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What's Wrong With This Picture?
          "What's wrong with this picture?" I don't see anything that's w- -aiting in the background, ready to come to attention, breathing steady, and ready to salute the flag. Wrong? I'm not sure what you mean. I don't seem to be wringing my hands over this today or searching for a cause to put them down. They're shaking, the roads are soaking wet and they're shaking like leaves on trees leaves in wind, in fall I'm falling in love again This isn't the season to shoot them while they're down this isn't the season, just put your hands away before you hurt someone Mother, I can't breathe this evening. I'm choking on my own hands and my fing
Eyes in the tall grass
 Eyes blinked out from in the grass. She ignored them. It wasn't an easy task, she could feel the gaze like a particularly long-legged insect crawling along the back of her neck. She was sure it was even chittering in her ear as she rounded the bend in the road. With only a moderate amount of silent profanity, she reached over and punched the volume dial on the car radio, sending Stevie Nicks blaring through the open windows. Now you've seen the son of a bitch before, she thought, it's seen you. This isn't anything new. Keep your game face on. She resisted the urge to look back at the eyes only because she knew the satisfaction the thing
This is Not a Poem About Suicide, But-
i. The poet is dead The janaza will be said between isha and fajr Your presence is not required ii. She died with your name on her lips and on her fingertips She died singing the song of her people and doing what she loved She died alone iii. It happened in the midst of battle a knife to her gut an axe to her leg the arrow in her left shoulder She was swarmed Her last words were whispered face down in the snow Her heart was in the north iv. to the right asalamu alaikum to the left asalamu alaikum ameen
Between Earth and Sky
When You Live With Depression
When you live with her you find her in the most unexpected places She is in my pantry, tucked between molding bread and cans that have been there for years She hides behind the milk in my refrigerator She is the brown banana, the flat soda, she is the half empty bottle of strawberry vodka crema di limoncello wine turned to vinegar she is the absinthe that I will never finish She has a voice and she whispers She sings I am not alone when I have her I find her in my hair Elastic bands and tangled strands and a yellow flower tucked behind my ear She whispers to me. She is the sun. There are signs in the window Wilted plants, she's there S
Another Poem About Him
I am suspended mid flight upended above scratched stages and dollar bills The same song plays again and again And I am lost without you We are bodies pressing together in the dark A kind of second wind for what we'd thought we had We were kissing like it was never going to end Like the shadows around us didn't mean a goddamned thing "How does my soul look?" I asked Baby, it would look better on my bedroom floor
(at Kansas City, Missouri)
He crept in stories A stranger city never made real until I laid my eyes on him He could have been anywhere in the world but he was here In this center of industry and history Metropolis built on whispers and corners I could never chase the shadows from and light blue eyes I sat up one night with his lips on mine His city grew tall in the distance It fought the storm and won His towers reached up through the atmosphere and bowed under their own weight They crushed the trees and snuffed the sun and swallowed up the entire river His city blotted out the stars until the only brightness I could see were the street lights and the office windows
Watercolour Nebula
Cityscape #3 WIP
Purple Moon


The Challenges We Face
"Next up on stage will be...," There's a pause as the DJ consults his set list, "Miss Amara!" He draws out the second syllable of my name to make it sound more exotic. I take a deep breath and then saunter over to the stage with my head held high and a grin on my face. There are many words for what I do: Exotic dancer, adult performer, entertainer. I always preferred the classic term; stripper. The imagery that comes with a name like that is endless and negative. But the worst belief, and the one I encounter most frequently, is that strippers deserve the bad things that have happened to them; including rape. Victim blaming is the first res
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I love how, when perusing romantic or erotic poetry, you can tell exactly which submissions were written by men and which weren't. -_-
When did child porn become normal?
I'm kinda missing the old days on DA... You know, where I could hit the random deviant button to give someone a llama badge and almost always get a page full of artwork and not a page with no artwork and a large Fav section full of women tied up and gagged. Or drawn with breasts, feet, or stomachs bigger than any other part of their body. Or seeing underage characters (just had to report one of Moana who is 16 chained up and gagged with her top being see through) drawn in sexual and even rapey ways. SO MANY god damn underage characters. Or seeing just straight up horrid violence towards women like women chained up and getting branded or elec
Performing basic acts of decency while female...
(Side note: Damn it's been awhile since I updated my journal)    So I give a lot of llama badges out. I've done so pretty much since they came out with them and I've given almost 19,000 of them. It's just a nice, free, easy thing to do. On top of that, it's a great way to foster communication and also to say "Hi, my art work is here!" without actually coming across as advertising or forcing someone to look at anything if they don't want to. So I like it. I also use that little one-click llama badge widget thing so that helps even more.    It's been a long time since I've gone on a llama binge and I just got the widget back and have been d


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