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The Games of the Revue (part 8)
Pick and Choose (Easy Pickings)
The players race to find gems in a cave. Whoever has the most in 30 seconds, wins.
Lisia's advice: "Different gems are worth more points, but different rocks will have different gems inside. Go find the rock holding a diamond!"
Tile By Fire (Tile and Error)
The teams race around a platform trying to turn the panels to their color. Whoever has the most covered in 30 seconds, wins.
Lisia's advice: "If you turn quickly enough, you can turn multiple tiles at once."
Incredi-ball Journey (Sphere Factor)
The teams must work together to roll a ball to the goal. The first team to do so, wins.
Lisia's advice: "The ball won't roll on its own, unless it's on a slope."
Spinarak Shakedown (Spider Stomp)
The teams must race to free Niji (May's Beautifly) from a Spinarak web. Whoever frees Niji first, wins.
If May is one of the players, she will call "We'll save you, Niji!" before the game begins. If she and her teammate win, Niji will land on her head
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Tale 239: The Patient Prince
(as performed by Serena Lacroix, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
There was once a king who had a daughter he loved very much--we'll call her Christa. Princess Christa had been spoiled rotten ever since she was born, and was as crafty and wise as she was beautiful.
By the time Princess Christa was of age to marry, she didn't want a thing to do with all the would be suitors that came to call every day. She then declared she would be choosing her own husband, thank you very much.
Her father had learned long ago that once Princess Christa had made up her mind, she would not take no for an answer. So he asked her what she wanted to do to choose a husband. Princess Christa showed her father a gold Leppa Berry, and said...
"Summon all the young men in the land to come here on this day next month. The one I give this Leppa Berry to will be my husband."
"But, sweetheart--!"
A month went by, and all the young me
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Day 290: Guard the Temple
"Guard the Temple" tells one of the better known stories from the Tales of Kanade--how Kanade defended the Great Temple from thieves wishing to steal the many holy artifacts inside.
At first, the song was very straightfoward, with Kanade using her wits and her bow to stop the thief. But over time, minstrels started added onto and exaggerating the basic events to create the song performed today.
The girls borrow some of these elements in their version of the song--Misty works in Kitsune, and Serena contributed a friendly Raikou to the basic plot. Depending on how long Serena is willing to play, the song can go on forever.
A ballad sung by an alto accompanied by a mandolin about a priest, a devout thief, a thwarted plan, a fox, and tiger. Many verses have been added over time.
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A Story of Pride
"I did it...I created something I can be proud of." Lillie smiled as she held a thick star design spiral notebook in her hands.
"Oh?" Brock was intrigued as he accepted the book, intrigued in the story Lillie had written.
A smile formed on his face as he read over some of the pages filled with Lillie's neat handwriting. "This is good, Lillie...It's an interesting twist on the Moltres story.."
"I was inspired by your performance of the tale during the storytelling show at the Palama last night." Lillie explained. "But I wondered why the princess was just a prize to be won. So I decided to make her the hero of the story."
"That's a great idea." Misty replied.
"What's this about Lillie writing something?" Hau asked as he arrived with a box of malasadas.
"I wrote a story by myself after seeing Brock perform last night." Lillie explained as Brock passed him the notebook.
"Lessee here...oh, the princess is the hero this time!" Hau grinned. "Befriends a wandering hero after she decided to fin
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About Princess Lillie and the Prism Bow
"Moltres and the Prism Bow" is an epic adventure story that Lillie wrote by herself (that is very loosely based on the Moltres tale type). Ash suggests putting it on as a play for the community, which Hau and Kiana love. Hau volunteers to write the script (with Lillie helping), and Kiana decides to direct it.
Hapu loves the idea of a play, and sends word to the trial captains across Alola. Before long, everyone has a role, whether it's on the cast or on the crew.
But then Ash runs into a problem--who will play Kitsune, the holy Delphox?
He is surprised to reunite with Serena!
Serena explains that she is in Alola as a favor to Prof. Sycamore, in hopes he can learn more about Zygarde. After filling in Serena on the story so far, Ash introduces her to the SM cast.
But then Lillie is volunteered to play the princess--and it doesn't help she has stage fright!
Can Lillie overcome her stage fright to give the people of Malie City a show no one will forget?
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The Journey of Wings
(from the writings of Erin of Clan Ruibin, the Dragonsinger)
Of all the stories I have learned on my flights across the world, a single act keeps turning up again and again--the act of visiting each of the Great Dragons of the elements in order to gain great magical power or a powerful artifact. This quest is often called the Journey of Wings.
In order, someone making the journey must visit the six Great Dragons, in order:
--Gaia, who the elves call the Earthmother
--Ragnis, who the dwarves call the King of Flames
--Ventis, called the Cloudweaver
--Tempest, who the Eala call the Queen of the Sea
--Chandra, the silver dragon said to be the moon incarnate, and Aurora's sister
