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:bulletpink: Sketch – 11€ (15$)
:bulletpurple: Colored Sketch - 13€ (17$)

:bulletpink: Coloration – 15€ (20$)
:bulletpurple: Animation - 20€ (25$)


:bulletpink: Sketch – 15€ (20$)
:bulletpurple: Colored Sketch - 20€ (25$)

:bulletpink: Coloration – 25€ (35$)



:bulletpink: Sketch – 20€ (25$)
:bulletpurple: Colored Sketch - 25€ (35$)

:bulletpink: Coloration – 30€ (40$)


:bulletpink: Sketch – 7€ (10$)
:bulletpurple: Colored Sketch - 10€ (14$)

:bulletpink: Coloration – 15€ (20$)

Additional Pet + 10€ (14$)
(Pokemon, Digimon, Pets, …)

Additional Object + 10€ (14$)
(Weapon, wings, crazy head decoration, …)

Additional Background + ??€ (??$)
(Depends on hours to work)

Please make sure to read the R U L E S and that you’re agreeing with them BEFORE you order a commission :3



:bulletpink: Commissions are for personal(!) use only. Please contact me for commercial orders.

:bulletpink: For any orders over 150€ (207$) I will send you a bill by e-mail.

:bulletpink: Payment only up front with Paypal

:bulletpink: No cancellation once I started (You get the sketch for changing wishes though)

:bulletpink: Prices are negotiable and discounts are possible

:bulletpink: Working speed may vary

:bulletpink: I reserve the right to deny any request for any reason


Form (example)

Style: (Chibi? Half body? What should it be?)

References: (Here you can place links to make my work easier)

Number of characters: (If one simply isn't enough for one picture alone)

Characters: (Shy? Mean? Sad? Or always a happy person? Tell me some things about your chars :3)

Pose: (Here you can place up to 3 ideas for me to pick from)

Special Desires: (You want a fancy background, a pet or a weapon? Maybe something even crazier??)

:bulletpurple: Send your completed form to me by note :note: I’m looking forward to it!


Thank you deeply for your support! > u <




Searching a specialist for animals and icons? Visit :iconkellykatz:
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SweetestThing46's avatar
Do you do reference sheets?
LaCorbie's avatar
Does it cost the full amount to add another character?
For example if I wanted a full body colouration for €30 would adding a second character take it to 60?
Thank you!
lightshelter's avatar
it highly depends how complex the characters are. normally i would say yes, but a discount is possible by all means ^^
LaCorbie's avatar
Well my mum wants to commission a big picture for my Christmas. Of all my OCs hanging out together, maybe eating lunch or something. It'll be quite a complicated piece though. There's four OCs in total but one of them is a pony. Do you draw ponies? If not, that's okay.

Anyway, it would have a detailed background too, so I'm just looking for a sort of generalised price, to give me an idea of what I'm looking at.

Thank you! ^^
lightshelter's avatar
can you send me a note with the details please? : > It will be easier to calculate a price when I know just a little more about the piece. You can describe what you like for a background and so on. I also draw ponys : D
LaCorbie's avatar
Oh, of course! I should've done that sooner! Sorry!
I've sent one now! :la:
Can you draw my character? Pretty please. My characters name is Kebuki Moriyama.
He's pretty tall for his age, 5'8 at age 14. He has tannish skin, a little bit darker than Asuma's. He has somewhat small eyes. but you don't really see them too much, because he has a tired expression all the time, like Shikamaru. Also his black hair goes down to the bottom of his neck, but you can only see his bangs and the back of his hair because of his beanie. He wears a dark blue hoodie, that is zipped halfway revealing his black t-shirt. He wears a beanie with the village's metal plate on it (Snow Village). His beanie is the same color as his hoodie.. He wears baggy black cargo pants and black ninja sandals. Also he has a necklace with the symbol of the capricorn on it. Draw him riding on a goat. Also draw one of his fists with the texture of a rock, to like a rock fist.
He carries a staff on his back. The staff can change from stone to steel  at will. Finally Kebuki should be riding his goat in a snowy field. His eyes are black.
lightshelter's avatar
Hello and thank you for your interest ^^
I'm sure I will be able to draw your character, but let's settle a few things per note ;)
like how big the goat should be (because a real goat would look a little funny with a big guy riding it - like a bobby car xD)
also it would help a lot if you can send me reference pictures from your character and give me a little more background information about him.
Then I can calculate the time I'll need for drawing and tell you the total costs.
See ya in the note <3
i dont really have much of background on him left. also the goat is about the size of a pony. can you like send me a sketch so i can approve.
lightshelter's avatar
I'm sorry but I only start sketching after the order is clear and official and the payment arrived. Like I said before, please send me a note to speak about the details of your order ^^
The0nlybreadcat's avatar
What about ref. sheet commissions? Do you possibly take those?
lightshelter's avatar
do you mean something like this?…
or something less sketchy?
The0nlybreadcat's avatar
Something like that would be fine yeah
how much would that be?
lightshelter's avatar
hmmmm i would charge 20€ for a reference sheet like this. you can send me a note if you wish to order : 3
UmBoo616's avatar
Hello, sorry to be a bother but are you still open for point commissions? c=
lightshelter's avatar
hello, you don't bother me at all. i am still open for point commissions, but only for sketches ^u^
UmBoo616's avatar
Um, how much are the sketches? hehe ^^
lightshelter's avatar
currently chibi sketch commissions are 800:points: per character.
you can check out all info at my latest journal entry:…
AussieGirlEmi's avatar
Hey, I love your art work. I would Like to commission you ^^;;
But Do you happen to do PC's? ^^;; I have Points...xD
(*o*) One day...yes, one day I will commish something from you. <3
lightshelter's avatar
i'm glad to ear that ^^ thank you <3


commissions :iconlookitplz: [link] :iconlookitplzleft:commissions
TheAssbuttNamedYuba's avatar
I'd love to commission you someday. * v *
lightshelter's avatar
glad to hear that ;)


commissions :iconlookitplz: [link] :iconlookitplzleft:commissions
Naasrva's avatar
Are your commissions still open?
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