Art Feature #7 - Vampires!

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Vampires hold a special place in my heart. I'm a huge Anne Rice fan and I've written vampire stories since I was 14. They're my favourite supernatural creature and I love seeing all the different interpretations of them...mindless monsters, sultry women, sexual deviants, Victorian men, precocious children, and yes, even even emo teenagers. It amazes me how one myth can go so many different ways. I can't come close to actually capturing that here but I did round up some very excellent works that I hope you'll enjoy.

As always, you get what you give so go show these artist some love!

Mature Content

  The Vampire Lestat by JessiBeans 

Mature Content

Robot vampire by redcode77
  <da:thumb id="158067683"/>  Vampire Family by Nephyla  Bloodthrone Vampire by SteveArgyle  Vampire by Lilian-art  Vampire by sharandula <da:thumb id="421440753"/>  Vampire dwarf by DevBurmak  Vampire Blood with Charm by MPwife10  Wild Vampire Chase   I was twenty-two when I started chasing her. I'm thirty-two now, but still a few days shy of the ten year anniversary. She was my friend, the only one I had. She begged, pleaded to become one of them only to turn on the one who made her, killing him with one swift blow that tore his head from his neck. I, by her, was offered the gift of immortality, but saw that it might corrupt the mind, and tried to kill her, much as I didn't want to. She gave me something to remember her by before escaping. A small, curved scar on the side of my neck that was not intended to kill. A souvenir to always have with me. In the back of my mind, I'm glad she got away. I'm glad I didn't have to kill my friend.
   Throughout the years, I followed her narrow path of blood. She was careful, but left me clues. On purpose, it turns out. She left me some friends to play with sometimes. They weren't nearly as strong as her, so my playmates easily became fertilizer. At least they decay fast e
  vampires by 14-bis  Blood by KassandraBlack  Delicious by clutchkitten  Claudia editorial by SophieRata  VK: Kaname - want some... by Aoinagaru 

Mature Content

My Summer Wine by borda
  Natural Perfection by FarrahPhoenix  Vampire's Delight by DraculeaRiccy
Stardust and Bloodlust pt. 1Mordechai slammed into the door and was caught between the fake wood and the groupie covering his mouth with hers. There was a cough somewhere beyond her wild blonde hair. Gently, he unlatched her lips from his and pushed her head aside.
"Dismissed," he said to Adam, who was hovering near with a faint air of embarressment. The big man nodded and turned away, retreating to the apartment next door.
"Oh, baby," the girl whispered into his ear. "This is exactly what I always wanted.”
He leaned in, opting out of running a hand through her hair. It was a classic but considering the state of her butt-length mane, his hand would likely get stuck. “Let's improve that to 'beyond your wildest dreams', shall we?” he murmured and unlocked the door behind him.
The two of them tumbled into his apartment, the door swinging shut behind him. The lights brightened to a pleasant dimness, illuminating the thick red carpet, the sprawling couch and the picture window, the velvety darkness o
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Thank you so much for featuring my work in this wonderful journal :)
I appreciate your support!
Kind Regards
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Thanks for the feature ^^
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Ever heard of a penanggalan?  It's a type of Indonesian vampire.
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No, I haven't but I'm going to google it
Let me know what you think.
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Love me some Vamps too :)  Peekaboo by SuzieKatz
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