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Idk if this will work.. but here's what I would want..

Core or points

Now for art..
Drawings of my OCs
Drawings of my OCs with their dates
Drawings of my OCs with your OCs or other characters

If you want the list of who's dating who you can ask me.
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1. Current fandom(s) Object Shows, Chuck E Cheese's, Rock Afire Explosion, Pokemon and Steven Universe.

2. Do you have high or low self-esteem? It depends on my mood.

3. Are you passing all your classes at the moment? Yes.

4. Least favorite / appealing color Brown.

5. Worst food you tried? None.. yet..

6. What's your aesthetic? I don't have one.

7. How many "fake friends" do you think you have? None.

8. How many enemies do you have? A few.

9. Stan or Craig's gang? Wat?

10. How many crushes do you have? Two.

11. Sexuality? Bisexual.

12. Disabilities? Autism and Depression if those count.

13. Do you like dank memes? No.

14. Do you like or dislike Tik Tok? Dislike.

15. Are you a furry? NO.

16. What do you think makes you different from others? I am creative and I have a bright personally. I may be head strong and hot headed but I love interacting with others!

17. Favorite song? "Save All Your Love" by Great White

18. Favorite mythological creature/species? Dragon.

19. What language(s) do you want to learn? Italian and Japanese.

20. Do you have a series? No.

Tag anyone you want!
Mimistarlish Yinthealolachampion YinYangFan1200
This Aquamarine is completely different from her cannon counterpart. This Aquamarine is taller and has more bulk to her. She has a rare ability for her Gem species. Aquamarine has the ability to harness/control electricity. She uses it to attack her foes and stuns them. Her main weapons are two swords which she can summon from her gem. Aquamarine’s gem location is on her naval and has a lightning bolt pattern going across the middle. She is happy a lot and is really caring to her friends. Aqua can get upset easily but she tries to keep herself in control. She was first created on Homeworld and served Blue Diamond. She was created during Era 1. A few thousands of years later Peridot was created and the two became friends. Her and Peridot would hang out together a lot back then and eventually grew feelings for each other. When the war started the two were separated, Aquamarine got stuck on earth and was frozen in ice by another Gem. Thousands of years later the Crystal Gems found the ice block she was trapped inside and thawed it out. When Aquamarine reformed she had a huge scar under her eye from all the damage she has taken. She was at first a little nervous about being with the Crystal Gems cause they were the reason why she got seperated from Peridot. But Steven convinced her that they weren't gonna hurt her so she later joined the Crystal Gems. Months later the Gems found Peridot and captured her. After a few weeks Peridot became a Crystal Gem and was reunited with Aquamarine. On her time on earth Aquamarine became fond of music and electronics. She taught herself how to play the electric guitar and has a tablet that she likes to play games and watch videos on. Aqua is also fascinated with the ocean. She loves being in the water and going under it to see all the aquatic life swimming by.

Aquamarine and Peridot could fuse together and make a fusion called Emerald. (I have a separate bio for her)…

Wish me luck!
It was a Friday night at the Waterbury Connecticut CEC me and my friend from YouTube were eating pizza together. As we were eating I saw Al from Triva Crack walking around the store with a small version of himself following. A few hours pass and I had one more show left to film.

Out side my parents introduced me to a man named Aaron and they said that I had to go with some for the night for some unknown reason. I said "But i jave one more show to film!" But my parents took off and left me with the man.

I thought he was nice at first but I refused to go with him. Out in the parking lot we fought and I ran into the ice cream shop next to CEC. "Lock the door!" I yelled and the workers did. And then I heard growing noises. Out side there were monsters and Aaron was riding on top of one. Then all the monsters went into CEC and trashed the place and left. I knew Aaron could not be trusted he wanted to destroy the Chuck E Cheese  animatronics all along.

I went back inside and the stage was destroyed but Aaron still wanted to capture me so I left the store and ran all the way to my grandma's house even though it was a long run. When I got there I hid everywhere and Aaron didn't follow I was relieved but I knew something was not right.

I went back to CEC and the stage was fixed some how and everyone was there. I thought it was all a dream! Out of This World was being performed then the show stopped and everything malfunctioned.

