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The little boy just wants a broom

So I had heard this story awhile back of my sister and her boyfriend Max when they went to see Max's brother and his brother's family.

So my sister and Max were giving gifts to Max's brother's kids and when they got to I think the youngest of Max's nephews, the boy said "No thanks I don't want a toy car I want a broom."

Max was shocked that this very young boy didn't want a toy car like other boys but wanted a broom instead?

This wasn't the only occasion according to Max and my sister that Max's youngest nephew displayed behaviours they found odd for a little boy.

There was this other time that Max's nephew said he wanted a toy oven to cook with like the ones little girls play with which began to worry Max and my sister.

Max then told me while pointing at a picture of his youngest nephews that the boy was a.......wuss?

I then found out that my sister and Max were worried that these two incidents of Max's youngest nephew meant that the little boy could or transsexual?

After I heard this I right away saw just how crazy and just over the top that Max and my sister were for thinking this about such a small child who has yet to truly scratch the surface of his life?

Also I want to state that this article of mine hopefully doesn't sound too Social Justice Warrior as I can't stand these people I call the Galactic Empire of real life as they like to take offence to everything and everyone but I do see some not all aspects of SJW culture that are points that make sense like what I am about to say about Max's youngest nephew.

First off after I heard this story about Max and his youngest nephew I couldn't help but kind of laugh at Max and his dare I say his subtle homophobia.

I don't know exactly how old Max's youngest nephew is? I assume maybe 4 to 6 years old? Just because the boy wants a broom and easy bake oven instead of a toy truck doesn't mean he could possibly be gay or trans in the future. Also even if Max's youngest nephew is gay or trans how is that any of Max's business? Also not to sound SJW but what would even be the problem if his youngest nephew was?

Like if his nephew is gay or trans at least he could talk, walk, write, make friends and feed himself using a spoon isn't that more important than anything else that the child is able to do things.

Like if the nephew had autism or had another condition that made cognitive function impossible to walk, talk, eat or any other everyday action, should that not be a way bigger deal than if the kid was gay or trans.

I have mild autism myself and I can tell you that from my perspective that the gay and trans people I have known in my life are more able in life than I will ever be. The gay or the few trans people I know of are able to do a lot of things I can't do like understand basic math, making friends, maintaining long term friendships, communicate with others without offending them and most importantly live on their own being a fully functioning grown up with a steady paying job and being a contributing member of society like doing things like run fundraisers to help the homeless in their community.

So Max's youngest nephew being gay or trans isn't a bad thing as they are or at least from my opinion of them more or less normal people that actually would be welcomed by the community opposed to a guy like me who can't stop offending people just by doing small things like not being able to always making eye contact or has a tone of voice that sounds rude or negative but in reality is just how I talk.

Be happy you have a nephew who is more or less like everyone in the community with a slight difference rather than a nephew that is autistic and very behind in life making their parents constantly worry will their child be able to take care of themselves once the parents die.

So don't worry of the little boy if he likes ovens and brooms and turns out to be gay or trans he'll fit in especially now as times that are changing and more people are protective and understanding towards LGBTQ people while people with Aspergers Syndrome like me are still very much kicked around and treated like second class citizens that offend people like SJWs who hunt us Aspies down like Stormtroopers hunting down surviving Jedi that survived Order 66 saying we are criminals just cause we don't talk or think in a way that makes SJWs deem as acceptable.

Max's nephew will be accepted more than I will be in today's world and beyond as anything and everything he says isn't offensive unlike what comes out of my mouth naturally which seems to piss off so many people in today's world.

Also just cause Max's youngest nephew wants a toy oven and a broom doesn't also mean the boy is automatically destined to be gay or trans either. For crying out loud we have little girls that want toy cars and swords rather than toy ovens and brooms does that mean they are lesbian or trans?

We have many fully grown women in today's world who when they were kids they were allowed to play with toy cars and swords that when they grew up they turned out to be heterosexual woman that aren't lesbians or transsexual men.

We also have transsexual men that when they were little girls they had played with dolls and ovens then became men in the future..........there is no sure fire way to truly know what sexuality and gender identity an individual will take in their lifetime?

So a little boy playing with an easy bake oven and wanting a broom doesn't necessarily mean he will turn out gay or trans not that there is anything wrong with it. People are mix and match and the combinations of each person's life isn't going to be the same or lead down the same road of destiny as the person next to them. No matter what scientists say finding new discoveries or SJWs.

Someone says something like alcohol kills brain cells one minute than says alcohol makes more brain cells the thing is truly set in stone nor does anyone truly know all the answers.

Also that fact that Max said his youngest nephew was a wuss really bugs me, his youngest nephew is just a child and just cause he likes ovens and brooms doesn't mean he is a wuss or even weak, he is just a innocent non threatening child beginning life and to call him a wuss cause he likes toy ovens and brooms is wrong in my own opinion.

I am hopefully not coming off as either offensive or SJW but I just want to state that logically you can't define a child as a wuss just of what they are interested. You need to truly get to know this person as a person throughout their life on several occasions  before making that judgement and at such a young age.......things can change for Max's nephew in the future like maybe when the boy is older he won't be interested in owning an oven or having a broom and instead look back on his past a shun himself wondering why he ever asked for those things when he was younger?

A child unlike an adult has a truly free mind to explore whoever and whomever they are as they have an imagination that takes them to any and all places that could make them Knights, jesters, astronauts and even princesses.

That gender means nothing to a child's imagination as kids see both genders as more or less the same and that it is only as they grow up living in society that they through personal experience and what their parents tell them that they are start seeing how the genders are divided.

A little boy and little girl have more in common than a grown man or woman as the children have more of an open mind and yet to develop divides unlike their adult counterparts.

So a little boy is more open to his sensitive side than a grown man as he is yet to know that men are expected to be strong and not like things like toy ovens.

In my opinion Max's youngest nephew liking a broom or having an easy bake oven isn't hurting anyone or affecting Max's life in anyway as Max isn't the one with the broom or easy bake oven why does he care so much?

If I was the uncle to Max's youngest nephew I like to think that I would do better than Max and actually support the boy in what he likes. If the boy asked me for a broom I'd give him two and if he asked for an easy bake oven I'd get him the best quality one the store could offer the only thing I ask is that his mother or father watch him as he plays with the oven as baking could be dangerous for a child who does understand fire.

A little boy wanting a broom doesn't mean he is automatically gay or will become a woman, it could mean that the child likes a clean house, he wants to be a janitor one day, or he likes quidditch? There are all kinds of reasons and people for who or whom they are and it is not our place to tell them what is and isn't.

People are themselves and we should just let them be and celebrate their differences but never rule over or change them or let them rule over or change us either. Live and let live I say.

A little boy with a little broom is kind cute and adorable if you ask me and nothing that is a cause for concern or something an uncle like Max should be calling a wuss.

It is his nephew's life not his life so Max should just live and let live. Also his nephew challenged gender stereotype at such a young age......that isn't the actions of a wuss but a gangster as he don't care what other people and goes for what makes this little boy happy which is all that matters at the end of the day for anyone.

In my opinion Max's nephew is probably more of a man already than his uncle who chooses to call another a wuss just cause he doesn't understand the full story.

So Max's nephew wherever you are just keep on sweeping that broom and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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