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Mysteries of Equestria: Library Robbery: Part 2

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Accuse Trixie: 35
Get GAK: 2

Since there aren’t really any new choices this time around I’m going to assume we’re off to the library! If however you have an idea for something else to do leave it in the comments and if enough people agree we’ll do that instead! And I, of course, still love comments even if you don’t have an idea what to do next!

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I’m quite sorry for the wait. My computer decided rather than let me work on this it would be better to just stop working for a little while. So I only got 80% finished before that happened. Either way here’s this part and I hope to more quickly finish subsequent parts! I hope you enjoy!

Of course I’m still going to make vectors so I hope you will enjoy those as well. I have a commission or two to complete also which I will do sometime in the near(ish) future.

Vectors used/modified for this:
- Buck Yes:…
- Angry Twilight:
- BG-Twilight Sparkle’s door:
-MLP: Twily is not amused:…
-Look at my teeth:…
-Ponyville BG:
-Sugercube corner kitchen:
-Sugercube corner kitchen:
-Sugercube corner lobby:…
-Twilight Sparkle (going for a stroll):…
-Twilight sparkle yes yes yes!!!!:…
-All other vectors are made by me

If you see any problems please tell me and I'll hopefully be able to improve!
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lets go get Rainbwo
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well actually the logic is a bit sound (pinkie). it is unsound to blame Trixie.
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wildfang-windchaserHobbyist General Artist
Who else would steal cheap trick spells?
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and plenty more.
xv22shasokais's avatar
After I read your comment I just... Sorry, Trixie
Acacia-Rabbit-Desert's avatar
Pinkie es la mejor ayuda =)
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LieutenantpinkpiggyHobbyist Traditional Artist
what happens next
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
Part: 3 [link]
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LieutenantpinkpiggyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Awesome comic :D
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
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Go Ask the Great and merciful Jagi what to do.

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KillerorcaHobbyist General Artist
Tell Pinkie to tell you whats going to happen in the script next.
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CassandraArtemisStudent General Artist
I think you need to go to the library where you could possibly meet a distressed Trixie... I'm sorry, I meant "THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!"
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genstianProfessional Artist
Get Luna instead
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darknight8478Hobbyist Writer
You need detective gear to get this mystery and this case started.
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Evil-doers beware. No amount of infamous planning will help you ... when the Pie is on the case. (dramatic musical cue here)
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Yes, but first we must get to the Royal Canterlot Library. I'm sure nothing will go wrong on the train. Oooh and they can wear thair Holmes and Watson hats!! Jolly Good!
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HarukoHoshikoHobbyist Digital Artist
Wait I thougt it was the Golden Oaks library that was robbed?
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SorceressJacklynProfessional Digital Artist
To the library! Away!
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Randina42Hobbyist General Artist
To the library!
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