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Dungeon Crawling

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:icondashissuperhappyplz: :iconsays2plz: Guys we look awesome! Especially me!

:iconexcitedpinkieplz: :iconsays2plz: Wow it’s like we’re on an adventure, searching for something! I love adventures, and treasure hunts! What are we looking for anyway?

:iconmlptwilightplz: :iconsays2plz: If I’m right we’re looking for a code! Where could it be?

:iconfluttershyshyplz: :iconsays2plz: uhh, if it’s not too much trouble could you tell me why we’re looking for a code.

:iconajhmmplz: :iconsays2plz: Yeah we’re we looking for a code in a dungeon. No apple trees growing down here.

:icontwilightwhatplz: :iconsays2plz: Did nopony read this: [link] ?

:icondashiehmmplz: :iconsays2plz: If it’s not a Daring Doo adventure I didn’t read it…

:icontwilightliciousplz: :iconsays2plz: just find a code for a prize! Everypony should read more.

Read below for details


Note me when you find it and I'll get back to the first to send me the correct answer!

Also this one is a simple code hunt. Just find the code and tell me what it is.

1. In order to win you must send me a note. Codes in the comment won't be counted (Of course I still love to get comments! :))

Note: You will need to download the picture to see the code. It is visible, I cheeked.

Note 2: there are 3 characters in the code

This code HAS been found.

It was found by: :iconharukohoshiko:

It was found in: Approximately one hour


This is the Alternate version of this: ([link]) a commission I did for :iconneonagasaki: for his story which can read here: [link]

I don't think this one will be very difficult; the Code is just thrown in real quick. The next prize piece will be a mystery which I'll do after a couple of commissions get finished.

This one was great for practicing outfits and textures. It did take me quite a while to do every outfit.

If you want any of the individual parts of this (ie. just background) tell me and I'll see what I can do.

You're welcome to use this for whatever you want as long as you give credit! (And I'd love a link to your work to see what you came up with!)

If you see any problems please tell me and I'll hopefully be able to improve!

Part of a series:
Fluttershy the Druid: [link]
AJ the archer: [link]
Twilight the Wizard: [link]
Rarity the Rogue: [link]
Pinkie the Bard: [link]
Rainbow the Barbarian: [link]
Final composite: Here

svg: [link]

Image size
6000x4502px 4.9 MB
© 2012 - 2020 lightningtumble
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"A Dungeon Deep" -A Pony's Dungeon Trekking Adventure-

the game uses 2 teams with 6 ponies each with a different job (character).

the 6 main job types are:
Musician-uses the power of music to weaken the enemy or to aid allies.
Druid-uses terraforming powers to attack and to defend.
Thief-uses high speed and stealth to strike down enemies or to steal items from them for later use.
Archer-uses long range attacks to defeat enemies without close range battle.
Wizard-uses a variety of magic spells to attack, defend, and aid.
Warrior-uses close range combat with high attack but low defense.

other characters include:
Medic-a soldier type that has high ability in healing allies but is weak in combat.
Dragon-slayer-a warrior that fares at fighting dragons.
Berserker-a warrior with high attack but can lose control and attack allies.
Elementist-a wizard that uses raw elemental magic.
Summoner-a wizard that calls forth creatures to do their bidding.
Samurai-a warrior that uses multiple sword techniques and has improved defense than a normal warrior.
Brawler-a fighter that uses close combat rather than weapons.
Sword-Hunter-a warrior that collects and uses only swords.
Biker-a gunman that rides a motorcycle and uses guns to fight.
Ninja-a warrior that uses stealth and speed to silently defeat enemies.
Gunman-a warrior that uses Firearms and Explosives to fight rather than swords.
Dark-Light Sage-a magician that uses the power of light and darkness to combat evil and aid their team.

each pony cannot change their job when it is given to them at the start.

the characters can level up their stats from gained experience points from defeating monsters during each dungeon trek.

the game takes place inside a giant dungeon-labyrinth underneath Celestia's castle.

there are a total of 66 levels inside the dungeon, the goal is for the first team to reach the bottom level to obtain the "holly sword" artifact and defeat the dark dungeon lord "Zorc" in order to win.

there are treasures and items hidden in the dungeon like healing potions or better weapons and armor, but some of the treasures may be booby-trapped and can cause more harm than good.

in the dungeon there are many traps and monsters to face, there are also stone faces that will give out clues in riddles to help solve each level. There are also secret passages that can advance the teams further past certain obstacles, but beware that not all of the hidden passageways are safe from harm.

