






Finally returning to the Mystery Shack, the Pines Family and their friends were more than happy to just take a moment to relax after such a long day at the Northwests' duplex. "Feels like ages since we left here!" Stan exclaimed stretching his arms. "I'm lookin' to just flop down in my favorite chair and catch up on some Baby Fights."

"I'm feeling parched, you got any Cheetah Chug Mr. Pines?" Black Star asked. "Cheetah what-now?" Ford wondered. "Cheetah Chug, it's an energy drink made out of genuine cheetah sweat. I do not want to know how one would obtain it without getting mauled." Death the Kid explained.

"Doesn't matter, I got some Charisma Justice to read!" Black Star said walking through the front door of the tourist trap before being greeted by Soos's abuelita. "Hello there ninja man, would you like some dinosaur-shaped cookies?" she asked. "DO I!?" the loudmouthed assassin exclaimed taking an entire handful and swallowing them all in one gulp. "Yeah, my grandma makes the best cookies." Soos said. "I always do mijo."

"Well, I'm going into the woods to conduct some research on the local cryptids for Lord Death." Stein stated beginning to walk away before Dipper stopped him. "Wait doc, why don't you stay here and play a game with us?" he asked. "Wait here, I'll go grab it!" Rushing upstairs, he returned with a large game box in his hands. "We call it Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons!"

"This is Dipper and I's favorite game!" Ford exclaimed. "Interesting, how do you play it?" Maka wondered taking off her black overcoat. "Allow me to answer that for you." Dipper answered flipping through a rulebook before landing on a page and he began to read. "First, you roll a 38-sided die to determine the level of each player's statistical analysis poweroid. These orbs relate directly to the amount of quadrants that your team has dominion ov-"

"NEEEEERDS!" Patty screamed, suddenly interrupting him. "Hey, do you mind Patty, I'm trying to get them into a game I love!" Dipper shouted back. "Sorry DP, it's just that you've been saying tons of dork words." she said in her honest opinion, to which Dipper and Ford replied with a tired sigh. "Yes to be honest, some of the words in this rulebook do sound quite silly." Ford said taking the book out of his great-nephew's hands. "I mean, who in their right mind would say 'Esophagus of Timera' with a straight face?"

"You got a good point there Ford. So, anyone want to play?" Dipper offered. "I'd certainly like to go a round." Kid accepted. "Perfect, now then let's begin!" Ford declared setting the game on the table. "Now then, your party meets up at a great mathematician's assembly..."


This air of calmness continued long into the night. Dipper & Ford have gotten Maka, Kid & Stein absorbed into their game, Stan was watching TV with Liz, Patty, Crona, Spirit, Wendy & Soos, Mabel was busy knitting a sweater for Soul with Waddles resting by her side, Black Star was doing push-ups and Tsubaki was making dinner with Melody. "He put the old in Old West, but now a new kid is doing the exact same thing! They call him Grandpa the Kid's Grandkid 19: Yet Another One!" the TV advertised. "I'm tired during the day." the elderly cowpoke on the screen grumbled. "Me too." the younger boy added.

"Did they really need to make another Grandpa the Kid movie decades after the original?" Stan complained. "I mean, they've been making unnecessary sequels since '94 and they're all dumbed down for kids! The original from 1967 was fine on its own and maybe a few of those sequels were pretty okay before the double digits, but did they really need to give him a grandson?"

"And how has Grandpa not died yet after nineteen movies?" Ford added. "If you don't like it, why don't you just change the channel?" Liz stated. "Yeah, what she said." Wendy added fistbumping the elder Thompson. "Oh okay, but don't say I didn't warn you." the elder groaned changing the channel to Baby Fights. "Oh finally, this is what I wanted!"

"So Mabel, heard you took control of Soul back at Pacifica's place." Maka commented rolling the thirty eight-sided dice. "Yeah, and we worked pretty well together even though I wasn't like you, Black Star or Kid!" Mabel exclaimed. "I think it might be because your character makes your Soul Wavelength compatible with tons of people." Stein explained. "Soul what now?" Dipper wondered. "Allow me to explain."

Stein produced a sheet of paper from his labcoat pocket and began to sketch various orbs with faces on them along with distinct features like Wendy's long red hair, Soos's stubble, Mabel's eternally smiling visage, Dipper's hat, Stan's nose and Ford's sideburns. "Because of her exuberant personality and uncanny ability to make friends with pretty much anyone, Mabel is able to plug into various Demon Weapons like an amp for example. However Dipper is more introverted and his soul might only accept those he can trust."