Al yelled "Aaron fixed the two-stage as a diversion to get everyone in there so he can kill us!" Then Aaron showed up with his monsters and destroyed the stage again and half of the people in the room somehow I was still alive.

I was talking to the employees about how to fix the stage and they said "We will just get parts from the other stages in the area and soon you'll be filming again!" I was relieved but Aaron was still alive so I went to track him down.

I finally found him and we had a final battle I personally think I won because I was still alive and he was unconscious on the ground and I knew that stage will be fixed.

The end. That was scary...
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DeviantART will delete all Fake ACCOUNTS or waste accounts if you write a journal about it they will know not to delete your account!YOU NEED TO BE WARNED!!!There's a hacker lurking around DeviantART that will change your password and put Thomas the tank pictures in your and post inappropriate pics on your account.They will post bad pictures only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from DeviantART.If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, SPREAD THE WORD!!!                    
Name: Madison
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Red and wavey
Hobbies: Boat rides, fishing, video games, drawing, watching Youtube videos, filming Chuck E Cheese animatronics, voice overs and video chatting with friends.
Things that I like: Pokemon, Object Shows, Steven Universe, Wall-E, Chuck E Cheese's, Chevrolet, The Rock Afire Explosion, Vore, wolves, beagle dogs, Transformers, boats, animatronics and many more that I can't think of now.

Things I hate: Cuphead, Bendy, FNAF, Undertale, Ford, Nissan, mean people, fetishes and many more that I can't think of now.

I have Autism but I'm nice. I get angry real easy and offended real easy i had a very bad past... I am funny, intelligent and artistic.

People I miss: Awwsick101 :iconawwsick101:
embedded_item1473260113579 by LightningWolf272
Dos: Where the hell are my keys!? Seriously how can everyone live in this crap!?

Six: What are you talking about? Every item here has it's own purpose.

*Dos then finds a keyboard on the ground and picks it up. He then hit a button on it and the keyboard found his car keys*

Six: Hey don’t mess with my stuff!

Dos: What stuff?

*He then hits another button on the keyboard and it deletes all of Six's junk heap*

Six: My treasure! My sweet sweet treasure! You'll pay for what you've done!

*Dos picks up a dollar bill and puts it on the table. Then he hit a button on the keyboard ang it kept making copies of the dollar*

Six: Oooo money!!

*Six went to grab the money but he fell over the table*

Dos: Hahaha! Oh my gosh!

*Dos hit a button on the keyboard and it kept repeating the moment where Six just fell over the table over and over again*

Six: Oh my gosh that thing is awesome! You can copy and paste sandwiches all over the place-

*Dos plays the music on the keyboard so he can not hear Six talking*

The end!

Dos and Six belong to :iconfishlover:
(Aquamarine is my oc and Topaz belongs to :iconawwsick101:  I do not own Steven universe)

Warning: Blood and gore

There Aquamarine lied on the floor of her room in the temple crying. She had feelings of rage and depression cause one of her best friends she knew long ago betrayed her and the memories keep coming back. She got up and walked outside to the beach. Then Peridot walked over to her sad girlfriend. "Hey Aqua what's wrong?" She asked. "The memories keep coming back.." Aquamarine responded as she fell over groaning in agony. Peridot gasped when she noticed something on Aquamarine's hand. It looked like claws and fur. "Corruption..." Peridot said in shock. Aquamarine just looked at it and let it take over her body. "Peridot.. I love you." Those were her final words until Aquamarine was fully corrupted. Her corrupted form was a wolf with its skull showing, had blue fur, long claws and spikes, and blue eyes in the eye holes of the skull. Aquamarine got up and roared. Peridot took a few steps back. But Aquamarine didn't harm Peridot she just licked her face and ran into the city. Peridot ran after her. Aquamarine's rage started to consume her mind and she started attacking people and stabbed everyone in the chest. Aquamarine feasted on their blood and organs. Peridot finally caught up and grabbed hold of her corrupted girlfriend. Aquamarine started to calm down. Peridot and the gems are the only things that can calm her down. Then her best friend Topaz came running over to Aquamarine and Peridot. "Oh my god!" She screamed. Then Peridot and Topaz started to cry. Aquamarine lifted her head and started to cry as well. Both Topaz and Peridot said "Sorry for making you cry bad we feel very bad for you." Aquamarine got up and licked Peridot and Topaz on the face. "I love you Aquamarine." Peridot said. "And I love you as a friend." Topaz said. And the 3 cuddled together.

