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About Pokemon Perlame
The latest hit craze to hit the Pokeworld is Pokemon Perlame, the world's first Trading Marble Game.
Every known Pokemon (including Meltan and Melmetal) is represented at several different rarity levels ranging from Common to Astral. As a general rule, the more elaborate the marble, the more powerful its ability is.
There are several different ways to play Pokemon Perlame--a kind of two player marble solitaire, racing marbles through a crazy obstacle course, sending it through an elaborate puzzle, and even "battling" the marbles in a manner akin to Beyblades.
Some don't play with the marbles, instead choosing to collect the marbles, and either try to get one marble of each Pokemon (what most collectors tend to do) or get every rarity of every Pokemon (what Ash is attempting to do
So far, the group only really plays on a casual level--Ash is collecting at least one marble of every Pokemon, battling marbles, and participating in the Perlame Challenge (solving elaborate puzzles) Misty is
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Tale 268: Daisuke, the Beast Slayer
(as performed by Misty Williams, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
Once upon a time there was a man and his wife who were very poor. The man earned his living making wooden bowls and platters to sell and oftentimes worked from dawn until dusk, but wooden bowls and platters sold for so very cheap that he could barely support his family no matter how hard he worked.
Now, the man and his wife were the parents of three lovely daughters--we'll call them Miyu, Ran, and Eina. They were all very beautiful, and the man and his wife often lamented the fact that they did not have money to provide for them.
One day, a handsome young man mounted on a beautiful Rapidash came to the poor man's house, and offered to take one of the poor man's daughters as his bride in return for a hundred gold pieces.
The father was very much shocked at this request--he may have been poor, but not so poor that he had to sell his own children. The young man, however, threatened to kill him if he refused
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Day 317: The Devoted Hero
"The Devoted Hero" is one of the girls' favorite romance ballads--mainly because it may not seem like a romance at first.
The song tells the storyof a countess who falls in love with a carpenter. However, many of the other nobles don't like the idea of a noble marrying a commoner, so they think up all manner of impossible challenges to get the carpenter out of their hair. But no matte what they try to make the carpenter do, he always success, with his own cleverness and some magical gifts.
In the end, the nobles allow the countess and the carpenter to wed, and all live happily ever after.
The girls do change up what the carpenter has to do to keep the song fresh, but they do keep in some of the same challenges, including chaining up a monster on the move, freezing a river solid in the summer, and finding a branch of the Tree of Life.
Typically, Misty will sing lead, while Serena sings backup and plays the music. Sometimes, Serena will sing lead, while Brock and Misty sing backup.
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Tale 267: How the Norka Was Slain
(as performed by Serena Lacroix, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
Once upon a time there lived a king and queen that ruled a kingdom so vast, no one knew where its borders ended.
They had three sons--two of them were pretty intelligent, but the third--we'll call him Kentaro--wasn't exactly the sharpest tack in the drawer.
Now, the king had his own private Safari Zone, where all manner of exotic Pokemon roamed. But every night, a fearsome creature known only as the Norka would sneak in and eat some of the Pokemon. The king did everything he could, but he was unable to kill it. So one day, he called his sons together and told them that whoever could destroy the Norka would get half of the kingdom.
Well, the eldest son set out at sunset the next night. But before he reached the Safari Zone, he went into a tavern, and spent the whole night drinking all manner of drinks, playing games of chance, and listening to the minstrels sing. But when he finally came to his senses, it
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Day 316: The Witch's Cave
"The Witch's Cave" is a teaching ballad based on a folk tale that teaches the importance of courage, and warning against pride.
The song tells the story of a notorious witch who believes that no one can defeat her. As a result, the kingdom suffers.
The king's two elder sons try and fail to defeat the witch. but the youngest prince befriends a Braviary, who tells him what to do to defeat the witch.
After a number of adventures acquiring the items and finding the witch's cave by a river, the witch is defeated.
Serena especially loves this song--she will typically keep the beat while Brock plays the melody.