the traps include:
Spiked Pits, Needle Walls, Giant Axes, Arrow Walls, Spear Floors, Snake Pits, Electric Walls, Magma Pits, Crushing Spiked Roofs, Raging Water Vortexes, Collapsing Rooms, Etc...Etc...And I Could Go On...You Get The Idea Of Where I'm Going With This.

the monsters include:
Elemental Monsters, Living Spartan Armors, Giant Spiders, Lizard-men, Skeletons, Zombies, Killer Books, Dragons, Ghosts, Evil Trees, Dark Warriors, Mirror Monsters, Shadow Monsters, Huge Insects, Killer Giant Asian Hornets, Eyeball Monsters, Chimeras, Minotaur's, Gargoyles, Gremlins, Changelings, Shadow Ninjas, Golems, and the boss monster "The Dark Lord Zorc The Destroyer".

"To Size Victory, Listen To Me, One In All, All In One, That's The Key" -remember that teamwork is the way to conquer the evils of the dungeon and win the game-

if the team falls in battle, their souls will be bound to the "River Of Imprisonment" at the first level and the names of the fallen team-members will be engraved on the walls of level 1 in honor of those that failed to conquer the dungeon.

Those that win the game will be congratulated by Celestia and Luna as masters of the Dungeon Deep and will be honored with gold medals, a replica of the "Holly Sword" artifact for the team's best player, and their names engraved on a rainbow gem chalice for all future dungeon-trekkers to see and look up to.

there are 4 hidden bonus levels in the dungeon that are available to the best teams, the 4 rooms are:
room 1-advanced monsters with high experience point value.
room 2-vast treasures and high potential items.
room 3-a grand armory with over-powerful weapons and armor for the high level players.
room 4-a deadlier version of the "Zorc" boss awaits your challenge.

Will you and 5 friends be next to brave the dungeon?

Beginners Level for filly-age ponies and family groups are available now!

"See ya There!"
-Critique by "G"
cool this picture reminds me of the tmnt 2012 episode where the ninja turtles larp and go through a dungeon and what not
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Could you do one with Rarity as a Paladin?
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Can you do one with AJ as a paladin? 
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
I might be able to do it but I won't. I'm sure someone else will.
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GreatTeacherDiCensoHobbyist General Artist
:-)  Dash:  "Roll for initiative, monkey boy!!!"
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A follow up to my critique:


Mystic Kung-Fu-uses a combination of magic and martial arts moves for high-speed physical attacks and high combos.
Bladedge knight-a warrior that uses large swords and other heavy weapons to do combat.
Potionist-a type of alchemist that is skilled in creating potions for health, mana, anti-venom, un-curse, and temporary stat boosters.
Master Chef-a skilled cook that wields meat cleavers and various+multiple cooking tools to create culinary items on the spot inside and outside combat to restore lost health+mana and temporary stat boosts.


Level 67-the entrance to the underworld
Level 68-the underworld gauntlet
Level 69-the gates to the core
Level 70-the core of the underworld

Bonus level 5-Fantasy Playground: a perfect place to relax after a long fight with slides, swings, and much more including a humongous jungle gym with several features and surprises to enjoy.

Detailed Explanation Of 8 Dungeon Levels:

Level 1-The River Of Eternal Imprisonment: the final resting place for all those who have failed to win the Holy Sword.
Level 12-Labyrinth: beware the Minotaur and the labyrinth tanks as you find your way to the end of the maze.
Level 25-Blood Vats: the flesh-spawns await your challenge.
Level 38-Temple Of The Kings: brave the wrath of the ancient pharaoh and is undead servants.
Level 44-Jurassic Jungle: wild dinosaurs await in this dense jungle, brave here or become Dino food.
Level 59-hall of the ancients: the warriors of old challenge you to fight! defeat them and you shall proceed with your quest.
Level 65-THE ELIMINATOR: this is the ULTIMATE trap gauntlet, those who can brave this challenge can proceed to the final 5 levels of the dungeon.
Level 70-the core of the underworld: face off against the true form of Zorc in the final battle for the kingdom.

Prizes for 2nd and 3rd team winners:

2nd-the team will be given decorative medals as a sign of their victory and a special gift basket package.
3rd-a decorative photo of the team and a gift certificate set for discounts on item purchases from the dungeon store at the start of the dungeon.

EDIT 1-instead of their souls their NAMES will be engraved on the walls of the river of eternal imprisonment.
EDIT 2- those that lose their lives in the dungeon will be revived at the entrance of the dungeon.