The end.  
embedded_item1470846224165 by LightningWolf272
I'm gonna be completely honest with you... I miss the Webb school in Cheshire Connecticut. I miss all my friends and teachers. I really miss my teacher Miss Melissa. She played music all the time on the smart bord and sometimes let me play youtube videos. And she even yelled "Boundaries!" If kids got too close to each other. She was really funny. Now if you need me I'm going to cry in the corner.... :(
embedded_item1468547992466 by LightningWolf272
*warning vore*
*I do not own Steven universe*

Amethyst had an idea to get Peridot to tell the gems some information about Peridot's plan to contact Yellow Diamond. "How about we shrink down really little and go inside Peridot!" Everyone stared at Amethyst shocked. "Hmm I don’t know about this-" Amethyst cut Pearl off. "Come on it might work!" "Ok let's do it." Garnet said. So the gems shrunk themselves and Steven caught them. "Alright guys I'll find a way for Peridot to eat you guys. Later Steven found Peridot in the barn. "Hey Peridot want some water?" Steven asked as he put the gems in a cup of water. "Sure." Peridot said as she dumped the whole cup of water in her mouth. "Ok Gems ready?" Garnet asked "Yes!" Pearl and Amethyst said. Then Peridot swallowed the water and the gems. And in 5 seconds they arived in Peridot's stomach. "Peridot tell us your plan!" Amethyst demanded. "Huh were are you!?" Peridot asked. "We are inside you!" Pearl said. "Tell us your plan!" Garnet yelled. "No!" Peridot replied. Then all the gems tickled the stomach walls and Peridot was laughing. "SAAHAHAHAP IT NOW!!" "Will you tell us the information?" Pearl asked. "NO NEVER HAHAHA" The Gems continued tickling the walls until Peridot told them the plan. "Ok the plan was for me to contact Homeworld to see the plan for the cluster."

The end  
embedded_item1467503570666 by LightningWolf272
(I do not own Steven universe)

After Sapphire saw Ruby eat me she wanted to try vore. Hannah was staying at Steven's house too. I was still inside Ruby's belly. So Sapphire asked Hannah. "Hey Hannah I want to try vore for the first time so could I eat you?" "Of course you can!" Hannah replied with a smile. Ruby handed Sapphire the shrink ray and began to shrink Hannah to the size of a grape. Then Sapphire picked her up and asked "Ready?" "Yup." Hannah replied and Sapphire put Hannah in her mouth. Hannah could feel Sapphire's breath on her as she crawled deeper into her mouth. Sapphire curled her tounge around Hannah and moved it up and down. She was laughing so hard because it tickled. Then Sapphire began to swallow and her uvula hit Hannah. She hugged it and Sapphire could not stop giggling. "Having fun?" Ruby asked with a smirk. "Yes!" Sapphire said. Then Hannah entered Sapphire's throat and could feel the throat muscles massaging her back. Then she landed in Sapphire's belly. Hannah then rubbed the stomach walls and Sapphire rubbed back. Then Ruby had an idea and whispered it to Sapphire. They both had a grin on their faces. Then they fused back into Garnet. Me and Hannah were now inside Garnet. We both rubbed the stomach walls. "Thanks guys for making us try vore!" Garnet said. Then she fell asleep with me and Hannah in her.

The end!
embedded_item1464745627918 by LightningWolf272
*I do not own Chuck E Cheese's or Steven universe*

It was night time at Chuck E Cheese's. Jasper was sitting on the stage when Munch walked in. "Hey where is Madison?" He asked. "Oh I forgot your snack so I sent her to the convince store!" Jasper said. "YOU WHAT!?" Munch yelled. "Oh was it forgetting your snack or sending Madison all by herself to the store?" Jasper asked "Take Munch JR. with you!" Munch screamed.

