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DotW: Bronwyn

Bronwyn Medallion by lightningspam

new app art!

(because I have no chill and need 10000 characters)

Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Height: 30 inches
Weight: 61lbs
Build: Small, nimble and elegant. Bron has a tapered body with fluffy fur around her hind quarters. Often has tail raised to be at least even with her back. Thick neck fur that thins out along her underside. Most notable feature is her cheek fur which emphasizes her high cheek bones.

Territory: Highvalley
       | Mate: (deceased) Thallo
              | Offspring: (missing) Robin
Rank: Omega


|| Dutiful
She remains because she must not because she chooses to. Bronwyn has remained dutiful and loyal to both her pack and Thallo despite where it has driven her life and she will continue to do so. The she wolf despises the idea of bringing shame to her birth pack and so endures life in Highvalley.

|| Vain
Looks are important to Bronwyn. She knows how elegant she looks and has high expectations for the looks of others. She finds life a joke for sticking her with a wolf so outwardly revolting but possessing such a beautiful mind.

|| Cold
There is a bite behind many of Bronwyn's words - even in conversation with her mate, Thallo. The rumors and malicious words about her faithfulness to her mate did their damage. She grew to distrust most of the pack and even dislike her mate. As a result she prefers to keep to herself. The more time spent alone the better. She is not a wolf any run to for company or advice. Bronwyn tends to meet visitors with a cold, cautious gaze and sealed lips.

|| Reserved
Keeping away from her packmates seemed to be the best solution to avoiding any new rumors and avoiding them for the most part. Bronwyn doesn't care to participate in the chatter that many of the wolves of the pack enjoy so much. In group gatherings she is often silent and only remains as long as she absolutely must.

Pre-Group History:

The moment Bronwyn took her first breath, her future was already decided. She was the pup of two betas of Frostwood - the only one of her parents' first litter. Consequently it was also time to forge a new alliance with Highvalley after three generations.

Her upbringing reflected her fate - she was taught some of Highvalley's history early on. The relationship between the two packs and the importance of it was strained especially during these learning sessions. Bronwyn upheld her end - dutifully following the path laid out before her. She was eventually permitted to converse with Thallo through carrier pigeons. Over time, she formed an image of him in her mind and fell in love. The eagerly awaited day of their meeting came. At first her fantasized image of him had been right - he had a light pelt and the stance of a powerful wolf - but then he turned around. Her smile drained away and was instead replaced with a look of horror. This cross eyed wolf was to be her mate? Bronwyn did her best to swallow her judgements but it was clear the love she'd had for him was gone.

Their mateship was more like a friendship at first. Bronwyn was quick to reject all of Thallo's advances and seclude herself from her new packmates. She wanted nothing more than to return home. Still, she remained where she was as her pack had bid her when they'd wed her off. Thallo eventually lost patience with her. After threats of bringing their mateship to the King's attention, he pressured her into consumating the marriage.

They had one pup, Robin.

Bronwyn did love her daughter but each time she looked at her, she could only thinking of how she came to be. This resulted in Bron being a bit more distant from her daughter than perhaps she had intended. She was relieved when she took more to her Thallo than herself. Things quickly spiraled out of control however as word reached her ears that there was rumor she had been unfaithful to Thallo. The very suggestion enraged Bronwyn. For all she'd done - for all she'd endured - this was the result. Still, the pair was able to quell the rumors but it was clear Thallo had suspicions of his own. Things grew worse as Robin became aware that the red of her pelt was not natural. Bronwyn could never bring herself to say anything in reassurance when Robin asked about it. Instead she would simply turn away. Arguments grew more frequent between Bronwyn and Thallo and their mateship was quickly becoming even less than a friendship.

The day Robin left changed Bronwyn. Thallo had returned to the den, a strange look on his face, and told Bronwyn that their daughter had gone. She had stared back incredulously. Robin was young and small, there was no reason he hadn't brought her back by the scruff of her neck. Bronwyn had pushed past him and ran toward where she'd last been. She called out for her daughter - searched for her - but in the end had ended up empty handed. Her daughter was gone and she had no idea to where.

The rumors that circulated after that were worse. The talk was that Bronwyn had gotten rid of her daughter in order to put an end to the rumors about her unfaithfulness. She could not summon the will to combat them anymore. She let them talk.

Group History:

Joined Domain of the Wolf. (+2 Bones - Jan2017)
[ DoTW ] Messages Carried from Afar ( +1 Bones - Jan2017)
        | Ahead of their fated meeting, Bronwyn and Thallo send messages to each other by means of carrier pigeon.
DotW: And if We Don't? (+1 Bone - Ap2017)
        | Thallo presents an ultimatum: Find Robin or produce a new heir. The strain builds between them.
The Last Message: Page 1 (+2 Bones - Jul2017)
        | Weeks pass without sight or sound of Thallo so Bronwyn sets off to find him with the help of a carrier pigeon that they used to communicate with long ago.
The Last Message: Page 2 (End) (+2 Bones - Aug2017)
        | Bronwyn finds Thallo's body deep in the mountains.
DotW: Goodbye (+1 Bone - Aug2017)
        | Bronwyn says her goodbyes to her mate.

DotW: Bronwyn x Thallo Kiss Meme (+2 Bones Feb2016)

Total Bones: 11
Total Bones Earned: 11

Other: Design and character concept by Lachtaube! <333 ( [ DoTW ] Bronwyn Adopt (CLOSED) )
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