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I am now taking literature commissions (my skill in the other realms are failures) in an effort to raise points for an upcoming contest I am hosting.

Prices may vary according to things such as length, attention to detail, etc. However, tentative prices follow:

15 :points: Poetry
20 :points: Flash Fiction
25 :points: Short Story

NOTE: Pricing can be discussed, if you are a few points short of whichever choices just send me your desires and we may work out a deal.

Commissions will be discussed through NOTES only, please do not comment on this journal asking for one.

I have completely despaired of having a set regime for my features, so simply be on the lookout out for them as there is no set schedule. Without further ado, the features for this week:

Pencil Vs Camera - 33 by BenHeine Cassiopeia the Koi by krishna76 Essence of the Sun by Magianna Down and Out on Wells High Street by Earth-Hart Quiet Moments at Waters' Edge by UntamedUnwanted Lost In  Dreams. by ZEUS1001 Love .. by PilotAb :thumb324864646: Mockingjay by TheShinningSun :thumb324868009: :thumb121515539:

Ignorance is Blind (56)You whisper five sweet words,
Then back up six more steps.
You notice all the birds,
But blind, pass o'er the clouds.
Going on you say you're sad,
That you're worried and upset
But then I must be mad-
You're fine when you're with them.
I'm beautiful you say-
Much prettier than them.
Then why is it everyday,
I see you over there?
Maybe you aren't lying,
And maybe it is so.
But why are you not trying,
To see these tears of mine?
Trust IssuesWhat if the reason your phone is busy is because you were talking to another girl?
What if the reason you are out is because you're picking up someone else?
What if the girl you insist is just a friend is something a hell of a lot more?
What if the reason you looked at your ex's profile online was because you miss her?
What if the conversation we just had was in front of another woman and you both laughed at me?
What if the trip I've taken is a way for you to run off with someone else?
What if you are so dead inside from the women who have cheated on you, that you just don't think much of it if you do it to me?
What if you don't care if I'm in pain and hurting?
What if you are hiding something and just not telling me so you can have your cake and eat it too?
What if you don't notice if I don't call you for days?
What if you just don't care if I'm around or not?
What if the reason you play that song is because you are longing for someone else?
Or how about I just stop playing Harriet th
:thumb292462951: There is a ProblemThere is a problem when sweet things start tasting bitter,
When bright blue skies are now overcast with worry.
There is a problem when sparkly things don't glitter,
When every decision is now done in a scurry.
There is a problem when your favourite things fail to excite,
When they conjure up contrite.
That familiar zephyr of old doesn't help any more,
Rapport now left to the sands of time:
It now causes a cocksure eyesore.
There is a problem when you have to start painting a sunny day on the inside of your eyelids,
Because the smoke in your eyes is never-ending.
WordsmithsHow long did you think
we could pound our vocabulary with hammers
before it fell flat?
:thumb314150778: The Bright Side of DyslexiaI was born with auditory dyslexia.
I once heard of someone who wrote, directed, and coastguard in their own movie.
I knew what the right word was, but it still got me thinking:
About the invigorating music of waves crashing against my vessel,
The challenge of serving to the best of my skills,  
The pride of keeping the shores of my homeland safe.
That was how I found my career,
And it's been just as rewarding as I had hoped.
An episode of CSI mentioned literature marks on the vic's neck,
Which inspired a fulfilling side project of poetry.
In a later CSI, taunts were exchanged:
"I'm the king of the jingle here!  You don't stand a chants!"
"That's what you think!  This isn't my first radio!"
(It wasn't a very well-written episode.)
Anyway, with that I tried adding tunes to my rhymes.
The result was better than I expected;
A local morning show even played one of my works on the radio!
My girlfriend told me she needed a shoulder to crayon.
This inspired me to
I Am A GirlI am a girl.
Boys do not define me.
I am as strong as a thunderbird,
Golden winds flapping above the savage sea.
Waves rise from the ocean and reach high,
Stretching icy fingers that catch.
Soaring high to defy,
The deadly waves, unscathed.
I am a woman- stubborn as a goat.
Men do not rule society.
We stand as proud oaks,
Living amongst the maples in equality.
Long limbs stretch wide,
Mingling and interweaving.
Lives intertwined, never to divide,
With love strong and sincere, undying.
I am a girl.
Boys do not define me.
I am as strong as a thunderbird,
Golden winds flapping above the savage sea.
   Never AgainFor a good ten minutes I was speechless . I must have looked like quite an idiot, standing there with my jaw to my knees. What did he even mean by telling me that I didn’t work hard enough to make the grade I was aiming for? How the hell would he know how fucking hard I worked?
Actually scratch that last thought.
Of course he would know.
We spent all together too much time together.
Then why would he…I scowled and picked my jaw up off the floor. There was absolutely no way I was going to talk to him after this.
It was high time I broke up with him anyway.
He was judgmental and obnoxious and told lies that blew up in his face. Oh, and not to mention the fact that he took me for granted and I was beginning to suspect he was cheating on me.
I tucked the books under my arm defiantly and raised my chin in the air. Yes. I had made a decision. He was definitely not worth half the trouble he caused.
Hours later I watched his sleeping face as he lay besides me, the sheets only barely
Sleeping Behind the WheelI want you to sing me a song
to erase all my preconceived notions
about life, love, and (listless?) dreams.
I want your voice
to conquer all my past--
the beast that plagues me.
I want you to whisper words so sweet
the day may finally rest.
Because I've been awake for years, now--
and I need a little sleep.
take me away--
redeem me with your notes
like fables, like promises,
like wishes made a million times before
take me away--
to that place between my mind and heaven,
that doesn't exist.
because there, I can be comforted
into oblivion
but mostly,
ignore the life I've spent
trying to tally all I've done wrong
I want you to write me a lullaby.
(I want you to lie)
I want to fall asleep
with a dream in my eyes
(instead of tears.)
and I want your thoughts to be
what gives that all to me.
There's got to be more than this, I don't want to just exist
Your Name's My Best ObscenityThe sweetest curses are sugar on lips
If I died this evening, you'd find your name
aflame- the words I last shouted in vain
lingering on my tongue like a toxic kiss-
revenge is addicting, venomous pain,
even spent on cries I know are mundane
No fixing up this unholiest tryst,
forged by two fools who believed in their lies;
or maybe it was I, eager for light
even in spite of the flaws I had seen
Can light be fake? Were your twinkling eyes
a mere disguise to make me ignite?
Aflame, in vain, impure light fuels my screams
Tempered GlassA heart of tempered glass,
It seems so strong.
Made to weather hot and cold,
No one sees the spider-thin cracks,
Fallen so many times before.
Bit by bit,
It's breaking,
Tear by tear,
It's crying.
Unfathomable, how strong this fragile heart is.
Unbelievable, how much this heart has been through.
Inconceivable, how people don't realize how precious it is.
One day, someone will find its miniscule pieces,
One day, someone will put it back together,
To create an unbreakable, perfect heart
That's treasured,
As all hearts should be.
The perfect fairy-tale ending.
BottlesOpening closed doors
and ripping out the souls that lay behind
is not how you help people
When we were young
you told me
"You can't bottle things up, you have to let it out."
But I didn't listen
I filled bottle after bottle
all shapes and sizes
Every emotion
every memory
filed and packed away
for a day that I hoped
would never come
They were in there for a reason,
And you decided
that you had the right
to break them all open
to see the things that lay dormant inside
Not carefully,
one by one
you came in and shattered them
all at once
Broken glass
lay at your feet while we both stare at each other
panting, waiting for the other to say the inevitable
It was not just the glass that was broken
It was me who was scattered on the floor
waiting to be stepped on
cutting open whoever was unfortunate enough to be there
Before either of us could speak
I collapsed into a pathetic, crying heap on the floor
not caring that the sharp edges were cutting into me
Then you were there
holding me,
Toffees and JuicesIt was a sunny day. The traffic comprised of a usual composition; a man with statistics on his mind might further support this observation. Though the traffic ran smooth and undisturbed, there was one particular junction where it condensed. Here the heat and blaze from the cars seemed atypical as the engines hummed silently for the traffic signal to open.
For many at the busy junction it was a lucky day for examination results were due. For others it was rather unlucky for very different reasons. Indeed some could blame their bad luck on a fairly dusty batch of stale toffees and expired juices.
Just as typical as it was for a certain number of blue colored vehicles to standby the signal, it was typical for beggars – children and elderly alike – to rush upon the waiting cars. Some exposed their disfigured hunches and burns to gain sympathy while other carried some cheap merchandise they would either steal or win over in a gamble. Among such beggars were two brothers around the
I wanted to make friends
The psychiatrist held the door as a hesitant child of age eight walked in and sat on the small stool. The psychiatrist sat opposite to him.
"Hello George, I am Dr. Majid. How are you doing?"
"I am sad Doctor No one plays with me and I am always alone at school."
"I am sure it will be fine after some days. So George, do you know why I have called you here?"
"No… I don't know"
"Well then George you know about Shelly? You know what happened to her?"
"Yes Doctor I know. Why?"
"I want to know what happened when you last saw Shelly. Everything okay George? This is very important"
"Okay Dr…"
"Can you please tell me what happened?"
"Well… Shelly never talked to me Doctor No boy or girl talked to me."
"I am sorry to hear that George. It is very tough to go to school like that. Now what happened at school?"
"A few days after school started again, I took some thing from Shelly. I took Shelly's Barbie pencil case."
"Did you ask her first?"
"No I didn't"
"That is stealing George; whe
:thumb324887712: :thumb324811096: GluttonHis caramel covered fingers caress my coffee skin
An epiphany aged in its own beautiful winery, 