That's all for the Expansion so see you next time fellow Dungeon Trekkers!
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and another thing:

there are multiple difficulty levels for the dungeon challenge and they are:

BEGINNER'S LUCK: Levels 1-5+1 bonus level=6 levels
NOT SO HARD OK?: Levels 1-15+1 bonus level=16 levels
CHALLENGE ME: Levels 1-20+2 bonus levels=22 levels
DARE TO SURVIVE: Levels 1-35+2 bonus levels=37 levels
BRING IT ON!: Levels 1-40+3 bonus levels=43 levels
MASTER TREK: Levels 1-55+4 bonus levels=59 levels
THE TRUE DUNGEON TREK: Levels 1-60+4 bonus levels=64 levels
DARK LEGEND: all 70 main Levels+all 5 bonus levels=75 levels!

that's all for now! look forward to more expansions if they arrive, BYE!
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Here Comes A New Expansion![link]

1: 2 new characters!
-Necromancer: a wizard that commands the dead to attack and defend
-Tech-Master: a futuristic soldier that uses state-of-the-art equipment and tactics to complete it's missions

2:about the dungeon shop...
-the dungeon shop located at the entrance houses a wide variety of items, weapons, armor, accessories, and other objects that can be used in the actual dungeon, it also sells official dungeon deep merchandise to the public.

3:about continuing...
-teams can choose to save their progress in the "book of ancients" located in certain levels of the dungeon allowing players to leave temporarily and continue their trek later another day.

4:about prizes...
-here is a list of prizes to win in the dungeon trek based on the difficulty level:
BEGINNER'S LUCK: Dungeon Discount Coupon Set
NOT SO HARD OK?: Above+Commemorative Photo
CHALLENGE ME: Above+Special Gift Basket
DARE TO SURVIVE: Above+Bronze "GAUNTLET" Medals and Special Discount Coupon Set
MASTER TREK: Above+Silver "GAUNTLET" Medals and Official "Making Of" DVD
THE TRUE DUNGEON TREK: Above+Gold "GAUNTLET" Medals and Mysterious Key (this secret item unlocks a shortcut past one level but can ONLY be used ONCE and ONLY ONCE)
DARK LEGEND: those that clear the ENTIRE dungeon will receive the above+ a congratulatory ceremony by Celestia and Luna, a replica of the "Holly Sword" artifact, and the rainbow gem chalice.

that's all for now but more expansions coming soon!
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Here Comes A New Expansion!

About Items:

items are scatted among the dungeon floors and inside the hidden treasure rooms, these items include:

KEYS: some doors and chests are locked! use KEYS to open doors and chests

FOOD: eat FOOD to regain HP, HP boosts range from 250 to Full Health, but beware of POISON FOOD for you will lose HP if you eat it

MAGIC: 4 kinds of magical potions allow you to clear an area of enemies instantly, attacking magic has a lower effect than directly using it, you can also THROW magic OR use it as a SHIELD

SPECIAL ITEMS: there are some items that allow you to temporary enhance your combat abilities, these include:

EXTRA SPEED: boosts movement speed by 2X
LIMITED GROWTH: makes your character giant
SHRINK ENEMIES: makes your enemies tiny
STOP TIME: freezes time
PHOENIX: shoots fireballs at enemies
REFLECTIVE SHOT: makes your projectile attacks bounce off walls
AMULETS: 4 types of amulets that can boost your attack power
BREATHS: 3 breath attacks that take down enemies in an arc
SHIELDS: 3 shields: reflective, flame, and lightning offer protection from harm and attack your enemies
LIMITED LEVITATION: grants the ability to fly
3/5-WAY-SHOT: spreads projectiles in an arc
RAPID FIRE: speeds up projectile fire by 2X
THUNDER HAMMER: creates a shockwave that sends enemies flying
X-RAY GLASSES: use these to see through certain walls and inside chests
TURBO BOOST: instantly fills your turbo attack meter

IRON CHESTS contain random items

Some Chests contain GOLD which can be used to buy power ups at the dungeon stores either at the entrance or from the trader at the safezones laid between certain levels of the dungeon

BEWARE! some chests may contain traps OR
may contain DEATH who will take 200 of your health before departing BUT he CAN be defeated by MAGIC, using MAGIC on a CHEST that contains DEATH will turn DEATH into a FOOD item

about SPECIAL items...

these are obtained after defeating bosses, these include:

RUNESTONES: these sacred stones will grant the team passage into the boss arena of the current dungeon area
LEGEND ITEMS: these items can only be used in boss fights and can be used to turn the tide of battle
BLADE SHARDS: fragments of the HOLLY SWORD are obtained by defeating bosses, once all bosses are defeated the sword can be used to defeat ZORIC for good

that's it for this expansion, look for the next one soon!
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Here Comes A New Expansion!

