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I made this like 10000000000x more dramatic than it actually was...
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Looks like the end of Sonic Archies issue 263... And that's when the Werehog was still "in process"... :-)
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But the bubble use the freaking magic
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haha you really made it like all over dramatic than how it actually was  Sweating a little...  Hatsune Miku-04 (Laughs) 
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Thank you! And yeah, that's what I was going for lol
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welcome Hug 
haha np worries we saw thatLove Clap  
SonicBionicle's avatar also reminds my of the cover of an issue in the "Waves of Change" story arc. 
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They're literally both just Sonic drowning- I didn't look at that at all when drawing this though, this is purely inspired by the first episode of Sonic Boom
Quick Question!!

How bad do you think Sonic would actually be hurt if writers decided to have an episode where he got injured?
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In 100% honesty, simply because it's a kids show, I don't think they'd ever have Sonic /severely/ injured or hospitalized. Especially since it's a comedy XD if they did hurt him, they'd probably just have him break his ankle/foot/arm or something for an episode haha
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This is so dramatic ><
But I love it
I know this ep ><
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This is how dramatic it should have been! :D
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sonic nooooooooooooo
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Yeah.... A WHOLE LOT
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This is awesome!
it kinda reminds me of this…
I looked at the link, why do you have that?!

I'm not judging, I just though it was funny because of similarities in the drawings!
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It's a website I found.
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Amazing !! *o*
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You're welcome !! :3
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