"Wow, you think we could have our own weapons and become Meisters someday? I'd love to have an awesome sword!" Dipper exclaimed imitating fighting with a sword. "This sounds pretty cool and all, but I already have a weapon of my own." Mabel declared pulling out her famous grappling hook. "GRAPPLING HOOK!"

"Hey speaking of swords, don't you think that Bill Cipher guy sounds a bit familiar?" Black Star wondered getting up and walking over to Kid. "Yes, his choice of attire includes a top hat & cane and is a complete annoyance to whoever he meets." Kid stated. "Kind of reminds me of..."

Before he could even finish, the two's faces contorted into that of pure disgust as they were reminded of a certain Holy Sword. "Even when he's not here he still finds a way to be so lame!" Black Star groaned. "Absolutely disgusting." Kid added. "What's the face for and how can I do it?" Stan asked. "In fact, I'd rather not know."

"Okay everyone, dinner's ready!" Tsubaki called as she walked into the living room with Melody carrying a large pot and setting it down on the table on top of the game. "Careful, we were in the middle of taking down Probabilitor's monster army!" Ford shouted before Tsubaki opened the pot for the others to see what delicious meal was inside. "Is that paprika I smell?!" Spirit wondered taking a deep whiff of the pot's contents. "We made some gumbo for you all, eat up before it goes cold!" Melody said.

"Thanks you two, this sure beats steamed hams!" Stan thanked the women before chowing down on some gumbo. "Where's that cat lady? I'm sure she'd love some of this." Ford wondered before, as if he spoke of the devil, Blair walked in wearing only a small towel.

"Yoo-hoo, who wants to take a bath with me?!" she called bending over to show some cleavage. "The water's nice & warm and I'm feeling a bit lonely in the tub!" She concluded by letting her towel fall to her feet, exposing her bare womanly curves as Ford shielded the twins' eyes in alarm and Soul collapsed backward with blood flying out his nose and gumbo splattering all over her face. "Good grief, can you at least put on a bathrobe? There are children here!"

"Why is she always like this?" Stan wondered. "She's just really playful, might as well get used to it." Soul groaned still on his back. "Uh, uh..." Dipper whimpered before feeling his shorts and saying "Quiet you!"

Just then, Mabel's phone buzzed from inside her sweater pocket and she picked it up to discover a text from Pacifica saying "my place, now!" with a series of emojis next to it depicting panic. "Guys, I got a text from Pacifica and she might need our help!" she exclaimed. "Help with what?" Crona wondered before Mabel bolted for the door. "Whatever's happening with her, it must be serious." Stan commented racing after his great-niece and the others followed suit, leaving only Soos behind.

"Hey dudes, what about the leftover gumbo?" he called. "Ah well, more for me then." He grabbed the pot and gulped down the last of the food before tossing it away and running to his friends. "Wait for me!"


It wasn't long before the Stanleymobile arrived at the Northwests' home and the Mystery Meisters arrived at the front door, which was answered by Priscilla. "Oh thank you all for coming again, we have a serious crisis on our hands!" she exclaimed. "Preston hasn't been feeling himself lately and we fear it may have to do with the strange black fluid in his veins."

"The Black Blood must be getting worse, come on guys!" Dipper ordered racing into the house and to Preston's study where they found Pacifica hiding in a dark corner where her father couldn't see her. "Get away from me!" she cried before realizing who she was facing. "Oh thank goodness, it's just you."

"It's going to be all right Paz," Dipper said comforting her. "just what is going on that warranted that text to Mabel?" he asked. "That Black Blood you were talking about has been starting to take over him. Like just earlier he was ringing that bell like crazy while screaming some weird stuff." Pacifica explained. "Wait, what time is it again?"

"It's thirty-five after seven, and the sun went down an hour ago. Which means your father doesn't have much time left." Kid answered. "Liz, Patty, if you please." he ordered his twin weapons before they transformed into his pistols. "Now then, let's finish this."

The Meisters all took up arms as the Mystery Meisters slowly advanced from behind, ready to strike at any moment. All it took was a single raise of Preston's arm to provoke them into attacking before he stopped them. "No, don't!" he cried bolting out of his chair. "Please, just let this happen. I've done some absolutely terrible things in the past and I feel this is a fitting punishment for myself."

