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AN: And we're back everyone! That was an interesting last chapter, was it? Well then now let's move on to some more personal fare with everyone's favorite rich girl and shipping partner Pacifica Northwest. Just FYI, there won't be any shipping moments yet but good things come to those who wait.






"Hey Mabel, as much fun I had today, I gotta bounce." Pacifica said beginning to leave the mall after a day out with the Pines sister and her new friends. "My parents should be picking me up any minute now." She exited the building and began looking out for her parents, but they didn't show up. "Ugh, typical." she groaned before spotting Gideon also waiting at the mall's entrance. "Oh hey Gleeful. Waiting for your parents too?" she asked the former child psychic. "Why yes, been out shopping for my m'ma. How 'bout you?" Gideon said. "Just finished spending the day with Mabel and a few new friends she made. Her great-uncle got into a fight with one of them."

"Oh I saw, it was quite amusing!" Gideon exclaimed smirking. "I may be on good terms with the Pines family, but that still doesn't stop me from finding enjoyment whenever they get into scrapes!" he chuckled. "So guess your parents aren't showin' up?"

"Probably." the former heiress answered. "Hey, is it all right if you give me a lift home?" she asked the Southern-accented boy. "Why I'd be delighted! And speak of the devil, here comes my daddy!" Just as he said those words, his father Bud Gleeful pulled up in a pink sedan honking the horn. "Hey there son, how was your trip?" he asked his son opening the passenger seat door and letting the two children in. "Pretty good, Miss Northwest here wants us to drop her off at home because her parents aren't here."

"Oh, sorry to hear that little lady." Bud apologized to Pacifica. "It's okay, I'm kinda used to it." she said. "So my house is pretty big but not as big as our old mansion and kinda banged up but we're working on making look nice."

"Oh mark my words little Pacifica, I'll get you home or my name isn't Bud Gleeful! And it is." Bud stated driving away from the mall towards the Northwests' home.


"Is this the one?" Bud said driving up to a wide rustic duplex that looked like it was undergoing some remodeling. "Yep, that's the one." Pacifica answered climbing out of Mr. Gleeful's car. "I'll see you guys soon!" she called to the two rushing to her house. She pressed on the doorbell and her father opened the door. "Where were you dad?" she said. "You were supposed to pick me up!"

"Oh my goodness, I guess I must've forgotten! Apologies my darling." Preston sheepishly apologized. "Like I said, typical." Pacifica groaned walking inside. "Well at least you're home. Now go upstairs, dinner's thirty after six."

The two walked upstairs, Pacifica to her room and Preston to his new study. Sitting down at his desk, he looked wistfully at a portrait of his father. "Oh father, how did things turn out like this? All because of some monstrosity that our family is forced to live among the commoners." the former millionaire muttered. "If only there was something I could do to bring us back to the spotlight."

"Hey, don't you go calling people monstrosities all willy nilly like that! Some abominations are actually pretty sensitive and work their damnedest to preserve that word!" an annoying voice chastised him. Frightened, Preston twisted his head around the room before turning his eyes back to the portrait, which now had the picture of a three-eyed young man with yellow hair and a psychotic grin on his face.

The study suddenly turned monochrome and before the Northwest patriarch appeared that very being. "Hey there Presto! Been a long while since we last met, how's dealing with your face being rearranged last summer going for you?!" this mysterious being casually greeted him with a hint of sadism in his voice. "Who are you, how do you know my name?!" Preston cried whipping a pistol out of his desk drawer. "Whoa whoa whoa mustachio, calm down a bit! Maybe it's because you don't really recognize me in this form."

The man warped his shape into one that was all familiar to Preston, none other than Bill Cipher. "Bill Cipher? I thought you were eliminated by that old man with the old house!" Preston shouted firing his gun but the bullets went right through him. "Yes I was wiped out by good ol' Mackerel but a giant fish gave me permission to come back and chillax in another dimension until I met a very special someone! Say hello Asura!"

