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Shaman Kiawe by LightningTopaz Shaman Kiawe :iconlightningtopaz:LightningTopaz 2 2 Ranger Mallow by LightningTopaz Ranger Mallow :iconlightningtopaz:LightningTopaz 1 2
Contest Move Effects (Gen V)
"Acid Spray is a Beautiful move that intimidates those Pokemon that also used a Beautiful move."
"Acrobatics is a Cool move that works well if the Pokemon is relaxed."
"After You is a decently appealing Cute move that causes you to go later the next turn."
"Ally Switch is a decently appealing Clever move that scrambles the order for the next turn."
"Autotomize is a Beautiful move that relaxes the Pokemon. Have it set up Baton Pass or Electro Ball for a nice combo."
"Bestow is a Cute move that gets better the more the crowd is excited. Have it follow Celebrate, Covet, Happy Hour or Wish for a nice combo."
"Blue Flare is a decently appealing Beautiful move that is exclusive to Reshiram. You can use it again and again without boring the judges or the audience."
"Bolt Strike is a decently appealing Beautiful move that is exclusive to Zekurom. You can use it again and again without boring the judges or the audience. Have it follow Charge for an amazing combo!"
"Bulldoze is a Tough move that
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Giratina and the Remixed Sky Warrior (prologue)
"Wow..." Ash gasped as the group arrived by a quiet mountain lake. "This is the place Paris told you about?"
Dawn nodded. "Yeah--one of the very few places you can see the Legendary Pokemon Shaymin in its natural habitat."
"Funny you should say that--I think I see one way out there." Brock pointed out a tiny white and green hedgehog-like Pokemon romping through a clearing.
Piqued, Ash read up on the Pokemon as it frolicked with some Combee:
"Shaymin, the gratitude Pokemon. It lives in flower patches and avoids detection by curling up to look like a flowering plant."
"I'm sure that must look cute!" Dawn smiled as she admired the picture on the Pokedex screen.
"Just remember that a Legendary Pokemon won't show itself to just anyone..." Brock cautioned. "But if it wants you do something, you'd better do what it says, for better or worse."
None of the group noticed that a swirl in the lake displayed a large gray draconic Pokémon with gold half rings circling the back of its nec
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Tale 454: The Tower of Doom
(as performed by Brock Harrison, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
There once lived in what is today Shinou a hardy fisherman, who had three daughters--whose names are not important to us just yet.
One day, when he had cast his nets into the sea and was drawing them in, he found them so heavy, he believed he had a great catch of fish, and was already beginning to rejoice at his good fortune.
Imagine his surprise when he found only one large Seaking in his nets, and greater still his astonishment when he heard the huge fish Pokemon speak to him.
“Good sir, find your eldest daughter, and when you have found her, bring her to me. I will warn you that if you disobey me, you will always be unlucky; you will lead a miserable life, and never improve your station.”
The poor fisherman returned home with a heavy heart. He told his daughter, whose name was Aruna, what had happened and what the Seaking had demanded. Aruna, not wishing to see her father miserable, agreed
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Day 142: Snowstyle
"Snowstyle" is a winter spinoff of "Waterstyle", where players are in the role of ice skating trainers.
Like its summer counterpart, there is a campaign mode (where your skaters journey to Pokelympic gold), a simulation mode (while you look after the day to day operations of your rink and the lives of your skaters), and a free skate mode.
There are well over 200 different skaters to train in the game (both boys and girls), and thousands of different costumes for your skaters to wear. The devs have promised a costume designer mode is in the works after many fan requests.
The group finds this game charming--Ash is looking to try it out alongside Elena, Misty enjoys putting together her own routines to her own music, Brock appreciates the diversity of the pre-loaded music, and Serena is looking foward to the costume design mode.
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Priestess Lana by LightningTopaz Priestess Lana :iconlightningtopaz:LightningTopaz 4 4
Contest Move Effects (Gen IV)
"Acupressure is a Tough move that gets better the earlier you use it."
"Air Slash is a Cool move that intimidates the Pokemon before you."
"Aqua Jet is a decently appealing Cool move that allows you to go first the next turn. Have it combine with other Water moves for a nice combo."
"Aqua Ring is a Beautiful move that relaxes the Pokemon. Have it follow Safeguard for a nice combo."
"Aqua Tail is a very appealing Beautiful move. Have it combine with other Water moves for an amazing combo!"
"Assurance is a Clever move that gets better the later you use it."
"Attack Order is a decently appealing Clever move that you can use again and again without boring the judges or the audience. Have it follow Focus Energy for a nice combo."
"Aura Sphere is a Beautiful move that works best if you go first."
"Avalanche is a decently appealing Beautiful move that will match the appeal before yours."
"Brave Bird is an amazing Cool move."
"Brine is a decently appealing Tough move that will match the appeal
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Tale 453: The Legend of Princess Ayaka
(as performed by Ash Ketchum, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