(sorry i misspelled HOLY incorrectly)


SUPER SHOT: a giant crossbow that shoots giant arrows that deal massive damage to enemies.
Limited INVISIBILITY: Makes the user invisible to enemy eyes for a limited time.
Limited INVULNERABILITY: Makes the user take no damage from enemy attacks for a limited time.


Each character has a TURBO gauge, the player can use 1, 2, or all 3 bars of the TURBO to use special attacks.

Level 1: Powered-Up version of Standard Attack
Level 2: Arc Attack
Level 3: Super Blast Attack

The TURBO gauge will fill up over time or can be replenished automatically by using the TURBO BOOST item.


these items can only be used in boss fights and can be used to turn the tide of battle, they are hidden in secret locations through the dungeon.

The ICE AXE can be used on the GREAT DRAGON in the mountain region.
The SCHIMITAR OF RASHA can be used on the MIGHTY CHIMERA in the Valkyrie's Castle.
The MAGIC LAMP can be used on the DINJI MUMMY in the Desert Kingdom.
The ACID BELLOWS can be used on the SPIDER QUEEN in the dense jungle.
the ANCIENT BOOK can be used on the LITCH EXECUTIONER in the poisoned village.
The MIGHTY SPEAR can be used on the PLAGUE BLOB in the Sky Kingdom.
The FLAMING ARROW can be used on the ICE GOLEM in the Frozen North.
The CLAW OF SKORNE can be used on the DEMON PRINCE GARM in the Forgotten Battleground.
The HOLY SWORD can ONLY be used on ZORIC in the Underworld Core.

that's it for this expansion, look for the next one soon!
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Expansion Time!

Here are the locations of the LEGEND ITEMS:

The ICE AXE can be found in the CASTLE TREASURY.
The MAGIC LAMP can be found in the ICE CAVE.
The ACID BELLOWS can be found in the PHARAOH'S TOMB.
the ANCIENT BOOK can be found in the GOBLIN'S AIRSHIP.
The MIGHTY SPEAR can be found in the TOXIC DOCKYARD.
The FLAMING ARROW can be found in the CANOPY VILLAGE.

The HOLY SWORD can ONLY be used once ALL of the BLADE SHARDS are collected.

That's it for the expansions!  Now go forth and may the magic of friendship protect you all.
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AJ: hey! what level is this!
TS: level 65, only one more to go and the other team is already there!
FS: Look OUT!
Rarity: oh sure, it just HAS to breath fire too!
PP: why not! a fire breathing skullapede fits in great with giant spiders, killer puddles, haunted laundry, battle carrots, shadow worms, armored-
RD: watch out! traps ahead!
Whow, that packground looks amazing!
...and I wonder what Pinkie's hearing behind that wall...
it looks like she listening to my external harddrive that's standing left of my mon in the same height X3
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like it!
How did you make it? Was it a 3D-Cad or something or did you actually vector it?
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
It is in fact a vector, based on a photo (I think). It was pretty interesting to make!
Might sound unbelievable, but I just found out yesterday what those vector graphic programs are like (I saw some kind of tutorial pic...)
Damn! I need too much time for a simple pic even in MSPaint! Using one of those progs would stop my life!!
Guess I gotta buy me a new scanner and stay with my ball-pen and is too difficult for me!
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd say the same about traditional art for me! I can't draw at all! But you know once you learn inkscape you can kick out some vectors in less then an hour! The basics at least are really not that hard!
You know, my real problem is when I draw a line, and then another, I always think 'Hmm, now the first line looks odd to the second...' and then I start to correct and erase all along...until I reallize I spent 3.1415 hours on two lines which still look ass...
On real paper with hard-to-erase crayons and unerasable ball-pens I just can skip those thoughts because its impossible anyway...
But hey, I just buyed a new scanner! Now I just have to learn how to draw ponies instead of stupid alien-ghoulds and freakmen...
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
It sure can be trouble when you spend pi hours on a few lines! I hope you enjoy the traditional drawing style, it's certainly something I've never been good at! If you ever want to try digital art and need help don't hesitate to ask any question you have.
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Awesome work!
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anyone know where i can get that barbarian dash vector?
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
I do know, since I made it. [link] forgot I didn't put link in the description.
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