A ballad sung by a soprano accompanied by a lyre and a drum about an eagle, a proud witch, a fight, a cave, and a river.
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Tale 266: The Mysterious Love Song
(as performed by Ash Ketchum, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
In case you don't know, Lavaridge Town has long been known for its hot springs, which some have said have healing powers. But as I'm gonna tell you, they've also brought together friends and lovers as well.
One day, a man--we'll call him Masato--came to the springs to relax, when he saw a girl--we'll call her Shiori--struggling with a broken sandal.
Masato fixed it for her, but all that day, he couldn't get Shiori out of his mind.
They met again the next day on the bridge leading to Lavaridge Town. They talked for a while, and after a few months, grow very close.
One day, Masato found out that Shiori had left the springs, leaving behind an odd letter. However, it was hard for him to read the writing, so he hurried westward, in hopes Shiori went that way. Eventually he met a miko resting at an inn, and asked her to read it.
The miko read the message--which said 'If you miss me, visit me at the seventeenth vi
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Day 315: The Song of the Diamond
"The Song of the Diamond" is one of the group's popular songs. The group will typically play it by request or as an encore.
The song tells the story of a warrior maiden on a quest to slay a Hydreigon. She befriends a minstrel who happens to be going after the same Hydreigon. The maiden isn't sure if the minstrel will survive with just his harp and a shiny stone, the minstrel assures her he will be fine.
It is a very long and drawn out battle, but the shiny stone turns out to be a magic channeling stone, allowing the minstrel to channel magic through his music.
In the end, they both are victorious, and are hailed as heroes across the land.
An action-packed ballad about a fearless warrior maiden, a ring, a musical instrument, a sly bard, and a stone.
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The Spirit Walk
When a Taka comes of age (usually around the human ages of 13 or 14), they embark on what the Taka call a "spirit walk". By walking the main spirit line of their clan, and seeing some of the sacred monuments along the spirit line, the young Taka often awakens magical ability, and returns to the tribe as an enlightened adult.
Both male and female Taka make the spirit walk, and each spirit walk is unique to each traveler. Each route can have as many as 480 landmarks to see on the trip, but the average route has about 120 to 180 landmarks to see.
The Taka usually goes alone, but sometimes one that has previously went on the walk can go with them (usually if a chief's children have come of age). The walk itself usually takes the better part of a year, but two and three year walks are not unheard of.
Traveling Taka are allowed to stay in towns and villages, but it is encouraged to camp out in the open.
Sometimes non-Taka take the walk as a part of learning about and appreciating the Taka cu
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Tale 265: The Pool of Varnish
(as performed by Brock Harrison, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
In a certain village lived two brothers who made their keep making cups and bowls. They would carve the wood, paint them with varnish, and then sell them.
But getting the materials for varnish was hard, as it came from a certain tree in the summertime, and if you ever got it on you, your skin would itch for days.
One day, the two of them were spending the day swimming in a river when a Wartortle passed by. They decided to follow it, and it led them to a huge deposit of varnish.
After gathering some of the varnish, they found that just a little bit on a finger would be able to make tons of bowls and cups.
The people were amazed at the cups and bowls' beauty, and many paid a pretty gold piece.
The brothers quickly sold out of their initial batch, and before long, could hardly keep up with demand. But one day, the younger brother got the idea to horde all the varnish for himself.
So one day, when the elder
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Day 314: The Delphox's Bow
"The Delphox's Bow" is a popular sing along song in taverns across Alegria. Cheers fill the air as Serena leads the adventurous tale (optionally with solos from the others.)
The song tells the story of a wandering gypsy girl who is led to Kitsune's cave by Volbeat and Illumise. Kitsune reveals to the girl that she is no gypsy, but the lost princess of a nearby kingdom. She gives the girl a bow, saying she will need it to take back what is rightfully hers.
The bow leads the girl on a variety of adventures, leading to an epic showdown where she defeats the treacherous prime minister, and reunites with her true parents.
Serena will happily play the song to any that ask to hear it.