When the two arived at the store the looked for Madison and she was not there. Then Jasper noticed that all the Doritos were gone. "Wow you think Maddie bought all this?" He asked. "Yeah hey there's a bag left!" Munch JR. said as he pointed to a green bag of Doritos. "Yeah let's buy this and head back because I think Maddie is there now." Jasper said and picked up the bag and paid for it.

When the two were walking home Jasper ate one of the green chips. After 5 minutes Munch JR. noticed something was wrong. "Uh Jasper how many Doritos did you eat?" He asked. "Just one, why?" Jasper said. "Well it looks like you gained a few pounds..." Munch said with a worried expression on his face. Then as they got closer to Chuck E Cheese's Munch JR. was worried again. "Jasper you turned green!" He yelled. Jasper could not say anything when he saw his reflection in a small puddle. He gasped.

The two made it back and Madison came out. "Jasper you turned green you should see Pasqually he has been to medical school before." She said shocked. "Ok." Jasper said as he went to find Pasqually. After he found him Pasqually listened to Jasper explaining the whole thing. Pasqually was shocked and worried. "Don't worry Jasper I we will get an answer-" He was cut off by a voice. "Hahaha you clods! It was a prank! Hahaha!" The two were looking around the room until they saw... "It was me the great and lovable Peridot! You ate one of my chips hahaha!" Peridot laughed as she ran away giggling.

The next morning Madison woke up and went to look for Jasper. "He's gone!" She heard Pizzacam shriek. "He took your father's truck!" Madison looked out the window and Pizzacam was right. Jasper took the truck.

"Whew! I love driving this blue truck!" Jasper yelled as he was speeding down the road. "Yes I'm so good at driving-" The truck then crashed into a pole. Jasper got out of the truck with his head spinning. Then his phone rang. "Hello?" He answered. "JASPER YOU JERK MY DAD IS GONNA KILL YOU!" Madison screamed. The Jasper walked back to Chuck E Cheese's still the color green.

"Jasper I have found an answer." Pasqually said. "You are turning into a gem.. you are turning into Peridot!" Jasper was shocked. "Is their a cure?" He asked. "Yes the pink bag of Doritos. Go back to the same store with Munch JR. and you will find it." Pasqually said. "Thanks." Jasper said as he and Munch JR. went to the store.

"Ok Jasper it's in that pile of rejected Doritos!" Munch JR. said as Jasper dived into the pile. 20 minutes of searching they got the pink Doritos.

When they came back Jasper was instructed to eat the whole bag. Then he turned back to normal. After that the entire cec gang threw a dance party. "Oh yeah Jasper.." Madison said. "No more Doritos for a week!"

The end! 
*warning vore*
(I do not own Steven universe)

It was summer but it felt like winter. I was at Steven's house playing my Nintendo DS when I started to shiver. "Ugh why is it so cold on summer!?" I asked. Me and Peridot were the only ones at the house that day. Then she walked in to the room I was in. "You ok Madison?" She asked "No I'm cold." I said as I shivered Peridot felt bad she couldn't do anything because the heater was broken. Then she had an idea and went to find her shrink ray. After a minute she came back. "Hey I know where you can stay that's warm." She said. I saw her holding the shrink ray and I knew where this was going. "Ok." I said. Peridot then asked  "Ok can you trust me?" I nodded and then she shrunk me to the size of a grape. She also picked me up and smiled at me before she put me in her mouth. I was loving this already. The inside of Peridot's mouth was so soft and warm that she wrapped her tounge around me like a blanket. I rubbed her tounge in thanks. Then I felt her warm breath every time she exhaled. It felt good. Peridot was enjoying this I could tell because every time I hug her tounge she would squeal with joy. I also hugged her uvula and she was blushing and squealing. "Oh I love this affection!" She managed to say. "Awww I'm glad you like it!" I said as I fell asleep on her tounge. Peridot smiled and once again wrapped her tounge around me. Then we both were sleeping.