"Why are you so defeatist all of the sudden?! We can help you! Somehow." Dipper said. "He's right Dad, maybe they have some strange magic to take out that blood!" Pacifica added. "I'm sorry everyone, but there's no turning back now." Preston finally resigned to his fate as the clouds gave way to expose the shining moon above. Although it illuminated the room beautifully, there was an aura of fear as the Northwest patriarch began trembling in his feet before dropping to his knees and clutching his head in pain.

"Please Northwest, just let us help you!" Ford tried to help before Preston pushed him away. With one strained stare, he simply gave his daughter a few final words. "I'm sorry Pacifica. I love you."

The transformation was indeed a horrifying sight as the former philanthropist became incredibly deformed, his skin turning a very pale green, his back gaining a large hump, one eye turning yellow & wide open while another remained shut and above all else, his hands becoming ginormous. Gone was Preston Jacob Northwest and in his place was the Madness of Sloth.

"What even is that thing?!" Dipper screamed at the top of his lungs trying to flee. "I never knew Black Blood could do that!" Maka exclaimed grabbing the boy's arm. "Me neither!" Soul added with Crona nodding behind him. "Well what're we waitin' for, let's kill 'im!" Ragnarok shouted.

"No, he may be a giant monster now but he's still my dad!" Pacifica urged them otherwise before the Madness of Sloth grabbed her in his cumbersome hands and jumped through the window, scampering into the night. "Oh no, he's got Pacifica!" Mabel cried. "What is he going to do with her?" Soos wondered before they heard the door open to find her mother standing there looking more afraid than when they answered the door earlier. "What happened, where are they?!"

"Your husband's turned into some giant monster that looked like he came out of some mid 19th century French novel and ran off with your daughter!" Melody said. "We have to go after them immediately! Let's roll!" Spirit declared. "Wait, I'm not taking Mr. Pines's car this time." Kid stopped them as he called a skateboard to his side and leaped on top of it. "You have a skateboard?" Wendy wondered. "Not just any skateboard." Tapping it with his foot, the board's wheels turned downward and started firing jets.

"SHUT, UP!" Dipper exclaimed in complete astonishment. "This is Beelzebub, my trusted Death God skateboard. It can fly at great speeds, it's maximum being 300mph." Kid explained. "Now then, let's roll."


The Madness of Sloth swung through the forest like Tarzan with Pacifica in his hand, charging towards town. Hot on his trail were the Mystery Meisters in the Stanleymobile with Death the Kid riding on Beelzebub above them and the Pines twins clinging onto it with Mabel's grappling hook.

"THIS WAS A BAD IDEAAAAA!" Dipper screamed trying to cling onto his sister while she cheered from the adrenaline. "Quiet friends, I need to concentrate!" Kid commanded keeping an eye out for the beast. "Anything Stanford?" he asked the scientist. Just then, Preston came within Ford's sights and he pointed straight at him. "I can see him! Fire on my command!"

"Right! Ready girls?" the Demon Pistol Meister said to his weapons. "Right Kid!" Liz and Patty obliged as he began firing at the monster. Sloth was eventually knocked down, releasing Pacifica from his grasp as he fell. "Don't worry Pacifica, we got you!" Dipper cried trying to reach for his formerly rich friend, but it was too late as Sloth grabbed her once again before throwing off our heroes by tipping over a nearby tree and jumping away. "Dammit, we lost 'em!" Stan cursed pounding the dashboard. "Well, guess there's only one way outta this."

"You don't mean?" Ford wondered fearing the worst. "Driver's education, prepare to be forgotten!" his brother screamed kicking his vehicle into high gear, dashing straight through the fallen tree and driving as unsafely as humanly possible. "Has anybody ever said you drive like a madman?!" Priscilla cried clinging on for dear life as the con-artist chased the avatar of Madness. "Can't talk, trying to save your family!"

"Maybe she's right Stan, do you have any idea how many car accidents have resulted in death recently?!" Wendy shouted trying to withstand the extreme amounts of G-force pushing the crew back. "I think I'm going to be sick!" Spirit hollered about to stick his head out the window to vomit. "Okay, maybe I'll go an eeny bit slower. Is that okay with-" Stan suggested before realizing they were about to crash. "TOO LATE EVERYONE!"

