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Happy Holidays, I hope you all have been fairing well!

If you haven't received the news yet--most likely only those internationally located--there was a mass shooting in Newton, Connecticut, United States. As of 8:32 PM (20:32) EST, 20 children and 6 teachers have been declared dead. The gunman killed his mother at her residence a few miles away before driving to the school and entering the building. After killing 26 innocents, the gunman allegedly killed himself.

United States President Barack Obama made a speech later in the day, weeping for the souls lost and lives broken. He urged the American people to join together and end the senseless violence occurring across the nation. One may only hope that we take his advice and stop the useless bickering.

This is the second major shooting in the United States in the last six months. [Aurora, Colorado being the first (July 2012)]

In honor of those fallen, both the teachers and children, the following pieces feature the beauty of innocence:

stray  child by umedama Small ChildrenThey annoy you to bits
They're stubborn to the bone
But they're cute little shits
Even when you want to be alone
They're noisy til the end
They're always around
So it's hard to pretend
That they aren't making a sound
They may be rowdy
They're better when they're not
Though it's worse when they're pouty
And you can't trade what you've got
Love 'em endlessly
It's what they deserve
Even though they have a tendency
To get on your last nerve
I'm Still a Child by BenHeine With the Strength of a Child        His ripped shirt is barely visible in the dust and smoke. He kneels in the rubble, bloody faded jeans loose on his hips, tan skin lined with ragged cuts and bruises underneath. Long dark hair, now dusty white and matted with blood, ripples in the wind like a tattered flag of surrender.
        He can't feel the pain.
        Broken jaws whisper of sadness.
        Broken voices scream of loss.

        And his broken eyes turn toward the ground, shadowed with fear and weakness. He clutches his head in scarring hands, ignoring the sharp debris biting his legs. He stares vacantly at the cracked concrete lying in the dust.
        He can't see it at all.
        Young eyes glisten with tears.
Mother and Child 03 by Coffee-Monster Indigo ChildrenThe eager windblown children swept
through this world with a secret kept.
In their eyes laid the last bits of beauty in the world.
In their hearts was held delight just waiting to be laid unfurled
across the earth, to be dispersed for all men to enjoy.
Across its surface children flew, whispering of Xanadu.
“Beauty, beauty, there’s beauty in this place.
About it scampers, runs, and scurries
catch it catch it catch it, hurry,
before it gets away
before you learn to laugh
and learn to play."
As children soon matured, they very quickly learned
the nature of their new world and its devious ways.
Their bodies grown to fight off youth, their minds were soon complexed.
They fought the earth, unwilling to give way to their joy.
But children always came with simple hearts and souls naive.  
Always teaching to their people truly what they had purely seen.
Always they would deny these truths so children simply went away.
Beauty took its leave with them--for all to seek yet onl
Collab: Child's Dream by gucken
:thumb176218223: :thumb40438445: The last childrenWords of many lost are eteched into the broken mirror
reflecting the action of the ball going up
and comming down
the steady gentle slap
that the ball makes upon the concrete
cooming back up into small innocent hands
can be heard everywhere in the ruins of the hospital
broken down by bombs and wars
deaths and many lost souls
another lays on the blackened grass
the only thing in an otherwise black and white scenery
of smoke and white bulidings
falling and crashing
That would be sky
or ground
or simply air
all of it is white,
filled with the tears
of innocent lives lost.
Both pale  milky white
with grey shaggy hair
both are the last
of the children
Their grey eyes follow
the ball`s slow
straight moments
over and over
Whipsering lullabies now forgotten to each other
lingering, almost like an echo in the ruins.
No wind or air to calm the lullabies away
.:Spirit of the child:. by Ciril The Child Inside by HMissXX :thumb273354878: invisible childrenwe walk alone
we march on
to the sound of
rifles, explosions
caused by shells
like bird songs
to wake us up
in the morning
we answer the
call to fight
and rush in as
blood coats us
like mud from
childhood games
our breaths are
stilled by wounds
and smoke, while
the memories
of our homes
burning in fire
don't go away
no matter how
much we squint
we are soldiers
we fight like men
but we die like
invisible children

