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D/a is all well and good but if you are interested in what I REALLY DO you have to see my Website- and my Tumblr-
Last week I had two girls I have never worked with come by so I could do some test shots. I do this so I can show them to the editors of the magazines I shoot for.  We must have done well because you can look forward to layouts of Anna and Ginger Sparks in three different publications soon! In the meantime I share a few images in my gallery. Enjoy.
This morning I received what I believe to be the final layout of my first book "Strictly Bondage". Available from Goliath Books June of this year!
Things have really been going fantastic here at the Lightworship Camp.
In the past month I have found out that a book publisher in Berlin, GOLIATH BOOKs wishes to put out a hard back book of my Black and White Rope Bondage.
On top of that just the other day I learned that HUSTLER'S TABOO MAGAZINE will be running a image of mine on the cover of their January issue.
I have sets slated to run in the January and February issues of Taboo magazine.  
I am also very excited that both Taboo and HUSTLER will be running separate interviews they have done with me very soon.
Pile on top of that, I have just shot and sold photo sets to two publications I have never shot for before, LEG SEX MAGAZINE and 18 Eighteen.
I try to get over here to D/a as often as I can and catch you guys up on recent images, but TUMBLR is really my first love so please run on over and follow me there! NO CENSORSHIP on TUMBLR as there is here.
Thank you for all your support.
999 Followers on Tumblr. Who wants to be my 1000th?
My good friend Kellie is in L.A. from Atlanta.
I look forward to shooting with her tomorrow,
we alway have a great time and get sexy stuff.
Just uploaded 10 new images tonight. I really hope to get some new people familiar with my work.
Also Please make sure and check out my TUMBLR-
I am very pleased to have reached 1000 page views here on D/a and 700 Tumblr Followers today.
I hope everyone continues enjoying my photographs and sharing them.
Thank you.
While I am enjoying my time here on D/a I hope everyone will check out and follow me on TUMBLR!
Thank you~