Bill's form then contorted into that of Asura as he landed feet-first on the carpeted floor. "Greetings Preston, my name is Kishin Asura, Bill Cipher's new confidant and one half of our new form." the Kishin politely introduced himself before his appearance glowed once more, becoming Kishin Cipher. "And now that we got introductions out of the way, you might know why we're here."

"You want to help me regain my family's fame and fortune?" Preston whimpered dropping the firearm on the floor. "Why of course Northwest! I can do that for you, but you'll need to help me with something in return." He extended his hand to the former socialite. "Shake my hand. C'mon boy, won't you shake a poor sinner's hand?"

Preston nervously looked at his own hand and back at Kishin Cipher's flaming one before clasping their palms together. "It's a deal." he finally affirmed. Just then, Kishin materialized a syringe filled with a strange black fluid out of thin air and stabbed it into Preston's wrist, cackling all the way. "What is this, what are you doing?!" Northwest panicked as his veins turned darker than coal. "It's called Black Blood Shelley! Once this stuff reaches your heart, you will be mine to control!" the demon explained taking out the object and crushing it in his hand. "You got until sundown tomorrow to break the curse or else! Until then, NOBODY EXISTS ON PURPOSE, NOBODY BELONGS ANYWHERE, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE, BYYYYEEEE!"

He finally vanished leaving Preston just standing there with his eyes in an unending gaze. Shaking his head to regain composure, he pulled down his sleeve to find the black substance already halfway down his arm and a drawing of a turkey on his hand. "Preston, are you all right in there? Dinner's already started." his wife wondered peering through the door. "Oh I'm fine Priscilla, just tell Pacifica I'll be down in a few minutes!" her husband stuttered trying to hide the black veins. Priscilla just gave a thumbs up and closed the door before he started thinking of ways to stop the infection.

"I have to stop this before tomorrow!" he exclaimed before he came across a small bit of newspaper in the corner of his eye. Picking it up, he found that very news article of Dipper Pines stopping a giant vampire bat that led him to hire the boy in stopping the lumberjack ghost that menaced their old mansion. "And I know just the child."


It was another quiet day at the Mystery Shack. Soul was reading the newspaper, Stan was watching TV with Kid & the Thompsons, Melody was manning the cash register, Soos was giving tours and the rest were upstairs. "Huh, hey Mr. Pines, check out today's horoscope." Soul called to Stan. "So what is it today?" the con-artist asked looking over the Demon Scythe's shoulder. "You will be forced against your will to fight for a being of great power." he read aloud. The two of them just looked at each other and started laughing out loud. "Since when have horoscopes ever been true?!"

Just then, they heard a car pull up in front of the Shack. "Hey, can anyone tell me who's pulling up? It better not be those Spanish Inquisition weirdos again!" Stan exclaimed. "I'll get it!" Patty chirped rushing up to the front door of the gift shop and preparing to open it before having it opened on her by Preston Northwest, pulling his daughter along by the arm. "Why did you have to bring me?! You could've gone on your own!" Pacifica wondered. "Those twins will listen to me if I have you, now come along!"

"Uh Mr. Northwest, the back room is for employees only." Melody cautioned him, but her words fell on deaf ears as he marched further into the Shack. "You there, where's the boy?!" Preston shouted to Soul. "Oh yeah, I think he and the others are upstairs. What do you want him for?" the demon scythe wondered. "That's for later!" He continued stomping through the Shack with Soul following behind, marching up the stairs and slamming open the door to the attic. "Pines, I've come to talk!"

"Oh hi there Pacifica, Mr. Preston! What brings you here?" Mabel cheerfully greeted as she knitted Ragnarok into a vest for Crona. "And how have you broken into the Mystery Shack on a whim?" Maka added. "Listen, I've come here to tell you about this." Preston stated pulling up his sleeve to reveal his pitch-black veins. Maka than gasped and mumbled to herself "Black Blood."

"You know about this?" Preston wondered pulling his sleeve down. "Yes, my friend and partner Soul got infected with it once plus there's Crona here who had it injected into his bloodstream." the young Meister girl explained. "Wait, Soul? As in Soul Evans of the Evans family?!" the former socialite exclaimed before nervously introducing himself. "Uh, my name's Preston Northwest good sir, huge fan of your music." he stuttered. "Okay, this is getting pretty awkward." Soul frowned. "In short, my dad wants you to try and stop this from taking over his body." Pacifica stated bluntly.