Child carrying a lamb by blackhair85 Dare to DreamSo bravely envisioning goals within your mind,
those same goals that slowly change to dreams,
reflected in your eyes not just the aspirations
of a creative mind,
but of a dreamer.
The smallest of smiles,
as if to seal the deal...
already so eager to reach your destination,
with butterfly wings strapped to your back
and arms outstretched to soar.
The Eyes Of A Child by FireOpal14 The child in ragged shorts: broth and the beggarIt was getting late. The sky was dark while the orifices in looming edifices managed to leak some of the moon light they were withholding. The woman hugged herself with the porous shawl that she was wearing, pressing the twenty-two rupees note again and again on the counter.
"Please, just for today; I do not have anymore money. I beg you" she pleaded but the person at the counter couldn't care less.
"That is three rupee short. I don't care if you beg. If you have anything else to put forward then do or get lost" he replied harshly, spit flying from his mouth. The woman retreated, a disgusted expression on her face.
"What more can I put forward after I put my self respect on the line by begging you"
He laughed spitefully and loudly before replying with a smirk "Things like that don't tarnish self respect of a woman you know."
"Then you don't know what self respect means!" she yelled and turned away, her frustration clearly reflected in her eyes as she stared at the twenty rupee note and
warrior is a child by hersley The Wind by mel-face Mother and child by visionality
Child's Ploy and death shall sing a child's song;
so simple in its measure.
and death shall have a child's eyes;
luminescent in their pleasure.

                  Child's Song by =deinktvis
a little messed-up lullaby,
whose poison's underneath.
its soothing tone is just a lie:
spit forth from jagged teeth.
the beauty is the innocence
stolen from those it's led along-
a sickly dissonance
of children's repentance
it captivates, which strikes you wrong
and death shall sing a child's song.
humans return from whence they came,
a known pattern of life;
delivered and taken the same-
into and out of strife.
and so the reaper, with haunting
knows that we must prefer
reminders of our upbringing...
his gentle way of singing,
the song of our childhoods' heard
so simple in its measure.
what is the reaper but a host?
comforting in deceit.
mimicking what hurts us the most,
it is no easy feat!
with trickery an
  Isla portrait by visionality The Slaughtered Children.Why? Why? They were children! Children! How could someone strip a child, multiple children, of their innocence! How could someone strip them of life?
Children are one of the few good things in life. Always learning, not dispicable liars or haters or cheaters like the majority of adults, not able to commit horrendous crimes, not aware of the greater scheme of life going on around them. Believer's they are. In a child's mind, the characters of stories such as Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are alive. Magic is real and all around us, commanded and cast by the fairies who were blessed by the mighty kings and queens from far far away. In a childs dream, there is no deception, no hatred, no confusion. There is only light and happiness and love, and their imagination is never as strong as it if in childhood.
It is for those reasons, and many more, why I believe children should be treasured. For their beautifully bliss minds and perfectly balanced ignorance. For their imagination, raw and i
child..... by Sbay :thumb215839513: For the children in UtoyaResting in the light of the ocean
lies the children of tomorrow.
Filled with mourning emotions,
we stand together in sorrow.
How could this happen, aren't we the same?
Is it political when a man goes insane?
A scared little boy is playing dead to survive
while a girl swims beside her friends who've just died.
Where is the war when there's silence outside?
What is the war when everybody cries?
I'm lightning a candle by the shore
while watching the water pour.
There's no one screaming anymore
and I wish I've imagine it all.
How could this happen, aren't we the same?
Is it political when a man goes insane?
A scared little boy is playing dead to survive
while a girl swims beside her friends who've just died.
Where is the war when there's silence outside?
What is the war when everybody cries?
  The Human Train by UntamedUnwanted

Music stands as the focal point of my thoughts, the inspiration of my writings, and the motivation for me to do better than I am. As testament to the Connecticut shooting, the following songs feature lyrics about children. Hopefully you recognize a few of these songs. :)

:bulletblack: "Small Bump" by Ed Sheeran
:bulletpurple: "Vergessene Kinder" by Tokio Hotel [Forgotten Children...English Version]
:bulletblue: "My Oh My" by Macklemore
:bulletblack: "Inner Shakespeare (feat. Edith)" by Eppic
:bulletpurple: "Make It Stop (September's Children)" by Rise Against
:bulletblue: "Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride
:bulletpurple: "Wings" by Macklemore
:bulletblack: "Let Us Move On (feat. Kendrick Lamar)" by Dido (If no other, listen to this one)

May all effected souls and families rest in peace!
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I'm extremely late but I wanted to thank you for your lovely feature: It means a lot to me, especially when I see my work alongside others that hold such remarkable talent! I'm so very appreciative. I also thought your whole entire feature was just lovely: what a wonderful way to remember the goodness of children, while also bringing to light those artists. Your intentions were so wonderfully thoughtful, and the results were something beautiful.
The shooting truly was terrible. I cannot pretend to understand how someone could take the life from such innocent beings. To put it bluntly: it both disgusts and appalls me beyond words. My only worry now is that perhaps this shooting will encourage other shooters to come out of the woodwork. I just think it's sad that humanity has fallen so far (in certain aspects). Is it too naïve to want peace on earth?