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How to Ace a Job Interview
1. Interviewer: "Hello!! Please take a seat and tell me about yourself."
Response: "My name is Craziest Environmental Obliteration. You can call me CEO for short. I am
highly trained in the assassination of board-of-director members, shareholders and people who ask
too many questions. I have 15years experience in the successful destruction of companies, organizations
and office buildings. Here are some pictures of the rubbles of buildings when I'm through with them."
2. Interviewer: "Do you consider yourself successful?"
Response: The very fact that I'm looking for another job means I'm ALWAYS successful.
3. Interviewer: "What goals have you set and reached"
Response: "Recently? Well, I'm more and more interested in fire these days, but its a recent
fascination, so I have destroyed only 40 buildings by arson so far.
4. Interviewer: "What do co-workers say about you?"
Response: "While they are still alive, they claim that no one ever motivates them to finish up resignation
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:iconlightsyde:Lightsyde 6 2

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  • Listening to: Chemical Logic by Static X
  • Reading: About my subconscious badassery
  • Watching: The countdown to normality's end
  • Playing: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, because fun
  • Eating: The food that greets me like an old friend
  • Drinking: Art, like a thirsty fool just out of the desert
Hello, Deviants, Lightsyde here

How long has it been? 5 years since I last made a journal. Five years since I could drudge up enough spirit to try. I still remember the echos of the last journal. I was worried about the lack of time I had in between everything else I was doing, trying to do. I wanted to make art for me, on deviant art; not for my teachers, or my grades, or my assignments, or my finances... and I hated that I didn't have time to do that.

Then I took an uppercut from life, and ever since, spirit was more of a problem than I ever realized. To me, the most interesting animal in the world is a leopard, the most interesting colour luminescent Yellow, the most interesting sound a roar of supremacy, the most interesting story choke full of skilled combat... and the most interesting thing of all is my mind. My mind...

What is the most terrible thing about age? The art of lifelessness. Not the accumulation of wrinkles and scars, but the more dreadful loss of the ability to smile, laugh, scream, dance, feel. People like to claim its maturity. To be unable to appreciate humour unless it's sexual. To see enemies at every corner. To involuntarily become more cynic. To become more resistant to change. It isn't. When it comes to the mind, changes that are out of your control are very rarely a good thing. Which is exactly why...

As the days pass, I realize more and more that I love myself, in spite of and because of everything that's ever happened. My dreams are limitless and my mind is constantly improving in the directions I want, and that is something I will never trade for anything else. It's good to be incredible, and to recover the dynamism and spirit I once let slip from my claws. I promise nothing, dear Watchers, but my aim is to continue releasing journals and artwork. I will continue being me, in a better way than I ever was before. Ladies and Gentlemen, Gods and Goddesses, Elves and Dragons, Creators and Destroyers, it's good to be back. May the stars watch over you.

Featuring.  Samurai's soul by iVANTAO      Chu stops by elsevilla    Wings of Nobility by Lightsyde
Wings of Nobility
I was gonna explain this one, but I decided not to. It's enough to know that it's a comparison of the relative levels of open-mindedness between countries. support me on Patreon for delicious versions and rewards... and because I want and appreciate your support.


Whatever you wish
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Tityping Chatroom. Can you rise to the rank of Kage? - Several versions of my prints not available on DeviantArt can be found here. - Follow me on Patreon

I am an Elder Lightsyde, eternal and timeless. I am currently collecting Darksyde data on the part of earth known as the Canada.

One Piece Character Quiz
Take the One Piece Character Quiz!

I am Lightsyde, here to separate the glitters from the black diamonds, darkness from light.

Favourite Fantasy character: Zhou Weiqing (Heavenly Jewel Change), Monkey D Luffy (One Piece), Storm (X-men), Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto), Ulquiorra (Bleach), Aizen (Bleach), Nico Robin (One Piece), Aizen Sousuke(Bleach), Evangeline Anastasia Kitty McDowell (Negima, UQ Holder) Personal Quote: The Only True Limits Are Self-Imposed.

Nicknames; Lightsyde, Stormlore, Yough, Shadowmaster, Uchihakage, Godsmaker

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