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Ant-Zoro And The Wasp by lightyearpig Ant-Zoro And The Wasp :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 0 0
Gravity Soul chapter 10: Weirdmageddon Take Two
AN: And so begins Weirdmageddon once more. Greetings loyal readers to the final arc of Gravity Soul. With Gravity Falls now no longer safe from the madness of Kishin Cipher, the Mystery Meisters now fresh off of rescuing Pacifica must find another place to hide from him and pull off one last plan to stop him. Also in this arc will feature the usage of the Vigenere cipher which means whatever word that is highlighted in bold in the author's notes will be the key needed to decipher it. But enough for now, let's all return to the BUNKER.

They thought it was impossible. They thought they would come out of that mansion with at least a few physical scars.
But no.
They received mental scars instead from what the fusion of the dream demon and the Kishin inflicted on them.
The rescue party looked
:iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 0 0
Bill's Chaotic Cabal by lightyearpig Bill's Chaotic Cabal :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 6 1 Infinity Watch (Earth-2013) by lightyearpig Infinity Watch (Earth-2013) :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 0 0
Steven Universe Secret Wars: Part 2 Chapter 5
AN: At last the final battle against Thanos has come! It certainly has been a pleasure writing this for all of you to enjoy, and it also warms my heart to see so much love for it. Still waiting for it to be on TV Tropes though. But regardless, I hope you enjoy this and any more stories, Earth-2013 or not, to come! Until then, toodle-oo!
"Did you see how I annihilated Jasper there my love?" Thanos asked Death finally returning to his shrine on Battleworld's moon. "She put up quite a fight, but in the end she had to be put down. It's a shame as well, her gemstone would've looked marvelous on you. In fact, why don't I grant you the shattered remains of the other Gems as a present?"
Lady Death gave no answer other than just a roll of her eyes, but the titan took it as a sign. "It may not be spoken, but I still count it as attention." he stated before he heard the rattling of chains and turned to discover Nebula, now free from her restraints and looking absolutely furious. "YOU!
:iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 1 0
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Attack On Heaven by lightyearpig Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Attack On Heaven :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 6 2 My Border World Colisseum Team by lightyearpig My Border World Colisseum Team :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 4 0 My Waifu Chart 5 by lightyearpig My Waifu Chart 5 :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 10 0
Steven Universe Secret Wars: Part 2 Chapter 4.2
In a facsimile of the planet Xandar, Captain America, Bismuth, Star-Lord and Black Panther were next to spawn. "Geez, seems like they get attacked every other month or something!" Peter quipped. "You think this is where Thanos got his first Infinity Stone?"
"We have no time, look alive!" Bismuth shouted shoving the leading Guardian out of the path of an attack from their old enemy Titus. "Star-Lord, it's about time we faced each other again."
"Oh hey big guy, how's being put on trial by Homeworld for kidnapping a high-ranking Gem doing?" Star-Lord exclaimed cheerfully, though in actuality it was just an insult. "For your information you rapscallion, your Ravager partner had made that all up to stain my reputation! If he were here instead of you, I'd be even happier to annihilate him." Titus shouted. "Now lay down and face my vengeance."
"Leave him alone cat man!" Bismuth shouted smacking the ex-Nova Corpsman in the face with her hammer hand. "You have no right to assault an officer of
:iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 1 0
Steven Universe Secret Wars: Part 2 Chapter 4
AN: And we're back everyone! Oh boy oh boy Heart of the Crystal Gems is going to be (or at the time I would post this, was) a wild ride that I can't wait to take part in with my fellow SU fans. But now it's time we return to Earth-2013 for a bit to see how our heroes will win out against evil and save the universe. Please note that some scenes may be a bit disturbing, so reader discretion is advised.