--Aurora, the gold dragon who watches over the world, and rules over all dragonkin. Some say she is the sun incarnate, while others believe a white dragon has that honor.
Depending on the tale, the traveler may also need to see other dragons or different beings entirely.
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The Games of the Revue (part 7)
Portrait Panic (Boo-Bye)
The player must lure the Gastlys into the portraits. If the player meets or beats a randomly determined number of Gastlys caught, they win.
Lisia's advice: "The Gastlys are color coded--they won't go in a portrait that doesn't match their color!"
Reach for the Stars (Cloud Climb)
The player climbs up a stack of clouds to reach the stars. If they fall too far, they fail.
Lisia's advice: "Time your jumps carefully on springboards--you could fall a long way if you miss your target!"
Human Arrow/Arrow-mon (Flingshot)
The player becomes a human arrow and must launch themselves as far as they can to win. Far distances are kept as records.
This is one of the few minigames where the name changes depending if the humans are playing or the Pokemon are playing.
The bow has a different design depending on who is being launched.
Lisia's advice: "The bow will flash when it's at max power--that's the best time to launch!"
Poke Ball Pile (Shell Stack)
The player must crea
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Tale 238: The Twin Mages and the Fletchlings
(as performed by Ash Ketchum, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
There was once a princess that was well loved and well liked by everyone in her homeland. One day, she mysteriously disappeared, leaving her father the king devastated.
Finally, the king issued a proclamation saying whoever could find the princess--we'll call her Wendy--and bring her home safely would have her hand in marriage. Many princes and adventurers tried to find Princess Wendy, but had no luck.
Meanwhile, in a certain town not far from the palace lived a man and his three sons--the youngest of which was named Andrew. While his brothers lived free wheeling high lives, Andrew was quiet, kind, brave, and unselfish.
One day the eldest brother decided to go out into the world and seek his fortune. He walked on for a while before stopping to rest for lunch. A fire mage passed by, and asked if he could share his food, but the eldest brother refused.
A little farther on, the eldest brother stopped for dinne
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Day 289: The Light of a Hero's Love
"The Light of a Hero's Love" is an exciting ballad that tells of a hero's quest to save his beloved and save his kingdom from a scheming count.
The song tells the story of a noble boy who goes into exile to protect himself from an evil count. While on the run one night, he befriends an Illumise, who leads him to a cave where the three Beasts live. The Beasts feel sorry for the boy, and offer to help him For a while, the Illumise visits the boy at night, telling the boy and the Beasts where to go next on their travels, and how to meet the challenges they face.
After a number of adventures (which involve retrieving some magic items, defeating a Hydreigon, and saving a princess, to name a few--Brock does change up which adventures are featured to keep the song fresh.), the boy confronts the count, and defeats him, liberating his kingdom.
The song is typically sung straight through, without a chorus. Brock is careful not to have the song ramble, but doesn't rush the song either.
A humor
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Tips on Playing the Minstrel
The card and game shop hummed with activity as both veteran Glimmerdust players and newcomers sought out some of the game's best players to rate their decks and how to play their favored class. Brock's smart table was over by the Glimmerdust boxes and gift cards. Even though the paladin and the mage tables are the most popular, business hasn't been too bad over here. he thought as new group gathered around the table.
Once sure no one else was arriving, he began his lecture once again. "Okay...first of all, thank you for dropping by. If you're just getting into the game, or a veteran curious as to how a minstrel plays in Glimmerdust, I hope to de-mystify some common misconceptions about the minstrel class, and show you how they are more powerful than you think."
Intrigued murmurs filled the air as Brock displayed his current deck on the PC hidden in the table. "Contrary to popular belief, a minstrel is not a pure support class. It has some supporting abilities, true, but if you s
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The Games of the Revue (part 6)
Mail Brawl (Catch You Letter)
The players must catch as many stray letters as they can and put them back into the mailbox. Whoever's mailbox is the fullest in 30 seconds, wins.
Lisia's advice: "Different letters are worth different amounts of points, so every letter counts!"
Solo vs. Team
Stage Fight (Stage Fright)
The team of three must try and knock off the solo player from a stage. The solo player must survive for 30 seconds to win.
Lisia's advice: "The solo player should keep moving to shake the team of three off their back."
Rock n' Run (Granite Getaway)
The player (complete with an adventurer's outfit) must run as fast as they can to escape a massive boulder. If the player escapes, they win.
Ash has his Indy outfit for this Mini Game (his same costume if you play Meralda Jungle)
Lisia's advice: "Focus on the path ahead--tripping over something could cost you time!"
Snowy Superstar (Snow Whirled)
The player must score as many points on the snowboard halfpipe as p
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Tale 237: Jack and the Azure Flute
(as performed by Brock Harrison, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