There was once a king and queen who longed to have a child more than anything else. Finally, after months of trying, a little princess was born--since she was born when the flowers were in full bloom in a dazzling array of colors, she was named Ayaka, which means "colorful fragrance"
Now, the queen wanted Princess Ayaka to have a nurse who would help care for her and teach her everything a princess had to know. So heralds were sent out to all corners of the land, and commanded all the best nurses in the land to appear before the queen. So on the appointed day the whole palace was crowded with nurses, who came from all over the kingdom and the world--so many, in fact, that the queen asked that they come into the throne room one at a time if there was any chance of seeing all of them and keeping order.
So each of them came one by one, and the nurses, after they had bowed to the king and queen, made their case
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Day 141: Mystery Mind
"Mystery Mind" is a puzzle game where the player is given thousands of different brainteasers to solve in hopes of growing a Tree of Knowledge to heal a lost world. For every puzzle you solve, the tree grows a little bit.
There are a variety of puzzles in the game--from virtual jigsaws and Rubik's cubes, logic puzzles, math puzzles, obscure trivia, word puzzles, pattern puzzles, mazes, picture puzzles, music puzzles, and many more. While they start off easy, the adventure mode doesn't get terribly difficult--the most challenging puzzles are saved for master mode (a highly challenging mode featuring every puzzle in the game, plus some special puzzles that are very hard.
Every puzzle is also available in relax mode and free play mode. In free play mode, every puzzle in the game is available for you to solve for as long as you like (with hints for the harder puzzles They can also be sorted into type and difficulty, so you can only play the easy puzzles if you want, for example.
New puzzle
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Readthrough of an Arabian Night
The readthrough room buzzed with anticipation as the cast got together for a readthrough. The company's production of "Aladdin" was legendary, and the fact that this year's version coincided with the live Disney version made it all the more sweeter.
The chatter quieted as Brock arrived to lead the discussion and readthrough. "Okay...are there any newbies here this time?"
A few hands went up in reply to Brock's question. "All right...welcome to your first readthrough as a cast member." he began. "Keep in mind we are not going to go through the entire show line by line, song by song, act by act--you'll do that in rehearsals proper. What we WILL be doing is going over the script in detail, answering any questions you may have about your role, and so on, so 'readthrough' is actually a bit of a misnomer--it's technically more of a round table discussion."
"Oh"s went up. "Now then--I assume we have all seen the Disney version at some point, yes?" Brock asked.
"Yeah"s and cheers went up at th
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Show #23: Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
One of the Diamante Company's most celebrated shows is their version of "Aladdin". While it may have some elements from the Disney version, it also has major differences from that version. (something Serena, as the storyteller Aila, warns before the show begins. "Remember--this is not quite the tale of 'Aladdin' you remember!")
Alessia had a major dream of hers come true in this year's version of the show (which coincided with the release of the live Disney version)--play Jasmine to Ash's Aladdin. She says that riding the Rajah puppet was one of her favorite memories.
The Rajah puppet is an elaborate design that requires four people to perform--one to work the hind legs, one to work the front legs, one to support the middle (and riders on its back), and one to work the head
The music is unique for the Diamante's production--they do not use any of the songs from the Disney version. It draws on Arabian and Chinese influences to create a more exotic experience.
Some other major difference
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Contest Move Effects (Gen III)
"Aerial Ace is a Cool move that works great if you go first in the turn."
"Air Cutter is a very appealing Cool move."
"Arm Thrust is a Tough move that gets better the sooner you use it. Have it follow Fake Out or Focus Energy for a nice combo!"
"Aromatherapy is a Clever move that will relax the Pokemon for an entire turn."
"Assist is a Cute move that gets better the later you use it."
"Astonish is a Cute move that intimidates the Pokemon before you."
"Blast Burn is an amazing Cool move. Have it follow Sunny Day for an amazing combo!"
"Blaze Kick is a very appealing Cool move. Have it follow Sunny Day or Focus Energy for an amazing combo!"
"Block is a Cute move that makes those Pokemon that haven't appealed yet nervous. Have it set up Explosion, Memento, Perish Song or Self-Destruct for an amazing combo!"
"Bounce is a Cute move that will relax the Pokemon for an entire turn."
"Brick Break is a very appealing Cool move. Have it follow Focus Energy for an amazing combo!"
"Bulk Up is a Coo
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Arriving in Style!
"Welcome back, Hearthome City..." Ash smiled as the group made their way into the majestic city. "You don't have any bad memories of the loss you had here, do you?" he asked Dawn.
"Not at all." Dawn replied. "I've come to realize the reason I lost was because I wasn't paying attention to what my opponents were doing, and how they could capitalize off of me. But the memories of that play earlier is what I remember most."
