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Death the Kid: Budget Cosplay

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Death the Kid: Budget Cosplay Tutorial

Cosplay can get expensive, especially when you're just scraping together the third member of your "team" (in this case my younger brother... *shivers* ) and don't want to spend the $50-$100+ for the tailor made or official outfit...

This was simple, and quick! A black men's shirt, ribbon, and foam... a few other things...

Cut the 7/8" ribbon into 6 inch strips, you'll need quite a few of them, one to cover each button, three for each shoulder on the front and three at least for each on the back. These will be folded in half, but so that the ends meet in the middle --><-- and tack them together with just a few stitches.

Next pin them in place. Be careful, you only want to sew on the "hole" side of the buttons, so that you can easily button the shirt, we'll put velcro on the other side to keep the stripes in place later. I measured an inch or so from each shoulder stripe, the button stripes I "eyeballed". Sew these all into place.

(Be careful you don't do what I did at first after a long day at work... 4 stripes on the right and 3 on the left... How disgraceful! Epic Fail! But I fixed it!)

For the skull, sketch first on a piece of paper, then cut it out like a stencil and trace around it on the white fun foam, be sure its at least as big on the round part as your large button! Cut this out and set aside. Next cut out 3 circles (or near circles) for your skull's eye holes and nose. I used sticky-back black fun foam, but you can also glue these onto your white foam skull.

Thread a thin ribbon or cord through both holes in the large button, so that it can tie around your neck, you want this long, you can always shorten it later, but it's a bear to re-thread it. ---( o-o )--- See how the thread is on the back side, or rather the front in my case, since the curved side faces out away from the body.

Hot glue your skull on to the button, but be sure the ribbon can move still. Using a HOT HIGH TEMP glue gun will melt your foam, use a low temp one instead.

There you have it!

Kid on a budget!

Later once I get the materials for the hair I'll post that, but an idea aside from hair color/spray/ect. is crafting fringe! That fancy dangley stuff that is probably on your mom's good throw pillows! You can get it at any craft store! And then simply pin it into your "Kid's" hair or sew it into a wig!! Easy as it gets, without the mess or regret, and it doesn't take long either!

Wig: [link]

Not perfect- but not a bank breaker either! You can tweak it however you feel would be more "true to character" as well.

Once the rest of my team's stuff arrives and a day is planned I'll post the whole outfit's picture (on my brother... he's as Death pale as I am so I guess it will work... BUT NO BOOB PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!) This is planned for my friend Nikki and my new and improved Liz (me) and Patti cosplay!

Finished Team Cosplay video: [link]
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Quick tip for Death the Kid cosplayers~! I've tried him. Eh.. Too many stripes on the suit. Heheh...

A good amount for the front is 4. Four stripes on the chest and you're good. And for each shoulder, 5. Two are on the front, one is on the peak/top of your shoulder and two are on the back. 

When doing the stripes (especially for the ones on the shoulders) don't make them too big or it'll look cramped and messy. I think a little bigger than half of your thumb is fine. But if it's too small for your standards, make it the whole thumb length (unless your thumb is really long..)

Lastly, a very normal cosplay tip for ANY cosplay. Bring a sewing kit. Seriously. If your costume comes apart, if the stripes fall off one by one, you're dead. At the very least, black thread, a needle (duh) and some safety pins. 

Mm-kay. Just stopping by. Good tutorial. Very budgety. (<-- Haha, is that a word? XD)
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Cool I like it :3 but there's too many stripes on the chest in the picture I think..
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Thank you so much for this! I was asked to make a Kid cosplay for a very picky friend....... I will get the symmetry rant if it isn't done perfectly! xD
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good luck ^^ my brother wore this kid costume at nebraskon- soo many people gave him snot cuz there are 7 strips around the shoulders- it should be 8! lol it looked better with 7, 8 was crowded and 6 looked sloppy

happy cosplay!
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Oh wow thanks! I really needed this! Big help! :D
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You're very welcome! Glad to help a fellow fan and creative mind!
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Yeah I've done Link cosplays, And I'm assuming death the kid is easier to cosplay as than Link, but I'm way more stuck on it than I was my Link costume! But this really helped me a lot! ^_^
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wow... this is alot better than me. i didn't even sew on the stripes... i just used fabric tape. but this obviously looked better... good job!! :)
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...I really wish my friend Andie could've seen this BEFORE we bought DTK gear today...oh well.
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this is brilliant and totally helpful xD im hoping to cosplay him for day 2 of Tora-con next year~ but all money is going towards my Ed cosplay atm~
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glad I could help- always great to see more DtK!
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thanks for giving me an idea for a friend of mine who wants to cosplay kid!
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It's not perfectly symmetrical!!!

I'm just messing with you, because Kid would say that. Anyways, great job!
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Thanks for this! I modified this a bit to fit my materials and schedule, but it worked really well!

I used all-purpose-glue for the stripe attachement instead of the suggested thingey. Also, I only had two stripes, not three, simply because I thought it looked better. Lastly, I just used white acryllic paint on my already short, (blue-ish) black hair.

Thank you so much! I was able to make this in one hour, just before Mom woke up, so I was ready for school today! :D
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That's great! I'm glad it worked out, perhaps cos-play in a pinch is the proper term here! lol
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[link] The finished product~ ^_^ Thanks again!
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this is awesome! ima do this now! XD cuz my friend is going as kid and im supposed to be i get the costumes together =__=
anyways thnx for uploading! :D
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What's fun foam?
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fun foam is those sheets of foam you can find at a craft store- usually by the felt sheets- it comes in several colors and is usually around 8x10 inches, very thin stuff too- not even a centimeter thick- sometimes it has a sticky backing other times its just plain- it's kind of like the same material cheap flip flops are made of- but much thinner
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Thanks for the explaination.:D
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