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Jasper Vs Thanos by lightyearpig Jasper Vs Thanos :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 1 0 My 10 Most Likely SSB Ultimate Characters by lightyearpig My 10 Most Likely SSB Ultimate Characters :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 4 2
Gravity Soul chapter 9: To McGucket Mansion We Go
AN: And so ends the Quest for the Northwest arc! From here on out, things get pretty dark and angsty as our heroes' lives are put at risk, their sanity about to teeter off the edge and relationships put into jeopardy. Also, just wanna say I'd really like some of my works get their own pages on TV Tropes someday so if anyone can make that possible, I'd be honored. Now then, on with the chapter!
23-8-5-14 1-12-12 9-19 12-15-19-20 1-14-4 25-15-21'22-5 16-1-9-4 20-8-5 16-9-16-5-18
20-8-5 13-15-19-20 8-1-21-14-20-9-14-7 15-6 1-12-12 9-19 23-8-1-20 3-15-13-5-19 1-6-20-5-18
9 15-14-12-25 8-1-22-5 15-14-5 17-21-5-19-20-9-15-14 20-15 1-19-11, 25-15-21 19-5-5
4-9-4 25-15-21 1-12-12 18-5-1-12-12-25 13-9-19-19 13-5?

When we had last left the Mystery Meisters, they had set off on their night-long mission to save Pacifica Northwest from the alliance between Asura and Bill Cipher. They have already battled Medusa Gorgon and made peace with her former minions but now they had a new opponen
:iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 0 0
Death Battle: Sailor Moon Vs Eren Jaeger by lightyearpig Death Battle: Sailor Moon Vs Eren Jaeger :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 3 0 Death Battle: Cable vs Kenshiro by lightyearpig Death Battle: Cable vs Kenshiro :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 2 0 Favorite Character Bingo by lightyearpig Favorite Character Bingo :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 15 1 My Waifu Chart 4 by lightyearpig My Waifu Chart 4 :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 11 0
One Piece OC: Aster Roman
Name: Aster Roman
Nickname(s): Astro
Epithet(s): "The Researcher"
* Pre-Timeskip: 33
* Post-Timeskip: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birth Date: August 5
Status: Alive
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Affiliation(s): Comet Pirates
Occupation: Pirate captain
* Pre-Timeskip: Muscular, blue hair, white mustache in the shape of a crescent moon, black captain's coat over pink star T-shirt, yellow pants, red boots
* Post-Timeskip: Blue hair is longer, mustache now grown into Fu Manchu style
* Pre-Timeskip: 6'2
* Post-Timeskip: 6'5
Personality: Intelligent, quiet, reserved, ambitious
Hobbies: Stargazing, researching
Dreams: To become the greatest living astrologist in the world
Likes: Reading, traveling, learning new things, peace
Dislikes: Being underestimated for his personality, his intelligence being mocked, historical inaccuracies
Mother: Galileo "Gale" Roman
Father: Armstrong Roman
Grandparents: Bernard "Buzz" Roman
:iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 0 0
Soul Eater Falls by lightyearpig Soul Eater Falls :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 6 1 Dead-Fooly Pooly 2 by lightyearpig Dead-Fooly Pooly 2 :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 5 0
Gravity Soul chapter 8: Last of Medusa's Minions
AN: Well after some fun with Excalibur, why don't we follow it up with some of our characters being put in mortal danger by being pitted against Medusa's minions?! Yeah, I won't be very kind to our ragtag group of heroes going forward and trust me, it won't be pretty.
20-8-5 6-18-15-7 9-19 1 3-15-23-1-18-4
20-8-5 23-15-12-6 9-19 1 13-15-18-15-14
20-8-5 13-9-3-5 1-18-5 19-9-14-7-12-5-13-9-14-4-5-4
25-5-20 1-12-12 15-6 20-8-5-13 1-18-5 5-1-19-25 20-15 3-15-14-20-18-15-12

"I usually start off my mornings with a cup of coffee with cream." Excalibur stated as the Mystery Meisters continued on their way to Kishin Cipher's lair, much to their displeasure. "Then in the afternoon, I sit down with a cup of tea. And then in the evening-"
"Booze? Seems right for an old guy like you." Stan snarked before he was cut off. "FOOL! For your information, I change into my pajamas and settle down for some well-deserved sleep." Excalibur cried. "Does he ever shut up?" Soos asked Black Star, who
:iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 0 0
Avengers Infinity War by lightyearpig Avengers Infinity War :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 2 1 Heaven's War Survivors by lightyearpig Heaven's War Survivors :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 1 0
Steven Universe Secret Wars: Part 2 Chapter 3
AN: So it seems according to recent leaks that I shall refuse to disclose, this fic might as well be utterly destroyed by what's to come! I try to stick to Steven Universe canon as best as I can but it seems like I might place this and its predecessor Clod on the Run in its own AU, Earth-2013 I shall call it like your average part of the Marvel multiverse. But enough about timelines, let's get on with this latest chapter!
Sokovia was a peaceful country seated within Northern Europe neighboring its sister land Transia and the original home of Wanda & Pietro Maximoff before their father handed them over to HYDRA to further hone their mutant abilities. Currently making their way to its capital of Novi Grad were the Avengers, now consisting of the Vision, Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier, War Machine, Falcon, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, the Wasp and Mantis in search of their fellow heroes to get help in rescuing the original six and their new comrades the Crystal Gems.
"So how were y
:iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 1 3
Ant-Zoro by lightyearpig Ant-Zoro :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 1 0 Dead-Fooly Pooly by lightyearpig Dead-Fooly Pooly :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 4 0