A ballad sung by a soprano about a gypsy, a firefly, a fox, and a recurved bow. It is a drinking song.
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Tale 264: How Darkrai Finally Died
(as performed by Misty Williams, with help from Ash Ketchum, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
In a certain kingdom there lived a prince who was brave, kind, and unselfish--we'll call him Shiro. He had three sisters--Princess Aiiro, the eldest, Princess Akai, the middle sister, and Princess Midori, the youngest.
Their father and mother had died not long before all of them came of age. They had told Prince Shiro to give the girls in marriage to the very first suitors who came to woo them.
One day, they were all strolling in the royal gardens when a storm rolled in. They had just made it back inside when the rain started pouring, and the thunder rolled. As the four of them caught their breaths, who should appear on the window but Zapdos!
"Wow!" Melody gasps.
Zapdos transformed himself into a young man, and said to Shiro...
"Hail and well met, Prince Shiro! Before I came as a guest, but now I have come as a suitor! I wish to ask for your sister, the Princess Aiiro."
"If yo
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Day 313: The Voyage of Kanade the Hunter
Most places have an epic detailing the adventures of the priestess Kanade. But only Alegria has both a traditional epic/tales collection (in The Tales of Kanade), and this, which features Kanade in disguise as a hunter, slaying many different dragons and monsters as she travels around the world.
The first episode of the song explains why Kanade embarked on an epic quest--Arceus appeared to her in a dream, commanding her to slay as many evil dragons and monsters as possible. The only catch was, she had to keep her true identity as a priestess a secret, so a hunter was a perfect cover.
Kanade agrees, buys a ship, and sets out on the first of millions of adventures.
Ash especially enjoys singing episodes from the epic, but Brock enjoys performing episodes as well.
A ballad sung by a tenor about a waterfall, a ship, a famous huntress, dragons, and a secret.
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A Dictionary of the Wanderer's Cant (Part 8)
To wail on--to scream and yell at someone (referencing a harmonica wail)
River really wailed on Storm when he had us take that wrong turn--took him all day to get back in her good graces."
To wait for/wait on the fire--to have indigestion (referring to gas being a common symptom of indigestion)
"I'm just waiting on the fire--something in that sauce is bothering me."
To walk the world and back--to travel a long way; someone who has seen a lot
"We've all walked the world and back--and there still more we want to see!"
To walk while Ho'oh flies--to make the most of an opportunity.
If we're going to travel through the mountains, we'd better walk while Ho'oh flies."
To walk the Skyward Path--to die
"Before I walk the Skyward Path, I want to see every inch of this world."
To walk with the spirits--refers to a traditional Taka rite of passage that gave birth to the Wanderer life.
"Most Taka are ready to walk with the spirits around the human age of 12, wh
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Tale 263: The Stone Song
(as performed by Serena Lacroix, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
Once upon a time there lived a woman whose son was quite lazy--we'll call him Devin. No matter what trade his mom tried to teach him, he refused to work, and in a few days was back at home again.
One morning he was resting in the garden by his house when the princess of the land came riding by, followed by her retinue. Devin took one look at the princess--we'll call her Kari--and vowed that he would marry her, no matter what it took.
His mom was quite shocked her normally lazy son would ask her to travel to the palace and ask the king to let him see Princess Kari. But Devin kept bugging her until she finally relented and set out for the palace.
The king was hearing requests and disputes that day, and so Devin's mom had no problem getting into the castle. She explained to him that her lazy son wished to see Princess Kari, as nuts as that sounded. But the king didn't think the woman nuts at all, and told h
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Day 312: The Jewels of my Heart
"The Jewels of My Heart" is an adventurous story that cautions against greed and materialism.
The song tells the story of a mage, who is commanded by the king to bring back the eight jewels of the elements. But the royal oracle cautions against this, warning that those of impure heart with the jewels will be judged.
After a very long and eventful quest, the mage returns with the jewels, just as the bell tower strikes 9 PM. Just as the oracle warned, the power of the jewels consumes the king in light, never to be seen again.