There was once a man who had three sons. The elder two were clever, but the third--we'll call him Jack--wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.
Their father had divided all his possessions among them before joining Arceus in the heavens, and not long after the funeral, the three brothers went out into the world to seek their fortunes.
Now, the two wise brothers left all their stuff at home, but Jack, who had only inherited a large rock, took it along with him.
They went on and on and on till it began to get dark, when they came to a large forest. The wise brothers decided to climb up to the top of an oak tree and spend the night there. This way, they would know if bandits were coming. They jeered and taunted Jack and his rock, but were quite surprised when Jack climbed up in the tree with them, albeit only on the lower branches.
Some hours later, some bandits passed that way, fresh from a heist in
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Day 288: Race for the Border
"Race for the Border" is an unusual twist on a chase tale by starting the tale in medias res, when the hero is already fleeing from his pursuer. (Brock prefers to have the setup be a boy fleeing from a ruthless count during a storm.)
For several days, the boy reaches a woman's house, where he is given food and a bed for the night, and a magical gem when he departs in the morning. Depending on Brock's mood (and how long Serena is willing to play), the song may go on forever.
Usually, Brock is able to make it to the end (the boy makes it to the border and escapes his pursuer), but sometimes, he and Serena have had to stop due to exhaustion.
A fast-paced ballad sung by a tenor accompanied by a harp and a mandolin about a border, gems, willow trees, lightning bolts, and a meal. Many verses have been added over time.
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Dragon Colors Explained
(from the writings of Erin of Clan Ruibin, the Dragonsinger)
Margaid is home to hundreds upon thousands of different dragon species, but we can group them into several different color groups:
White Dragons
These striking dragons are said to have brought the world and all the other dragons in it into being, by command of the gods, the Tar Caitha. One serves as the crest of Clan Caitha, the royal clan.
Crystal dragons are a powerful subspecies of white dragon, and one of the rarest kinds of all to see.
Golden Dragons
These dragons are the guardians of all that is good and pure, alongside their kin the white and silver dragons. Some of them are said to change form. A gold dragon serves as the crest of Clan Eiri, the clan of guardians and defenders.
Silver Dragons
These dragons keep watch over the world by night, bringing dreams and visions and battling nightmares. It is said the stars were created by the breath of a silver dragon as she battled the demon king.
A silver dragon serves as th
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About the Dragonsinger of Margaid
In the world of Margaid, a place far from Earth, dragons are seen as guardian spirits who protect the world and all living things. Every Margaidan child, no matter what race they are, has a guardian dragon to watch over them, guide them, and in some cases, serve as their companion. While few Margaidans ever see their guardian dragon face to face, some dragons are immortalized in minstrel's songs and stories as the companions to a great hero.
Our story is about Erin, a minstrel girl of noble birth. She was born with a dawnwisp--a yellow-white streak in her otherwise red hair, symbolizing that she was destined to do great things. The city priestess was equally amazed when it was revealed her guardian dragon was a crystal dragon--a subspecies of white dragon whose scales glittered with all colors of the rainbow.
Erin quickly bonded with her guardian dragon Serenth, who taught her many ancient songs and stories. Thanks to Serenth's wisdom, Erin was able to choose the path of a minstrel whe
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Tale 236: The Lucky Wheat Stalk
(as performed by Misty Williams, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
There was once a man who, despite his hard work and perseverance,  was very unlucky--we'll call him Kichirou. One day, he went to the village temple, and asked Arceus for just a little luck. In fact, he spent the whole day in there, pouring his heart out to Arceus.
Before long, night had fallen, and Kichirou soon fell asleep. As he slept, Arceus appeared to him. The light from his holy aura was so bright, it lit up the shrine like the daytime.
Arceus told Kichirou to take the first thing he found when he left the shrine and travel westward. Kichiro thanked Arceus and left, tripping over himself on the way out.
When Kichirou brushed himself off, he saw he had picked up a small wheat stalk. He pocketed it and started down the western road. He didn't get far when a Venonat started buzzing around his head and annoying him.
Kichirou couldn't bring himself to squish the Venonat, so he carefully caught it
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This week, the gang learns a little about Tonio's and Alice's past, and how that could be key to saving the world.

I wanted to expand on how Alice came to learn how to use a grasswhistle, so the scene in the flashback where her young self learns how to use it was new for the remixed story.

Alice at least acknowledges the flashback that was originally in the previous episode here. I felt this part of the story would make more sense to at least acknowledge it.

Dawn's Lunar Wing sets up for much later down the road in the main story, where the group actually encounters Cresselia.

Next time, the group's tour of the tower takes a terrifying turn as Dialga and Palkia's battle spills into the real world...


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