"Kids, I heard you talking about some kind of blood!" Ford called opening the door. "And for the record, I have never tasted human blo-" He stopped dead in his tracks seeing Preston and glared straight at him. "Preston Northwest." the genius snarled. "Stanford Pines." the Northwest matriarch responded crossing his arms. "So, how's your life as the town nutcase?"

"For your information Presto, you faced the weirdness of this town yourself!" Ford shouted. "Speaking of which, how're you recovering from having your face rearranged?" he snarked. "It's still a terrifying experience! And I still don't know how I recovered from that!"

"Funny thing is, I got a little demon in me too." Soul revealed. "Wait, you mean that ogre?" Maka gasped. "Yep, he came to me last night but I don't know just how the hell he managed to return." the scythe explained. "But it all went like this."


"It was in a dark room that looked like it came out of one of those old mystery shows back in the 90s." he began to narrate his return to the Black Room. "I was dressed all nice looking, there was a piano nearby and suddenly, he showed up."

"Oh yes it is my friend." the ogre called out stepping into the light. "Hello Soul, long time no see." he politely greeted the scythe. "You! I thought I swallowed you and took control of the Black Blood!" Soul cried. "You indeed did old chum, but it seems a certain something brought me back into being." the demon explained sitting down at the piano. "Remember this?" He began rhythmically pressing the keys, emitting the exact same sound effects from Soos's keyboard. "Now before you say anything Soul, yes indeed. It seems that despite these rather odd sounds, your concerto managed to reignite yours truly within you."

"Don't think you can hide for long ogre, Maka and the others will stop you!" Soul declared bolting up from the chair only to be pulled back down by iron chains. "Oh quit playing games with my head Soul, you have a big part to play soon. I'll keep a low down for now, but until then I'll be seeing you!" The chains suddenly disappeared and the room faded to black before Soul suddenly awoke from his dream.


"So you've got that ogre thing inside you again?" Black Star wondered. "Yes, didn't my flashback tell you anything?!" Soul exclaimed. "What, I'm just stating the obvious." the ninja responded. "I think since you have the Black Blood, you might have that demon in you as well." Tsubaki stated. "Here, sit down and tell us what happened." The man looked around his rather filthy surroundings and nervously pulled at his collar before turning back to the gang. "I think I'll just stand."

"So tell us, what was it like?" Crona asked. "Okay, so it was like this." Preston began his story of the Little Ogre.


"I had already gone to sleep that night when suddenly, I awoken in a room that looked similar to the one Soul had described." he narrated. "I tried to comprehend my new surroundings, wondering just what the Black Blood had done to me when suddenly, a strange little man came waltzing into view. Like the room I was in, it was exactly like what Soul said he was."

"Salutations Mr. Northwest, I am the Little Ogre that now resides in your heart." the fancy demon greeted. "The what now? What is even going on here?! Are you some abomination created by Kishin Cipher?!" Preston exclaimed, clearly taken aback by his appearance. "Why no my good sir. I am simply what happens when you mix regular human blood with Black Blood, as evidenced with another 'soul' I've already affected."

"Okay then, you've done this before, yadda yadda." Preston mocked the demon. "Now why am I here and what do you want me for?" he asked the ogre. "Why it's simple, a new friend wants me to help you play your part in something big he's planning." Little Ogre stated dangling a pocket watch in his hand. "By sundown tomorrow, your soul will belong to him as one of his Horsemen."

"Isn't that what I offered Bill when he first came into town last summer?" Preston wondered scratching his chin. "Indeed, but this time you get it for real!" the Ogre exclaimed as the room began to fade away. "Til we meet again!" He cackled maniacally until everything where the room should've been was pitch black.


"Wait, you made a deal with Kishin Cipher?!" Dipper shouted in horror. "I was desperate okay?! Besides, I'm pretty sure all of your family must've shook hands with Bill at some point!" Preston fired back glaring at the boy. "Dipper's got a point Dad, whatever that Kishin Cipher guy is must want you to help him destroy the world!" Pacifica exclaimed. "And maybe if you learned from last summer, you'd actually know that." she added under her breath. "Watch the sass young lady!"