Ultimate Destiny: Weiss Schnee
Name: Weiss Schnee
Gender: Female
Debut: RWBY: White Trailer (2013)
VA: Kara Eberle (English) Yōko Hikasa (Japanese)
Title: Heiress of the Schnee Dust Company
Alternate Costume: Snowpea
Signature Stage: Schnee Manor
Intro: Weiss walks onscreen, draws Myrtenaster, and twirls her weapon's Dust container around before taking a fencing stance.
Intro Quotes
"Do you have any idea who you're up against?"
"Aren't you a little out of my league?"
"You'd have to be brain dead to try to fight me!"
"You'd seriously need to reconsider your actions."
Outro: Weiss twirls Myrtenaster around in her hand before pointing it at the camera with a haughty glare.
Outro Quote: How dare you pick a fight with me and not live up to it?!
Results Screen Quotes
"The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries obtained at my hands."
"You made a big mistake trying to fight us. We're serious hazards to your health."
"GREAT idea picking a fight with me. You could have EASIL
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 4 8
Moni's Cup Holder by AKB-DrawsStuff Moni's Cup Holder :iconakb-drawsstuff:AKB-DrawsStuff 66 10
Ultimate Destiny: Yang Xiao Long
Name: Yang Xiao Long
Gender: Female
Debut: RWBY: Yellow Trailer (2013)
VA: Barbara Dunkleman (English) Ami Koshimizu (Japanese)
Title: The Dragon Brawler of Team RWBY
Alternate Costume: Volume 5 Appearance
Signature Stage: Vytal Tournament Arena
Intro: Yang struts onscreen and runs her hands through her hair before taking a fighting stance as Ember Celica unfolds into full gauntlets.
Intro Quotes
"You know how this is gonna end, right?"
"Get too close, and you'll burn!"
"Let's heat this up, shall we?"
"Lets get this started with a YANG!"
Outro: Yang grins and smashes her fists together before putting her hand on her hip with a smirk.
Outro Quote: Nailed it!
Results Screen Quotes
"Ruby's gonna love this one."
"Don't worry, I'll call an ambulance for ya. Heh."
"Ouch. Too hot for ya?"
"That got intense. Like, REALLY intense."
Vs. Tifa: I'll be dropping by your bar sometime in the week. I'll need some info on a certain person...and a Strawberry Sunrise. No ice
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 9 23
inko midoriya by AngeliccMadness inko midoriya :iconangeliccmadness:AngeliccMadness 129 8 Big City Greens-'Paris, I'm almost there!' by Cartuneslover16 Big City Greens-'Paris, I'm almost there!' :iconcartuneslover16:Cartuneslover16 24 4 Bay Breeze_Commission by Tsitra360 Bay Breeze_Commission :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 137 5
Zero Slashes Into DEATH BATTLE!

    First Appearance: Mega Man X.
    Species: Reploid.
5' 3"
125.4 lbs.
    Age: Unknown.
    Hair: Blonde.
    Eyes: Blue.
    Occupation: Former Maverick Hunter, Resistance Fighter.
    Alias: Mega Man Zero, Maverick Hunter Zero, The Legendary Reploid
    -Dr. Wily's last and greatest creation.
    -Became an S-Class Maverick Hunter long before X.
    -Has fought X to a draw.
    -Defeated Maverick Leader Sigma on multiple occasions.
    -Defeated Neo Arcadia's Four Guardian's multiple times.
    -Killed Copy X twice.
    -Sent Vile running scared.
    -Defeated and destroyed the technically superior Omega Zero.
    -Ultimately killed Dr. Weil and saved h
:iconpokesega64:PokeSEGA64 33 33
Fitness Expert by SarukaiWolf Fitness Expert :iconsarukaiwolf:SarukaiWolf 246 6 Marvel 2K - Thanos Wants His Suplexes by EarthCenturion
Mature content
Marvel 2K - Thanos Wants His Suplexes :iconearthcenturion:EarthCenturion 4 0
Marvel 2K - Strongest Avenger, you say? by EarthCenturion
Mature content
Marvel 2K - Strongest Avenger, you say? :iconearthcenturion:EarthCenturion 5 0
Master Of Puppets by TheBestComicKing Master Of Puppets :iconthebestcomicking:TheBestComicKing 23 2 Nazi Punks Fuck Off by TheBestComicKing Nazi Punks Fuck Off :iconthebestcomicking:TheBestComicKing 21 1 Happy 100th Birthday, Jack THE KING Kirby by TheBestComicKing Happy 100th Birthday, Jack THE KING Kirby :iconthebestcomicking:TheBestComicKing 3 0 Drunk Lapis 9 Insert Title Here by TheBestComicKing Drunk Lapis 9 Insert Title Here :iconthebestcomicking:TheBestComicKing 13 1 Drunk Lapis 9 Insert Title Here by TheBestComicKing Drunk Lapis 9 Insert Title Here :iconthebestcomicking:TheBestComicKing 16 1 Adam West by TheBestComicKing Adam West :iconthebestcomicking:TheBestComicKing 14 1





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