A honeyed breath drawn in a moment so heated,
Its oven like intensity roasting any kind of chastity.

Irreverently juicy, pleasingly sinful,
Succulently divine in its every form
Lovemaking at its most beautiful…
Moans that echo sheer gluttony.
I never knew passion was edible,
nor lust so delicious in its impassioned call

Until he showed me why chocolate
is the most deadly sin of them all.
:thumb324159169: Have You Ever Been Raped?Have you ever been raped?
Eyes raking over bare flesh,
Hands simply unwelcomed,
Have you ever felt so violated,
Taking shower after shower,
Even when that's breaking code,
Code. Ha!
Rape kit?
That's bullshit,
Have you ever been raped?
Closure's just a myth
Your nights spent with
Same eyes
Same face
Same hands
Crawling over you
Haunting you
You can't sleep.
Don't eat
Don't dare leave your house
Police force, you kiddin?
Men in navy suits can't take away that night
They can't take away those hands
Can't grant you some sleep
They can lock up his body
They can't lock up your thoughts
Drag Me Back to HellCrawling along the pavement,
Striving for life,
Crimson leaks from where your eyes used to be
You try to scream through the stitches binding your mouth
For mercy
For light
Your broken legs crumble under you
your nails scratch on the highway
dragging you farther to the darkness
Your fingers are bleeding and ripped
Broken and twitching
Dark figures come to rip your stitches
Your mouth is sore and raw now
And your lips are covered in blood
You gurgle and scream for a shred of mercy
The blades of grass cut your knees
Then cursed shadowed hands
Drag you back to Hell

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy those featured above and take advantage of the commissions (the contest needs to have good prizes!) I'm offering.
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