"But Dad-" Pacifica's father pulled a bell out of his pocket and prepared to ring it, but hesitated before putting it away. "Not right now." he groaned. "Okay Mr. Northwest, lead us the way." Maka said. "Very well then, follow me everyone." he stated walking out of the attic. "All right, our first mission as the Mystery Meisters!" Mabel cheered. "Where did you get that name?" Dipper asked. "I made that up myself yesterday."


"So explain to me again why we're hangin' out with some jerk like Northwest?" Grunkle Stan snarked as the Mystery Meisters all walked towards the Northwests' duplex. "Something about demon curses and blood or something, I dunno." Wendy replied. Knocking on the door, it was answered by none other than Bud Gleeful. "Why Stan Pines, what an unexpected surprise!" he exclaimed leading the others inside. "Wait, Bud Gleeful?" Dipper wondered. "Then that must mean..."

"Was someone about to say my name?" Gideon interrupted Dipper. "Why do you always happen to show up when we don't even expect it?" Stan said. "So this was your arch-enemy Pines? You've got to be joking, he's just a little kid!" Black Star exclaimed trying his hardest not to laugh. "Hey, he's a little kid with a Southern accent that tried to kill us last summer!"

"You see, I've invited Mr. Gleeful over to discuss a business deal, preferably to make back some of our fortune." Pacifica's mother explained. "So what do you want?" she said to Maka. "We're just here because your husband wants us to help him with something Mrs. Northwest. I sincerely hope you won't mind us taking him away for a bit m'am." the Meister explained with a bow. "Oh it's all right little one. Just go on with your business. And Pacifica, why don't you show them around the house?"

"Okay Mom. Mabel, you're coming with me." Pacifica stated grabbing Mabel by the arm and dragging her away while Stan, Wendy, Soul, Crona, Black Star, Tsubaki and the Thompsons followed behind. "So we get to walk around in some rich kid's house? Awesome, yahoo!" Black Star exclaimed. "Don't get too crazy squirt, they probably have something valuable here." Wendy answered.

When their group disappeared, Dipper took a sigh and turned to Preston. "All right sir, show us to your study."


"So this is the grand hall everyone." Pacifica announced opening the entrance to a rather large room within the house with a fine chandelier hanging over them. "Why is this room even here? It would look more in place with your old place." Mabel commented. "LOOK HOW LOUD I CAN YELL!" Black Star screamed at the top of his lungs, echoing throughout the grand hall and accidentally harming Stan's ears. "Hey, can you keep the volume down?! I'm an old man with sensitive ears ya know!"

"Mr. Pines is right, we gotta keep a low profile around the upper-class." Soul stated. "It's alright you guys, you can act crazy around me if you want." Pacifica assured them. "Really?!" Patty instantly got excited and made a mad dash for the chandelier, jumping up and grabbing onto it. "Hey don't get too crazy guys! This is still her place!" Liz called. "Yeah, what she said." Tsubaki added.

"So what have you been doing lately Paz?" Mabel asked her formerly rich friend. "Well my family and I have been trying to regain at least some of our fortune. I got a part-time job at Greasy's Diner, my mom as you know's been making deals with various people and my dad has been selling taxidermy parts." Pacifica explained. "Wanna see?"

"Of course we do!" Stan exclaimed interrupting her great-niece. "Besides, I've been wanting a stuffed platylope for quite a while!" The two girls looked at him in confusion. "It's like a fusion between a jackalope and a platypus. Mixed up, I know." The three of them walked away, leaving the others to their own devices. "Uh Patty, I don't think that chandelier can take it anymore." Soul nervously said before the light fixture came crashing down to the ground, taking the younger Thompson with it.

"Oh my gosh sis, are you okay?!" Liz exclaimed worrying for her sister. "Yeah, I'm okay Liz. Actually, I've never been better!" Patty chirped before they hugged. "Well, I'm kinda of no use here. C'mon Crona, let's go after the Pines and Pacifica." Soul stated bluntly walking away.