The car ran into a nearby lamppost and was sent flying into the air. Everybody screamed as they braced for impact before it finally crashed onto the street and rolled to a stop. "Everyone okay? Raise your hand if you already barfed?" Stan called woozily getting out of what was left of the car. "We're okay Stanley, just reeling from the utter insanity of your driving skills." Ford answered as the rest exited. "We are never doing that again."

"Oh thank goodness you're all safe! We still got to find Pacifica and stop her father!" Dipper said as Beelzebub touched down and he got off along with Mabel & Kid. "Hey, don't any of you have some weird Spidey-Sense for tracking down souls?"

"I could try." Stein interjected. Using Soul Perception, the mad scientist began searching the entire Oregon town for Preston and Pacifica until he located a pair of souls at the local church at the very end of Main Street. "I found them! They must be at the church down at Main Street!" he declared before putting on a determined grin and his glasses shined in the moonlight. "Time to teach them why I'm called the greatest Meister."

"But what about me?" Priscilla asked them. "You just stay behind. We'll take care of your husband." Maka urged her before bravely looking ahead. "We're coming for you Pacifica, I promise!" Dipper agreed before the group all charged into battle.


The people of Gravity Falls all watched in shock and terror as the Madness of Sloth stalked around the church's tower bell with his own daughter shivering in fear of the monster. "Please dad, I know you may be an awful person but I know deep down even you wouldn't resort to holding me hostage!" Pacifica cried before Sloth interrupted her with a roar. "NO! Master Kishin Cipher wants me to serve as the first of his Horsemen of the Apocalypse, just like I wanted last summer." the Madness stated in a deep snarling voice that still barely sounded like her father. "And speaking of which, it seems your friends have already come for me." he added looking back to spy on the Mystery Meisters preparing to confront him.

"Come on down & face us you coward, and free Pacifica while you're at it too!" Mabel shouted aiming her grappling hook. "Yeah, we're not scared of you dude!" Soos interjected putting up his fists. The Madness, seeing this as a challenge, tore the large bell from its support and turned it into a weapon using the Black Blood before jumping down to face the heroes. "So, you want my daughter do you?!" he snarled preparing for a fight. "Well then, you'll have to go through me first!"

"Here he comes, get ready!" Ford exclaimed getting into a fighting stance as the beast formerly known as Preston charged at them like an irritated rhino. They all managed to leap out of the way before the monster slammed his bell to the ground creating shockwaves that threw them all off. "That's super loud!" Blair cried covering her feline ears. "Guess it's finally time for me to shine!"

Sloth prepared another attack smacking his hands together to create more shockwaves before the Monster Cat prepared an attack of her own. "Pum-pumpkin pumpkin Pumpkin Cannon!" Blair cried launching a fireball in the shape of a jack-o-lantern that blew up in Preston's face, sending him flying through the church. "Good one there kitty!" Stan complimented her. "That should weaken him for a moment, I'll take it from here!" Stein exclaimed preparing his weapon and lunging forward.

Preston was angered by the blast and zoomed out of the church before his bell clashed with Spirit's scythe form. "Geez, this guy is unstoppable!" Maka's father cried. "But it won't be impossible for us to stop him!" his partner boasted. "Let's go, Soul Resonance!"

Stein's weapon grew immensely in size and shined the colors like a rainbow before he swung it up Sloth's chest in a formation that made it resemble the letter "U". Blood started gushing from the creature's torso as he was sent backwards. "Now's our chance everyone!" he called to the others before they rushed into the church to help out. "This is where we end this! Release Pacifica and come quietly!" Dipper demanded before the Madness roared one last time, preparing for the final round.

"Try this on for size!" Wendy hollered flinging her axe at his face. "In the name of the Father and the Son and in your face!" Black Star cried smacking the monster with a nearby Bible. "I think we might actually win this!" Soul exclaimed. "Don't count on it commoner, I have the powers of the Black Blood by my side!" Preston bellowed before pounding on the church wall with his bell, shaking its foundations. "Hope you like being crushed into paste under rubble!"

"You realize that if you try to kill us by destroying this place, you're killing your own daughter too!" Maka shouted, which managed to break through to Preston as he realized what he had done. Maka was right, if he did kill them his daughter would join them as well. Then something in his mind started acting up as he howled uncontrollably and banged his bell against the wall more.