The end
embedded_item1463326695832 by LightningWolf272
*warning vore*
(I do not own Chuck E Cheese's)

It was a beautiful afternoon at the Chuck E Cheese's at Waterbury Connecticut. I walked happily with my dad as I held my phone in my hand. "Oh hi Madison!" One of the employees said. Yeah I film the animatronics and ive been going to that location since i was 5! So they know me by now. "Have fun with Jasper!" She added. And they also know I LOVE Jasper. So my dad left me alone so I could see Jasper. "Hey Maddie!" Jasper said as he waved his hand. "Hi Jasper!" I replied. So for 4 hours I was eating pizza, playing games and hanging out with the animatronics. Then Jasper asked "Hey can I come with you home?" I was shocked I never thought he would spend the night at my house. "Of course you can!" I said. So my dad drove us home. When we got home Jasper was on my bedroom floor laying down on his back. I came over and cuddled with him. Jasper was loving all the affection. "You're too sweet!" Jasper said as he licked my face. Then Jasper picked me up and put me in his mouth. His tounge was so warm and soft it felt like a bed. I even hugged it. Jasper was loving this too. Then as he started to swallow me down his uvula was in my lap. So I hugged it. Jasper squealed with joy as I did that. Then as I went down his throat the muscles were massaging my body as I was going down. Then I landed in his stomach and started to bounce around. Jasper was laughing so hard because it tickled. After a few minutes I lied down on the warm floor. "Good night Jasper.." I said as I shut my eyes. Jasper yawned and said  "Good night Madison sleep well." Then he started rubbing his stomach and we both went to sleep.

The end
embedded_item1463254798714 by LightningWolf272
*warning vore*
(I don't own Chuck E Cheese's)

At Chuck E Cheese I met a rare character. His name is Pizzacam a camera that loves to look silly. "Hi Pizzacam." I said. "Hello what's your name?" He asked "My name is Madison" I said excitedly. "Nice name!" Pizzacam said as he crossed his eyes. You know I always wondered why Pizzacam was so crazy. Then I noticed beer coming out of his mouth. He let hold his mouth open so I could see. And a small beer bottle was stuck in his throat. "Woah Pizzacam there is a beer bottle lodged in your throat!" I exclaimed. Then Pizzacam spat it out and the bottle hit me in the eye. "Sorry" he said while blushing. "It's fine. Oh you got something on your tounge!" I said Pizzacam once again let me hold his mouth open so I could see. There were shards of glass stuck on his tounge. I removed all of the shards. I patted his tounge when I was done. He purred like a cat when I did that. "Thanks!" He said as he licked my face. I giggled a little. Then Pizzacam swallowed me whole. The inside of him was kinda small but it was soft and warm. I fell asleep. A few hours later Munch came around the corner. "Hi Pizzacam oh my what did you eat!?" He said as he poked Pizzacam's fat belly. He laughed at the poke cause it tickled. Then he spat me out. "OH MY!!!" Munch screamed. "You ate Madison!" Then Munch ran around in circles yelling "Pizzacam likes vore!"

The end this really happened in my dream!
embedded_item1463014142995 by LightningWolf272
(I do not own Chuck E Cheese's)

I was sleeping at my beach house. When my dad woke up. "Madison get up it's 6:00 am!" He yelled. Because we go fishing at that time. I got my phone, my headphones and my DS. Then we got in my dad's blue GMC Sierra and we went to the marina. We have 2 boats Anger management which is our old boat and Thunderstruck is our new boat that we got four years ago. We fish on Anger management most of the time because Thunderstruck is painted white and my dad doesn't want blood stains on it from our fishing bait that we cut. We got at the marina and my dad was confused because Anger management was gone. "Um where is the fricking boat?!" He yelled. We were both angry. "We are going to find who took my boat we will search Duck Island! Let's take Thunderstruck!" My dad said confidentiality. Then we were off to the island. We came to the end of the "No wake" zone so we can fast now. So my dad shifted the throttle forward and we were going fast with the engine loud. Then we spotted Anger management with someone driving it. "Oh my gosh!" I exclaimed. "It's Jasper T. Jowls from Chuck E Cheese!" My dad's jaw dropped. Then Jasper got scared and took off. "He doesn't have a chance." My dad said. "Thunderstruck can go faster.." So we chased after Jasper for an hour until he got tired of driving. We found out Jasper was drunk so my dad drove Anger management back while I drove Thunderstruck. Back at the marina Jasper woke up with his tounge sticking out of his mouth. "Huh what happened!?" He said as he got up. "You stole our boat." I said. "Oh my I'm so sorry I get out of control when I'm drunk." Jasper said while rubbing my back. "Let us take you back to Chuck E Cheese." My dad said so we took him back.