Meanwhile in Preston's study, Dipper, Ford, Soos, Gideon, Maka, Death the Kid, Spirit, Stein were all investigating his deal with Kishin Cipher. "So you said you were standing behind your desk when you first met him." Dipper stated. "Yes indeed, standing exactly right..." Preston began pointing his finger to where he stood. "there." The boy immediately shuffled his feet over to that very spot. "No, a little to the left. No, your other left. Are you even listening or do you just want to annoy me?!"

"There's no such thing as an other left you mustached twit, just say you stood behind of your desk when it happened!" Ford shouted exasperatedly. "Who are you to call me that you ignoramus?!" Preston exclaimed.

As the two men argued, Kid paid no mind to them as he examined Northwest's library. "I do have to say, Mr. Northwest has quite a good taste in literature." he muttered to himself examining the various books on the shelves.

"Yes. Herodotus, Moby Dick, Jekyll and Hyde, Of Mice & Men, Catcher in the Rye, all some of the greatest books of all time." Maka replied before Kid made a shocking realization. "Yes, they are some of the greatest books of all time," he began before entering a complete breakdown. "BUT THEY AREN'T IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER! UTTERLY ASYMMETRICAL TRITE!"

As for the others, they just looked on as Ford & Preston argued, Kid rearranging the books with Maka placing her hand on her face in embarrassment and Dipper trying to get everybody to focus but falling on deaf ears. "This could take a while." Soos affirmed. "You got that right." Spirit, Stein and Gideon replied.


Pacifica had now led Mabel and Stan into a dark room filled with mounted animal parts and a single candle as the only source of light. "Dad has been importing these from various lodges around Oregon to sell to other philanthropists. Just try not to break any of them."

"We promise P." Mabel promised looking at the various stuffed creatures in awe, though her grunkle was more interested in how much they would cost. "Y'know Northwest, if your old man had stapled some animal parts together and called them the rarest creatures on Earth, your family would be rich again in no time!" he exclaimed swiping a few of them for himself. "Trust me, I've tried that myself but didn't really work out."

"So, this is where the magic happens?" Soul wondered entering the room with Crona. "All these dead creatures just hanging around for show? I don't know how to deal with this." the swordsman added. "Aw come on Crona, lighten up! We could finally have an adventure for once!" Ragnarok tried to reassure his Meister. "An adventure that won't threaten our lives!"

"Hey Crona, get over here and help me look for some good taxidermy parts!" Stan called to Crona. "I'm having a particular interest in the freeze-dried ones." he stated. "O-okay then Grunkle Stan." Crona said walking over to the elderly trickster. Soul took it as a sign that he wasn't needed to them and moved toward Mabel and Pacifica. "So Pacifica, heard your family isn't the greatest, am I right?" he asked Pacifica. "Who told you that?" she wondered. "Dipper did."

"Oh yeah, that. He learned about that last summer during an annual party." Pacifica explained. "Whenever I would try to rebel against them, they would use Pavlovian mind control just to get me to shut up. Dipper inspired me to fight back but when all was said and done, well, you don't want to know."

She glumly looked down at the floor of the taxidermy room before the scythe put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, I know where you're coming from. I considered myself the white sheep of my family when compared to my brother. When I discovered my Demon Weapon blood, I used it as an excuse to run away." he said reassuringly. "But they should really see me now, helping saving the world on a regular basis!"

"Wow, that's actually pretty cool! Hey, maybe you can show me your weapon form someday." Pacifica smiled at Soul before noticing someone was missing. "Hey, where's Mabel?" she wondered. "Over here guys!" Mabel cried. "I found a cute little frog in this fox's mouth!" she said pointing to a stuffed fox with a small amphibian in his jaws. "Wait, Hunter?!" the blonde exclaimed. "Who's Hunter?" Mabel asked. "Hunter was my dad's pet fox when he was a kid and his first taxidermy! How is he still alive?!"