Gravel and rubble began falling on the Mystery Meisters as they realized they need to flee. "Retreat, back to the Shack!" Ford cried. "But what about Pacifica?!" Mabel exclaimed before Stein stepped forward. "Allow me." he calmly stated before leaping into the air to retrieve her. The rest of the team on the other hand decided to flee the church before Sloth blocked the only entrance. "No, you must perish for you will be a disturbance to his plans!" the avatar of Madness commanded while gazing at Stan and Soul. "Except for those two."

"Wait, why us?!" Soul recoiled in confusion. "He will find great use for you Mackerel and Piano Keys, but you will have to find out for your-" Preston was suddenly stabbed in the torso by Crona who held Ragnarok in his hands before simply saying "Ragnarok, Scream Resonance." With that, the mouth that rested on the Demon Sword's blade let out a high-pitched scream as Crona drove his weapon deeper into him with a sadistic grin. "Did you know my blood is black?"

When Ragnarok's screaming subsided, the Madness keeled over seemingly dead with a large cut in his torso where Crona stabbed him. It was also then the church finally collapsed on top of the group, sending large rubble their way. "I got this covered guys! Shield Star!" Black Star cried creating a star shape with Tsubaki's chain scythe form that deflected the remains of the building before the dust finally settled.

The team were left panting in exhaustion over the recent battle, how they nearly lost their lives during it. Just then, Stein came down from above with an unconscious Pacifica in his arms. "It's alright friends, she's safe." he declared setting her down on the ground just as her mother burst through the crowd in front of the Mystery Meisters to comfort her.

"Oh Pacifica, please wake up! I know your father and I haven't been the best to you but I promise we can change!" she sobbed begging her daughter to wake up. "It'll be okay Miss Northwest, we can help you out here." Ford assured comforting her. "And by the way, we may have killed your husband."

Ford was completely wrong as the Madness of Sloth burst out of the rubble angrier than ever and charged forward, grabbing both Pacifica & Priscilla in his arms and leaping off into the distance. "Where do you suppose he ran off to?" Tsubaki wondered. "Probably where Kishin Cipher is hiding out, wherever that is." Dipper answered. "Well spank me like a monkey, he went all Ann Darrow on those two!" the voice of Old Man McGucket exclaimed emerging from the crowd. "Old Man McGucket, so glad to see you!" Mabel cried in delight. "Anyone else find that super-convenient?"

"We can talk about that later. Let's just go home." Stan finally said limping back to the Shack and the others straggling behind.


"Okay, hold still Soos." Melody instructed her fiance as she tended to his wounds. "You got it dog!" the manchild obeyed while the others reeled from the fight. "So that giant monster was ol' Northwest?! I was wondering why he held his kid hostage!" McGucket said. "He actually had a peculiar substance known as Black Blood within his system that turned him into some inhuman creature that made off with his own family." Ford explained to his old colleague. "I now can't help but wonder what Kishin Cipher has plotted to do with them."

Meanwhile, Blair was literally licking Mabel's wounds while in her cat form as the girl stroked her fur with a forlorn expression on her face when Dipper sat down beside her. "Oh, hey Dipper." she mumbled miserably. "Hey, cheer up Mabel. We'll find Pacifica soon, I can promise that." her brother declared before embracing her. Mabel soon returned the hug and they both added an awkward "pat-pat".

"But the question still remains, where could he have carried them off to?" Stein wondered wrapping a bandage around Stan's head rather tightly, much to his dismay. "Easy there Frank, I still have a headache from the car crash!" he cautioned the scientist Meister. "I'll try Stan."

"I dunno, maybe if one of us happens to turn on the news at the right time we could get a clue on where he's headed." Black Star suggested when ironically enough he pressed on the TV remote and the set sparked to life, conveniently tuning into a news report about the recent tussle at Main Street.

"Shandra Jimenez reporting tonight, our top story is the mysterious disappearance of the Northwest family." the newswoman announced. "Well whaddya know, someone did turn on the news at the right time." Soul quipped. "Earlier tonight, a rampaging beast bearing a great deal of resemblance to former socialite Preston Northwest has kidnapped Priscilla and their daughter Pacifica and bounded away to parts unknown. It was also on that night that the Gravity Falls Church was destroyed during the creature's fight with town hero Stanley Pines, his family and a few strange individuals including a pyromaniac cat woman and some Frankenstein looking fellow."

