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A Theft at Sugar Cube Corner!

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:icontwilightgrimplz: :iconsays2plz: We have a mystery on our hooves everypony! Someone has stolen the cake's treats! I need you to solve it!
:icontwichallengeconsider: :iconsays2plz: Mr. cake says he was helping scootaloo when he heard a crash when Apple Bloom knocked a cupcake off a table. He claims he went to help her. When he returned everything was gone!

:iconscootplz: :iconsays2plz: As soon as he walked away a blue pegasus flew in here and smashed the glass, grabbing everything they could reach!

:iconpinkiedoesnotwantplz: :iconsays2plz: I came down stairs when I heard Mr. cake shout in surprise!

:iconapplebloomplz: :iconsays2plz: I was jus' eatin' ah' cupcake and ah' accidently knocked it off the table, Mr. Cake came to help me, then somepony must have come in an' takin the food!

:icontwilightheeplz: :iconsays2plz: well we have the story know lets take the next step! You know what we need to do Pinkie?

:iconpinkieisexcitedplz: :iconsays2plz: LOOK FOR CLUES!

:iconnoddingtwilightplz: :iconsays2plz: That's right! Get to it!


Note me when you solve it in order to win!

1. Anypony is a suspect: In or out of the picture. It can also be a more then one pony.
2. In order to win you must meet three requirments
-Name the culprit
-Give a motive
-Present at least one relevant clue (But you may need more in order to make a case, or you may not) and say why (Just a simple explanation is needed) they point to your suspect.
3. In order to win you must tell me the answer through a note. Not a comment. (Of course I'd still love to get comments on it. Just not the answer! :) )

Note: there is no hidden code in this one. Just a mystery.

Note 2: You may need to download this to see all the clues properly. I'm not sure whether or not you'll be able to see them directly on DA.

The mystery has BEEN solved

It was solved by master detective: :iconbb-kenobi:

There are a total of 8 clues.


_____________ANSWER DON'T READ IF YOU WANT TO SOLVE IT_____________

-The thieves were the CMC
-Their motive was (as with many things) to get their cutie marks. This could be done through either winning the candy competition mentioned on the wall or through the crime itself.
1. AB distracted Mr. cake perfectly and is now excitedly checking herself for a cutie mark.
2. The blue feather on the ground matches one Scootaloo has in her bag (she has them as she is RD's biggest fan)
3. The cupcake on the top shelf counters Scootaloo's claim a blue pegasus took everything in reach. Only a young filly who couldn't fly wouldn't be able to grab it.
4. Behind Scootaloo's hoof is a torn piece of a CMC cape, cut by the broken glass. This cape may also indicate Sweetie Belle's involvement as she she may have worn it and then made of with the goods.

-There is no evidence linking PP
-Rd is not likely due to the cupcake remaining on the top shelf and the fact she already has an order in, so why steal?

Note 3: The winner's answer was allowed to deviate from this if it was reasonably close and fully backed up in my opinion by evidence.


This is the first mystery piece that I'm uploading, I hope someone has fun solving it.

It should be pretty easy I think!

Like my code pieces the first one to fully solve the mystery will win a prize as detailed here: [link]

If you want any of the individual parts of this (ie. just background) tell me and I'll see what I can do.

Just Pinkie: [link]

You're welcome to use this for whatever you want as long as you give credit! (And I'd love a link to your work to see what you came up with!)

If you see any problems please tell me and I'll hopefully be able to improve!

svg: [link]

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Aeon-SilenceHobbyist General Artist
Sherlock Thinking - Mind Palace Ssshhh! I need to go into my mind palace!!

No, seriously I do.
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I say it was...
After all, he stole 40 cakes.
That's as many as four tens.
And that's terrible!
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
That is pretttttty terrible
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CuteNerdyGirlStudent General Artist
hahaha Scootaloo
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NeonRacoonHobbyist General Artist
I've examined every last thing (and probably over analyzed some stuff), so here what I have concluded.

It was Scoots. Her motive was she did not have any bits for a treat, but she was hungry, so she waited for a distraction to occur. She utilized the distraction of Mr. cake helping applebloom to snatch everything she could and stuff it in her bag, which appears full to the brim.

The evidence is that it said, the culprit grabbed eveything in reach. What pegasus could not reach the cupcake up there? Scoots, that's who.
Also, being a worshipper of Dashie she has her feathers, one must have fallen out of her bag and she quickly noticed and devised a plan to throw everypony off her case by saying it was Dash, or another blue pegasus.

But then, why is Applebloom looking at her......... wait a minute.......that red scrap look familiar......THAT'S IT!

scratch Scoots, ALL the CMC were getting their cutie marks in a cake eating contest or something or even the crime itself. There is a piece of the capes that they wear on the floor next to Scoots, and Applebloom is looking at her flank excitedly, looking for a cutie mark! I KNEW I recognized that pose. plz be correct answer, plz be correct answer. :iconlaplz:
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
You got it perfectly! Good Job!
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so that blue feather was to throw them off, very sneaky
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NeonRacoonHobbyist General Artist
YAY!!!!!!! :icondummyexcitedplz: Ehhh, let me regain my composure. Now, where was I? Oh yes, :iconfluttershyyayplz: Yay.
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you're excited! There might just be a new mystery up in a couple days, if you solve that one well you might even win a prize!
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NeonRacoonHobbyist General Artist
In the next mystery or code thingies you do, could you make the evidence or code, viewable without downloading? Or at least keep the file a manageable size? Because my computer freezes when I try to download your huge files to see the code.:iconsadderpyplz: Also, weird me being weird, but on this comment, the speech balloon is coming from your pony icon's forehead, not mouth. Then again, who am I to talk, mine comes from Nyan's hair. >w<
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
I can try to make them smaller, But I can't make them to small or everything will have to be less detailed!
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NeonRacoonHobbyist General Artist
I understand ^w^ Just try to make it as small as you possibly can, without losing the details. This particular one had visible evidence, even without having to download it. Maybe try doing something more like that?

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We must not lose this case!
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CarcinoArmagedonsStudent General Artist
i think it would be scoots becuase as you can see in her pack it looks like she has tools and its pretty stuffed
...Rainbow Dash, maybe..
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OolimenoteoOStudent Digital Artist
the cmcs
tileytun77's avatar
Soarin or Rainbow Dash.
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LeoHwzr's avatar
It was Klepto Mania.

Shes always pulling this sort of crap
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Crazyperson555Hobbyist General Artist
Is it Scoots?
She's can't fly to reach the cupcake.
lightningtumble's avatar
lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
A clever guess.
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One clue is that the pony who stole the cakes couldn't reach the top shelf of the cabinet where the cupcake is :P It couldn't have been a pegasus :love:
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lightningtumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
you're clever, most people missed that!
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