"Oh no, my cover's been blown!" the frog within the fox's mouth cried hopping out and transforming into a young woman with silvery hair. "Eruka?!" Soul cried turning his arm into a scythe-blade. "What are you doing here?" he growled. "Uh, I-uh..." Eruka tried to lie her way out of her current situation before casting some magic and fleeing. "You'll be sorry!"

The animal parts began pulling themselves together while spewing blood from their eyes & mouth while chanting "Ancient sins, ancient sins, ancient sins!" until they formed a giant animal monstrosity with a bear's torso, a moose head for a hand, kangaroo feet that made it tower over the group, deer horns and to top it all off, the fox formed the head. "Let this world be purged by the Kishin!" the beast roared preparing for battle. "Mabel, use me as your weapon!" Soul ordered shifting into his weapon form and landing in the sweater girl's hands. "But what do I do?!" Mabel cried. "Just wing it until Maka gets here, okay? Now move it!"

The taxidermy titan launched a mighty swing at Mabel who blocked it and hacked the moose head-hand off. "Nice goin' there pumpkin, give 'em what for!" Stan cheered for her while he and Pacifica hid behind a nearby box of squirrel heads. "What are you still doing here, run and tell the others!" Mabel shouted. "Right, I'll find Dipper and you get Tsubaki!" Pacifica replied racing out of the room. "And I'm gonna fight too!" Crona declared whipping out Ragnarok, who was more than happy to fight. "Ah hell yeah!"

"Okay, a little to the left dudes." Wendy instructed Black Star and Patty while they tried to reattach the chandelier. "No, your other left. Wait, is there even such thing as an other left?" she wondered. "I don't care about other anything, just make up your damn mind about where you want us to put it!" Black Star shouted. "Black Star's right, let's just get this over with anyway before the Northwests get on our case." Patty replied.

Just then they heard footsteps before a panicky Stan burst into the room darting his eyes around at the others. "Are you alright Mr. Pines, you don't seem very well." Tsubaki asked him sounding very concerned for the old man. "Taxidermy, frog people, ancient sins! Let's go go go!" Stan screamed racing out of the grand hall as fast as he came in. "The heck was he talking about?" Liz asked. "I don't know, but it sounds like trouble!" Wendy shouted tailing her former boss.

Meanwhile with Pacifica, she had just reached her father's study where Dipper's group was investigating his deal with Kishin Cipher. Well, more "create chaos" than "investigate." Ford & Preston were still arguing with Dipper & Maka trying to be the meditator, Kid continuing to rearrange the former socialite's books while the rest tried to focus on the task at hand. "Everyone, there's big trouble going on in the taxidermy room! Mabel needs help!" she cried.

"The taxidermy room?!" Preston cried. "But that's where most of our future fortune is! We must get there posthaste!" he declared marching out of the study. "So you're joining us because your money is at stake? Of course, classic Northwests." Ford scoffed. "Come on Ford, Mabel might be in danger!" Dipper exclaimed. "And Crona might be there too, since he must've went in there!" Maka added. "Oh all right." the polydactyl groaned. "Show us the way Northwest."


Mabel and Crona worked together like a well-oiled machine, having already dislocated most of the Ancient Sin's body as animal body parts spilled all over the floor. "Great work everyone, the others won't have to worry about us!" Mabel stated. "Yeah, we all work pretty well together." Crona added. "How's about we think of a team name for ourselves? I already got a few good ideas." Ragnarok shouted. "Let's talk later Ragnarok, look!" Soul exclaimed bringing their attention to the Ancient Sin reassembling, this time with even more animal parts making it look more monstrous.

Just then, everybody else barged into the taxidermy room and paid witness to the current situation. "Hunter?!" Preston exclaimed noticing the fox serving as the beast's head. "Good grief, what is that abomination?!" Ford shouted. "I have no idea what it is, but it's basically a monster created by some girl who can turn into a frog!" Pacifica cried trying to explain the situation. "Somehow that's the least craziest thing I've said in a while."

"Don't worry kids, we'll save you!" Ford declared charging into battle with Dipper, Stan, Maka and Kid by his side. Toppling down a few boxes, it managed to distract the Ancient Sin when it tripped over them. "That oughta buy us some time!" Maka stated taking Soul from Mabel. "And thanks for carrying Soul for me." she thanked the younger girl. "Anytime Maka!"