To be continued in part 2!

embedded_item1463012054907 by LightningWolf272
(I don't own Chuck E Cheese I do own my OC Jolt)

It was a peaceful morning at Chuck E Cheese. Jolt was powered on by the technician. "Ok Jolt did you rest well?" He asked. "I slept great!" Jolt said as she crossed her eyes. "Good because I'm gonna turn on Pizzacam for the fist time in 5 years!" He said. "Awesome I can't wait!" After 3 hours Pizzacam was turned on. He yawned and cross his eyes. "Hello." He said with a smile. "Hi Pizzacam I always wanted to meet you!" Jolt said excitedly. "Awww I never had any fans!" He said while blushing. Jolt then walked over to him and began to pet his head. Pizzacam then was purring like a cat. "You're cute!" Jolt said. "Thank you so much!" Pizzacam said while blushing bright red. Then Jolt smiled and poked Pizzacam in the side. He let out a squeaking sound. Jolt then had a evil grin on her face. Then she started to scribble her fingers up and down Pizzacam's sides. He was trying so hard not to laugh. "H-hey that tickles!"  He managed to say. Then he could not hide his laugh any more. "Hahaha h-hey stop that hahaha hahaha hahaha!" He laughed. His laugh was high pitched so it was funny to Jolt. After 2 hours Jolt stopped. "Whew I'm glad that's over!" Pizzacam said while blushing again. "Aww you're cute when you blush!" Jolt said. Pizzacam was blushing really bright red now. "Thanks!" He said. "No problem it is great to have a friend like you!"

The end  
embedded_item1461495186208 by LightningWolf272
(This is based on real events Mr Grumpy is my dad and Miss Chatterbox is my mom)

It was a beautiful early Saturday morning at the marina. Mr Grumpy was still asleep in the boat's cabin while I was playing a game on my phone. Then he woke up and yawned. "Good morning." he said "what time is it?" He asked. I looked at my phone. "5:00 AM." I said. "That is the perfect time to go fishing!" He said while smiling. Then we got out, got in his truck, and went the bait store. 5 minutes later we came back with the bait and dunkin donuts. "Hey uncover the boat and start it up ok?" Mr Grumpy said as he was carrying things to the boat. "Ok." I said as I went down the dock and uncovered the boat. Then it was time for me to start it. When I did people jumped in the air because that is how loud it is! We don't call it Thunderstruck for nothing! Then we untied the ropes and Mr Grumpy drove the boat to the end of the slow zone. After the slow zone you can go any speed we want. Then Mr Grumpy pushed the throttle forward and then we took off! I love going fast! Then we arived at our fishing spot, behind Duck Island. He threw the anchor in the water and said "Ok shut it off." He said then I shut the boat off. Then Mr Grumpy took the bait out of the bag the type of fish we use is called "bunker" he than cut it into a few pieces he always used the body chunks first. The but the chunks on the hook of the poles and casted them out. We waited for 2 hours before one of the lines went out. Mr Grumpy started to real it in. When I saw the fish I said "Mr Grumpy it's a blue fish!" Then we kept it in the cooler. 1 hour later all we had was 1 fish and 1 bunker head. Mr Grumpy's dream was to catch a striped bass. And they like bunker heads. So Mr Grumpy but it on the hook and casted it out. 10 minutes later is when the pole took off. "Woah this one is a big one!" He yelled. And it was a huge striped bass. We kept it and we were shocked of how big it was. Then we left. The ride back was awesome we were jumping waves and hearing our loud boat. Then Mr Grumpy floored it and we were going 60 MPH! Wow! When we went back to the bait shop we weighed the fish it was 43 pounds! Mr Grumpy was happy until his phone rang it was his annoying wife Miss Chatterbox. "Oh crooked cucumbers!" He yelled "And she ruined my good mood!" The ride back to the beach house was annoying. Miss Chatterbox kept texting Mr Grumpy every 5 seconds. He was getting frustrated. Then he texted her back saying "SHUT UP!!!"

The end!
embedded_item1459669265931 by LightningWolf272