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DISCLAIMER: MLP FIM was created by Lauren Faust and is owned by Hasbro.
:iconselenaede: owns the bg I used here
:iconmaliceintheabyss: owns her pony OC used here
:icongeneralzoi: owns the game I made Lightspeed and Melody from.
:icondelectablecoffee: owns the Roseluck render used here.
:iconsilentmatten: owns the Doctor Whooves render here
:iconkyoshithebrony: owns the Button Mash render used here.

So yeah, this is for Chapter 2 of Lightspeed Adventures. This episode is set during the Friendship is Magic pilot.  Heh, well, Lightspeed just moved in and look who's his neighbor... Melody! What are the odds?? Well... Roseluck seems to be giving The Doctor here bedroom eyes. Run, Doctor! RUN!!! Lyra seems to be happy about somethin'. Dawww look at Derpy. 
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Awesome! Love Derpy!