"So tell me, how did this happen?!" Maka asked her partner. "It was Eruka, she somehow managed to break in here and enchant this thing with black magic! But how did she even get in?" Soul explained. "I think I'm starting to sense a soul within that thing." Kid added. "Sensing souls, how is that possible? What are you even talking about?!" Preston shouted, not understanding anything the Meisters said. "They're not normal kids sir, they're Meisters and Demon Weapons from the Death Weapon Meister Academy." Soos said. "Well what're you waitin' for dudes, finish it off!"

"Right, come on Soul!" Maka exclaimed. "LET'S GO, SOUL RESONANCE!" they shouted in unison. Soul's blade grew and formed into a crescent moon shape, bringing to the twins' mind when they first met the two. "Hey, that's their Soul Resonance!" Mabel cried. Maka prepared to deal the finishing blow when suddenly, the Ancient Sin grabbed her and tossed her across the room. "Well that was a bit anti-climatic."

"Your fates have been sealed!" the Ancient Sin roared. With a venomous glare in its eye, it charged at Mabel like an angry bull before it was blocked by none other than Gideon, gripping its antlers and pushing back as much as his youthful body could take it. "Leave my Mabel alone!" he exclaimed. "G-Gideon, you saved me!" Mabel gasped in shock. Who knew the very boy that menaced them last summer and tried to marry her would be the one to put his own life on the line against this creature?

"Wait, did Gideon just take the bullet for Mabel?" Stan exclaimed. "Freakin' Gideon!?" he reiterated in shock. "That's not important Stanley, look!" Ford made him take notice of a loose thread hanging off the beast's neck. "I assume that must be his weakpoint! If one of us can find a way to reach it without that thing noticing us, maybe it'll come apart! Which one of us is really good at being annoying?" Black Star took a stand with a bold expression on his face. "My time has come."

"Hey ugly thing, check out what I can do!" Black Star shouted performing a few circus tricks for the monster. It decided to turn its attention away from its potential victims and watch the ninja's games, actually beginning enjoying the show while the adults formed a plan.

"Okay, which one of us should tear that thread? As the one who brought it to our attention, I think I should be the one." Ford stated. "No it should be me, those are my possessions!" Preston suggested. "Well they're going to be mine soon!" Stan exclaimed. "Now let's not fight everyone. By the way, has anyone seen Maka and Soul?" Stein wondered. "OH MY GOSH, MAKA!" Spirit screamed as he tried to search for his beloved daughter. "Where are you my sweet pigtailed baby?! Daddy's here for you, just yell and tell me where you are!"

"I'm over here Dad!" Maka called from across the room. "Maka, I'm so glad you're still okay! Are you hurt, do you need some juice, or maybe some kisses for your boo-boos?!" Spirit cried rushing to his child's side. "She's fine, you don't need to baby her." Soul snarked getting up. "Still, how was that thing able to block Soul Resonance?" he wondered. "I think whatever magic Eruka enchanted it with must've made it impervious." Maka responded. "But that leaves the question of where did she get it from?"

"Uh guys, less chatting more battling!" Liz shouted from within her pistol form. "Right, but what should we do?" Spirit wondered. "I'll go, this is our property." Pacifica declared. "That's exactly what I said!" her dad screamed. "Then we'll stop it, together."

"How can you keep that thing distracted for this long?!" Dipper exclaimed as Black Star continued performing tricks. "It's just amazed by how awesome I am." Black Star boasted. "Dipper's right, it might get bored and try to attack us again." Tsubaki agreed with Dipper. "But what're the odds of that happening?!"

"Don't break your arm stroking your big ego Ninja Man." Stan snarked. "Wait, over there!" Ford said pointing to Pacifica on Preston's shoulders trying to reach the loose thread on the beast's neck. "Geez, did that frog lady really make this abomination that stupid?" Pacifica muttered pulling at the string. "All right now, pull it as hard as you can. We can do this!"