Ash nodded. "Since we're here, I wonder if I can get in that Gym battle I never got."
"Actually, the Gym Leader is still away right now." a lady with long red hair replied as she stepped out from a limo.
She smiled as she recognized Ash. "So this is the spirited young actor that played Robin Hood at the theater some months ago. You did very well with the role, I might add."
"Thanks." Ash smiled, a little embarrassed. "I was just trying to play up the character's cleverness."
Dawn immediately recognized the lady. "Oh Arceus--Paris and Coco, here?"
She explained to the bo
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Tale 452: Little Jack, the Widow's Son
(as performed by Misty Williams, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
Once upon a time, there was a king who had a hunter in his service. He gave him his own food and supplies, but all the game he killed he had to bring to the king. One day, when he was going to the castle to deliver his game, he had to pass by the vizier's house. The vizer wanted to get the hunter's catch from him, but he refused, in accordance with the charge entrusted to him. The vizier was understandably very angry with him, and plotted his destruction in every possible way. But the hunter--whose name is not important to us--was a very shrewd person, and he could find no occasion to enact his evil ambitions.
Finally, the time came for the hunter to join Arceus in heaven. He called his wife to him and said...
"My beloved, Arceus calls me home. Please, look after my son, and continue to keep him in school. If he ever asks you what his father's trade was, do not tell him. I fear that the royal vizier migh
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Day 140: Dragonwood
"Dragonwood" is an exploration game making waves in the community for its deceptively exciting exploration--the number of treasures to find, and the dragons to find.
The object of the game is to rescue the titular Dragonwood, which in-game lore explains is a secret hideaway for dragons. But Dragon hunters are making headway into this sacred place, and it's up to you to stop them, and find out who sent the dragon hunters there in the first place.
Gameplay is mainly exploration based--as you find the various dragons in hiding in the wood, they will offer you information and services (emerald dragons will give you food and housing resources and look after any dragon eggs you find), ruby dragons will give you weapon and armor crafting resources and help you make new weapons and armor, and so on
The Dragonwood is larger than you might expect, so there are hundreds of sidequests you can do to develop your skills, or just explore.
The group is intrigued by this game, and want to try it. Ash i
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OPEN (24H AUCTION) - Outfit Adopt 998 by CherrysDesigns OPEN (24H AUCTION) - Outfit Adopt 998 :iconcherrysdesigns:CherrysDesigns 68 15 Found the treasure by pichu90 Found the treasure :iconpichu90:pichu90 94 21 Heaven is Horrible by StarToonz Heaven is Horrible :iconstartoonz:StarToonz 228 56 PS-2019-0326-2n by jhantares PS-2019-0326-2n :iconjhantares:jhantares 16 4 The Parrots Orchestra by Unibat The Parrots Orchestra :iconunibat:Unibat 58 6 Mandelius by Senzune Mandelius :iconsenzune:Senzune 287 24 closed (48H AUCTION) - Outfit Adopt 993 by CherrysDesigns closed (48H AUCTION) - Outfit Adopt 993 :iconcherrysdesigns:CherrysDesigns 107 19 PS-2019-0412-3n by jhantares PS-2019-0412-3n :iconjhantares:jhantares 11 0 PS-2019-0407-5n by jhantares PS-2019-0407-5n :iconjhantares:jhantares 22 0 Mandallian by TropicalFractals Mandallian :icontropicalfractals:TropicalFractals 13 1 Detective Pikachu! by SplatterParrot Detective Pikachu! :iconsplatterparrot:SplatterParrot 478 20 Detective Pikachu: Full Picture rickroll by Paleona Detective Pikachu: Full Picture rickroll :iconpaleona:Paleona 542 31 Aquix by Senzune Aquix :iconsenzune:Senzune 339 23 Pichi-Hime by Villaman89 Pichi-Hime :iconvillaman89:Villaman89 105 15 Rainbow!! by NovaKaru Rainbow!! :iconnovakaru:NovaKaru 11 2 Royal Enforcer by Villaman89 Royal Enforcer :iconvillaman89:Villaman89 114 16


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This week, Dawn gets to go on the shopping spree of the century with a famed designer; and Brock is challenged to tell with a partner for the Fantasy Stage!

This episode was very heavily rewritten from the original episode, which featured the group taking part in a fashion design contest. After taking out Team Rocket, I realized I could rewrite the episode into a Fantasy Stage, and still keep Paris in by having her lead Dawn on an (offscreen) shopping spree.

Paris' Lopunny Coco is a reference to Coco Chanel, for the curious.

I also wanted to build on the theater and performing arts of Hearthome, and establish Hearthome as the premiere performing arts center of the region. The theater from before and the Fantasia are just two of the many theaters in the area.

Rebecca is a brand new character just for this episode, who initially started life as an RP character. She is from Slateport in Houen, so her ID number symbolizes the release of OR and AS. Her Fantasy Stage costume basically looks like this

Brock and Rebecca's pair number symbolizes the release date of Red and Blue in the US

Brock and Rebecca told this tale

Brock tried to sing this to Paris

Brock and Rebecca use the Hymn of the Fayth from Final Fantasy X as the Fletchling's song in their tale (specifically this version).

Next time, we kick off the remix of movie 11!


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