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Jurassic Park Evolution

By Lighttwister
JP: Evolution... I have always been a big fan of Dinosaurs and of Jurassic Park. This is just my personalized idea of the new movie poster. A little fan art for those who ask. I hope you enjoy.
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Attention, everyone!If you like The Avengers and Cartoon Network characters from Regular Show,Adventure Time,and Gumball, type in "The Cartooners" on the search bar.It's AWESOME!!!
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How do you do that? I need something like that for my movie. Can you tell me how to do that?
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It was all Photoshop! Just get on the program and play with it. You'll get better as you keep messing with it. There's plenty of tutorials on Youtube! Good luck =)
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Awesome!! Is it cool if I use this as a cover for my fanfic I'm working on??
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Sure, as long as you give credit! lol Go for it! =)
This movie takes 1.5 billion years after the last film.

Good poster though.
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that is a fucking AWESOME poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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jurassic park is my favriote
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mean to, i no every jurassic park, it one of my favorite movies
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now that's what i call poster art :D it looks so up-to-date. i love the glowing green against the solid black, not to mention the fonts.
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Word on the JP4 movie is dinosaurs modified as weapons a.k.a. with lasers on their heads. Sounds like a flop to me, unfortunately. The director of the third movie is said to be involved with the fourth as well. No Spielberg, sorry. I loved the first two movies because they all stayed rooted in science fiction and conservationalism. The third was nothing but "OMG DIYNOOSOARS RUN!". Anyway, not a bad poster.
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Thanks. Joe hohnston has already been rooted out and I think spielberg himself is praying to keep the raptors named after greek phylosophers out, too. And spielberg has hinted being the director several times recently. Hopefully this is true. I agree with you though... Maybe like the movies, the fourth, "will find a way," to be a freaking awesome movie. Keep your hopes up. I'm entering the hollywood environment soon, and I'm bent on writing the fourth one... But that's just my magical dream. LOL
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Well, I'm just glad to hear Jhonston is out. The third one was entertaining in it's own right just wasn't the Jurassic Park that I'd come to love from the movies and books. It was a completely different mindset. The first movie's entire focus was survivalism mixed with the notion (first movie in history to have done this) that these dinosaurs were not monsters. But living, breathing, respectable creatures with their own ways and social chains. The books very much stressed the de-monsterization of these creatures and the third movie just brought them back to being horror film tools. I am hoping beyond ALL hope that Spielberg comes back and brings back the mysticism that the first movie created so long ago.
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I personally like the monster style of the third because these are creatures that we trully will never really know the truth about them, but I would prefer spielbergs take, because when they are made realistic... even if they're monsterized, they are scarier than when they're just rampaging beasts... that works for KING KONG, but not JP.
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thats awsome i love JP and would love to have a new movie to it
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Thanks :D I would love to see another movie too... After Indy 4 I have very high hopes for JP 4... :no: just hope :tears:
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Wow seriously they should use this as the official JP4 poster! It looks Awesome!
Lighttwister's avatar
Thanks :D I wish they would use it or at least one similar with the greenish coloring.
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i loved the jurassic park movies they were awsome...god i have seen them so many times and im still not tired of them.....hard to beleive those huge lizards used to stomp this yard ay lol :lol:
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My very favorite... I am working on trying to submit my JP4 script to a studio and an agent... and to get hyped up about it... I made the fake poster. Thanks for the Fav by the way...:D
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wow thats really cool. they had better take it lol. your welcome
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