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I hope you like magic!

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Twilight is obviously one of the most powerful magic users in all of Equestria. She dares you to come and try and prove otherwise. Actually that's alright, you can stay over there her magic has a bit of range...

This is part of a larger commission that I'm working on. Only two more ponies to do for this commission... Anyway this and other commissions will be finished soon (or at least sometime).

Originally I wasn't going to spend so much time on this individual parts put then I did. HA!

You're welcome to use this for whatever you want as long as you give credit! (And I'd love a link to your work to see what you came up with!)

If you see any problems please tell me and I'll hopefully be able to improve!

Part of a series:
Fluttershy the Druid: [link]
AJ the archer: [link]
Twilight the wizard: here
Rarity the Rogue: [link]
Pinkie the Bard: [link]
Rainbow the Barbarian: [link]
Final composite: [link]
Edited: Refined the magic with the suggestions of the splendid :iconmrfoxington:

svg: [link]

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:
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LktronikamuiHobbyist Digital Artist
It looks like a Zap Cannon from pokemon d:
Here's a link to an image in Emerald [link]
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Come to the Dark side. We have books
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which magic does she use white or black?
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
Tell what it looks like?
godslayer91's avatar
I don't really know I thought u knew
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
Well I'd say she just's use the best magic of whichever type. But you can ask :iconneonagasaki: as this is a commission for him.
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Potzi-HookmanHobbyist Writer
Oh, that purple magic pony.
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:icontwilite-sparkleplz: :iconsays3plz: 'Cause there's plenty more where this comes from!
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VictorReisSobreiraHobbyist Traditional Artist
I DO! twi is best mage.
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Dare to challenge Twilight? No thanks, I believe her.
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My first thought was "Dresden Files reference"
but It's not still awesome though
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btw. nicely done
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legirianHobbyist General Artist
1. Why would she use her hoof for magic, she's a unicorn :S
2. Said hoof/leg looks dislocated, and other front leg looks weird as well.
Otherwise, nicely done.
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
Also the commission calls for her to not have a horn, so I need to be able to remove it easily when doing the final product!
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1. BECAUSE SHE CAN! you know, pony who throwing ball of endless destroying energy looks better than simply glowing horn :D
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TheSonicGeekHobbyist Writer
Loaded with Major Destruction swag.
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neednamesHobbyist Artist
That a really great job, but I personally believe that you had have to work n her legs a bit better. It sorta looks like her right leg is missing, i know it's the hoof she holding up, but that looks more like her left one. other than that Great Job
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JelenadbzStudent Filmographer
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You kidding? I Love it!
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Whoa , nice details on the robes
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
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Hey, I'm sorry to bother you about this, but when you put this into the cover art please remember to remove her horn.
Helpanng's avatar
Can't you do it yourself?
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