In the end, the mage is crowned the new king, where he rules long and happily.
Misty and Brock especially enjoy playing this song--some say Brock's arrangement complements Misty's voice well.
A ballad sung by an alto accompanied by a lute about an egotistical king, a bell, a good-hearted mage, and gems.
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Jack's Treasures
(as performed by Brock Harrison, in Pewter City's Fireside Theater)
There was once a poor widow who had a son named Jack. Her husband had left her money when he died, but it had long since dried up. It didn't help that Jack wasn't that smart, although his father had said that someday he would do great deeds.
Now, the woman lived on a large farm rented from a greedy landlord who lived in town. The rent had to be paid once a year, and when rent day was drawing near, she found she had no money to give the landlord. She had several fine Miltanks, so she thought she would sell one and get money to pay the rent.
One morning she sent Jack off to town with the finest Miltank she had. As Jack drove the Miltank along, he passed a house standing in the forest near the road. A man sitting on the steps asked him where he was headed.
Jack explained he was off to town to sell the Miltank. The man offered Jack three magical items in exchange for the Miltank. The first was a dish of food that never ran
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Pikachu at the Table by NovaKaru Pikachu at the Table :iconnovakaru:NovaKaru 9 8 Mid Century Modern by Kaleiope-Studio Mid Century Modern :iconkaleiope-studio:Kaleiope-Studio 7 1 (CLOSED) Bows adopts 10 by Rittik-Designs (CLOSED) Bows adopts 10 :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 141 37 PS-2017-1025-2n by jhantares PS-2017-1025-2n :iconjhantares:jhantares 14 2 Timed Hits by Villaman89 Timed Hits :iconvillaman89:Villaman89 74 12 Flower Power by Senzune Flower Power :iconsenzune:Senzune 226 19 Kyudo Girls by MitchellMohrhauser Kyudo Girls :iconmitchellmohrhauser:MitchellMohrhauser 404 7 #30 Jolt by CatherineDaydreamer #30 Jolt :iconcatherinedaydreamer:CatherineDaydreamer 17 0 Earth Tone Donation Blanket by KittySib Earth Tone Donation Blanket :iconkittysib:KittySib 8 9 Simple potions 1 (downloadable stock) by Rittik-Designs Simple potions 1 (downloadable stock) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 420 28 Commissioned Halloween Themed Blanket by KittySib Commissioned Halloween Themed Blanket :iconkittysib:KittySib 10 15 Aura Guard Ash X Demon Hunter Misty ~Commission~ by Xero-J Aura Guard Ash X Demon Hunter Misty ~Commission~ :iconxero-j:Xero-J 92 12
Worldmeld: Spirits
Introduction:With you in Spirit
In Worldmeld, Spirits are representative of either the bonds shared between characters across the multiverse, or represent characters being able to aid those who call upon them.
Not all Characters who are spirits are neccesarily non playable.
While most Spirits are based on Art, Sprites, models, or even in game models or screens. Some spirits may have exclusive or new art
Spirited Away
As In Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Spirits can be equipped to your characters to modify them
Unlike in Smash Ultimate, the majority of Spirits can be either Primary or Support spirits
Most spirits have different effects depending on whether they are in Primary or Support Slots
A character can equip up to 2 primary spirits, each primary Spirit having 3 support spirit slots, for a total of 8 spirits per character.
As in Smash Ultimate, Spirits come in different rarities. There are several spirit rarities that also apply to loot as well
Worn (gray)
Common (wh
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Prince Charming-der by BlueBandanaJake Prince Charming-der :iconbluebandanajake:BlueBandanaJake 45 8 Chikorita! by BlueBandanaJake Chikorita! :iconbluebandanajake:BlueBandanaJake 96 32 Bayleef! by BlueBandanaJake Bayleef! :iconbluebandanajake:BlueBandanaJake 65 20


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The finale of the movie remix will be delayed so I have some more time to plan it out.

We will go back to twice a week releases when the movie remix concludes.


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