“So these Crystal Gems, they call themselves, could they be mutants or perhaps aliens?” US Senator Robert Kelly asked while he, along with a few other political and military figures, held a secret meeting to discuss the Crystal Gems.
“Based off of what this young Ronaldo chap said on his blog, they are indeed aliens but where did they come from? Why are they here? What is their purpose?” government agent Everett Ross answered with questions of his own. “Any input Thunderbolt?”
“I fear they are not to be trusted!” General Thad
:iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 1 0
Jasper Vs Thanos by lightyearpig Jasper Vs Thanos :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 4 1 My 10 Most Likely SSB Ultimate Characters by lightyearpig My 10 Most Likely SSB Ultimate Characters :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 8 3
Gravity Soul chapter 9: To McGucket Mansion We Go
AN: And so ends the Quest for the Northwest arc! From here on out, things get pretty dark and angsty as our heroes' lives are put at risk, their sanity about to teeter off the edge and relationships put into jeopardy. Also, just wanna say I'd really like some of my works get their own pages on TV Tropes someday so if anyone can make that possible, I'd be honored. Now then, on with the chapter!
23-8-5-14 1-12-12 9-19 12-15-19-20 1-14-4 25-15-21'22-5 16-1-9-4 20-8-5 16-9-16-5-18
20-8-5 13-15-19-20 8-1-21-14-20-9-14-7 15-6 1-12-12 9-19 23-8-1-20 3-15-13-5-19 1-6-20-5-18
9 15-14-12-25 8-1-22-5 15-14-5 17-21-5-19-20-9-15-14 20-15 1-19-11, 25-15-21 19-5-5
4-9-4 25-15-21 1-12-12 18-5-1-12-12-25 13-9-19-19 13-5?

When we had last left the Mystery Meisters, they had set off on their night-long mission to save Pacifica Northwest from the alliance between Asura and Bill Cipher. They have already battled Medusa Gorgon and made peace with her former minions but now they had a new opponen
:iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 1 0
Death Battle: Sailor Moon Vs Eren Jaeger by lightyearpig Death Battle: Sailor Moon Vs Eren Jaeger :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 4 0 Death Battle: Cable vs Kenshiro by lightyearpig Death Battle: Cable vs Kenshiro :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 3 0 Favorite Character Bingo by lightyearpig Favorite Character Bingo :iconlightyearpig:lightyearpig 19 1


Third Base by dm29 Third Base :icondm29:dm29 160 16 Cozy Glow meets Darla Dimple by dan232323 Cozy Glow meets Darla Dimple :icondan232323:dan232323 66 21 Enid by JagoDibuja
Mature content
Enid :iconjagodibuja:JagoDibuja 448 15
MHA:DOFP - Hope for the Future by edCOM02 MHA:DOFP - Hope for the Future :iconedcom02:edCOM02 54 8 Little Star dresses up as Vampirina by Deaf-Machbot Little Star dresses up as Vampirina :icondeaf-machbot:Deaf-Machbot 74 5 Bowsette and Boosette by dandonfuga
Mature content
Bowsette and Boosette :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 942 22
Marvel vs. Nintendo: The Red Skull

Real Name: Johann Schmidt
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Germany
Eyes: None (formerly blue)
Hair: None (formerly brown)
Debut: Captain America Comics #7 (1941)
Voice Actor: Steve Blum
A longtime enemy of Captain America, Johann Schmidt is a proud Nazi general and the embodiment of evil, fear, and horror. He is known as the ruthless Red Skull.
Intro: Red Skull walks onscreen and salutes to the camera before taking out his pistol.
Outro: Red Skull walks up to his defeated opponent, lifts them up by his/her neck, followed by pulling out a cigarette, lighting it, and blowing smoke into the opponent’s face, making him/her cough.
Taunt: Red Skull raises his pistol up in the air while saying, “I will win this war!” or “Soon, there shall be World War III!”
Standard Costumes:
-Classic Costume 1: His de
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 7 3
Blaze won't stand idly by. by JoeAdok Blaze won't stand idly by. :iconjoeadok:JoeAdok 66 6 Alex DeLarge vs. Hannibal Lecter by killb94 Alex DeLarge vs. Hannibal Lecter :iconkillb94:killb94 25 5 Inktober2018 - Weak by CherryInTheSun Inktober2018 - Weak :iconcherryinthesun:CherryInTheSun 80 7 [SVTFOE] Deviltry by KamiSulit [SVTFOE] Deviltry :iconkamisulit:KamiSulit 29 3 Forest Yona by AssasinMonkey Forest Yona :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 243 12 Cozy Empire by AssasinMonkey Cozy Empire :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 1,678 85 One of your Sludge Dragons by AssasinMonkey One of your Sludge Dragons :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 315 25 Autumn Sounds by AssasinMonkey Autumn Sounds :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 2,552 51 palutena by cutesexyrobutts
Mature content
palutena :iconcutesexyrobutts:cutesexyrobutts 557 10





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