Just hearing those words from her father's mouth, the person who used her to promote their family's reputation of lies, cheating and overall unpleasantness, encouraging her to do what's right, brought a small tear to Pacifica's eye as she tugged on the stitch with all her might before it finally fell apart, sending the two falling backward to the floor and the Ancient Sin falling to pieces.

"I'M FINALLY FREEEEEEE!" a ghost screamed bursting out of the fox. "Wait, Grandpa Auldman?!" Pacifica exclaimed immediately recognizing the spirit. "A g-g-g-g-g-ghost?!" Liz became terrified, switching back to her human form and hiding behind Soos. "Preston Jacob Northwest, I wish to speak with you and your daughter." the phantom of the late Auldman Northwest boomed to his son. "His middle name is Jacob?" Mabel snickered. "Quiet Mabel!" Pacifica barked. "What are you doing here Grandpa?"

"I have been cursed to be chained to that hideous animal form by some evil witch potentially working for a much higher being that threatens to destroy all humanity." Auldman explained. "But you, my granddaughter have shown that you have the potential to be one of the twenty to stop him. And the same goes for you too my son." he turned to Preston. "Your unexpected valiance has once again proven that there could be some redemption to our family name."

"What, me?!" Preston stuttered darting his head between his daughter and father, unable to understand the words the ghost just said. "But I was trained to uphold the family coda!" he cried out in shock. "Well then forget the family coda! Even the blackest of hearts have a speck of light within." Auldman declared. "We shall meet again one day, but until then, farewell." When he finished, he vanished in a flash of light, potentially ascending to the heavens and all was silent within the taxidermy room.

Until Stan just flatly said "Well, I'm outta here." and walked away.


"Well Pines, I'm afraid we must bid each other farewell for now." Preston stated moments later. "But don't think this is going to be permanent, for we still have a common enemy here commoner." he added glowering. "Hey, just be happy we were able to at least save your family from that monster you dunderhead!" Ford shouted. "Chill out bro, and let me do the talking here." Stan calmed his brother and reached his hand out. "Now where's our reward?"

"Your what?" Priscilla stuttered. "Y'know, since we helped your family we should at least deserve something in return! Help me out here Crona." Crona removed Stan's jacket and began flapping it, revealing several taxidermies hidden within. "HOW?!" Dipper screamed in shock. "There are still a few things about me man was not meant to know kid."

"Okay, you can keep them." Pacifica submitted to the grunkle's demands as he handed her some cash. "Sweet, I'm gonna make me a platylope when we get home!" Stan cheered before noticing Mabel talking with Gideon.

"Hey, can't believe I'm saying this but thanks for saving me from that weirdo in the room." she thanked the former child psychic. "The pleasure's all mine darlin'. So, you still up for being an item?" Gideon asked. "No way, but maybe we can be just friends? I mean, we both have a passion for fashion and are quite expressive." Mabel suggested. "Okay, I'm fine with that."

"C'mon Mabel, it's almost sundown! We should get moving!" Dipper called to his sister. "Coming gang!" she exclaimed. "See ya later Gidds." She finally said her goodbyes to Gideon and walked away with the others. "She called me Gidds." he realized. "I might still have a chance!"

"Bye guys, see you later!" Pacifica said goodbye to the Mystery Meisters as they left. That was when her father realized something. "Almost sundown?" he muttered to himself before thinking back to yesterday when he made that deal.

"Excuse me, I need to go uh, powder my nose!" he exclaimed rushing to the bathroom. Taking off his suit jacket, Preston discovered that the Black Blood in his veins had now gotten worse. Now that it was almost sundown, he immediately feared the worst. "Oh no."


Bet you didn't expect old Preston to get some form of development! Now just a fair warning, I might go on hiatus after the next chapter to work on other things so expect big things to come before then! Until chapter 5 everyone, stay weird!
Originally published on February 4, 2018.

The following is a fanmade crossover. Gravity Falls is owned by Walt Disney Television Animation, Disney XD and Alex Hirsch. Soul Eater is owned by Studio Bones, Square Enix and Atsushi Okubo. Please support the official release!
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