"Hey, that's me on the TV!" Blair exclaimed pawing at a bystander's drawing of her on the TV screen. "Can you move your head Katswell, I can't see!" Stan shouted before the cat obliged. "As for their current location, some has speculated that this beast is headed for the former Northwest Mansion that currently belongs to local kook and genius inventor Fiddleford McGucket." Shandra continued as a picture of the hillbilly posing in front of the mansion appeared in her place. "Hey, that's my fancy shed up there!"

"So that's where they are!" Kid realized before turning to McGucket. "By the way, how did you happen to obtain such a fine, symmetrical manor like this one?" he asked. "I sold some of my gizmos to the government and decided to buy me a bigger shed when Mustachio and his clan went broke!" Fiddleford stated. "You would not believe some of the stuff he's made dude! Like he once built a giant sea monster robot just because he wanted attention!" Soos exclaimed before the doorbell rang. "Anyone wanna get that?"

"I-I'll go." Crona volunteered opening the door to find none other than Gideon before him. "Hey, you're that boy from the Northwests' place!" the Demon Swordsman exclaimed. "Why yes, I am quite well-known here." Gideon stated shaking Crona's hand. "Now bring me to Stan Pines."

"Who's at the door?" Stan wondered walking to the front door only to discover his old arch-enemy standing there. "You again Gideon?! First you try to kill us last summer and now you wanna inject yourself into our lives!" he cried out. "And I don't think you should be out this late at night."

"Aw don't worry Pines, I have some adult supervision with me." Gideon nodded calling for his old cellmate Ghost Eyes, an incredibly muscular man with empty white eyes hence his name. "And I suppose you must be one of his buddies?"

"Yeah, and you better listen to what he says Pines!" Ghost Eyes demanded prompting Crona to hide behind Stan as the others appeared behind him. "What's going on here, and what's up with that guy's eyes?!" Spirit wondered. "Name's Ghost Eyes redhead and my boss Gideon is here to tell you something!" the former prisoner declared motioning for Gideon to start speaking. "You see, I have heard about what happened with Pacifica & the church and, seeing how I am well acquainted with her, I've elected to join you on a potential excursion to rescue her."

"Wait, you want to come with us?!" Mabel exclaimed. "And we really aren't planning any rescue mission at the moment." she added before Dipper interrupted. "Gideon's right, we should leave immediately before it's too late!" he declared, to which Ford agreed. "Correct Dipper, everybody gather necessary supplies! This could be quite a trip so we might need to gather lots of them."

And gather supplies they did. Dipper put away stuff that he thought were necessary for this mission like his journal, a flashlight with a height-altering crystal attached to the lens, a spear he obtained from hanging out with the Manotaurs along with various food supplies in case anyone got hungry. Mabel on the other hand stuffed a few of her plushes, a Nyarf gun, her grappling hook and most of all, some of her various sweaters.

McGucket meanwhile made weapons for the others such as a raygun for Gideon, modifying Wendy's axe, shock gauntlets for Melody and a sonic banjo for himself. Soos bid his grandma goodbye as he closed up the Mystery Shack indefinitely. With preparations complete, the Mystery Meisters looked out into the woods preparing for what's ahead. "Alright everyone, we're off!" Ford declared as they all took one step forward.

The Mystery Meisters, currently consisting of Dipper, Mabel, Maka, Soul, Stan, Ford, Soos, Melody, Wendy, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, Patty, Crona, Spirit, Stein, Blair, Waddles, McGucket, Gideon and Ghost-Eyes, were now prepared to find Pacifica and stop Kishin Cipher from taking over the world.

"Let's hit the road!"


And that's the Black Blood arc ladies and gents! Will this rather large crew find a way to save their friend and stop Kishin Cipher from enacting whatever plot he has?! Find out next time after this hiatus when we go on a little Quest for the Northwest.

And yes I did get the name from Gravity Falls Deep Woods, but I thought it would really fit in Gravity Soul.
Originally posted on February 11, 2018.

The following is a fanmade crossover. Gravity Falls is owned by Walt Disney Television Animation, Disney XD and Alex Hirsch. Soul Eater is owned by Studio Bones, Square Enix and Atsushi Okubo. Please support the official release!
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