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Skullkid commission v3.0 by LightningSilver-Mana Skullkid commission v3.0 by LightningSilver-Mana

Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Skullkid

Commissioned request to hand craft the Skullkid from the Nintendo 64 Majora’s Mask video game. This is the 3rd Skullkid I’ve made since 2011, and this one was to be accompanied with a custom of the Happy Mask dealer also from Majora’s Mask, a Plague Doctor custom and I was also mailed a g1 Moon Dancer so I could repaint her cutiemarks. (I do not accept requests to restore vintage ponies, I did this for free for a close friend.)

Want to know a funny theme about this set? “Moon Dancer” and “Skullkid”… what does Skullkid do in the game? DANCE ON THE MOOOOOON!!!!!!! Lololol

Skullkid’s pony base is a generation 1 baby Heart Throb that the customer specifically requested and mailed. She also wanted marbles for the eyes, with yellow stained glass paint on the backs. I also left the head loose with only a rubber pony leg keeping the head attached because the customer plans on adding lights inside the head to make the eyes glow… 
Wings were cut off and now I have a really cute pair of baby g1 pegasus wings lying about. Base coated in white gesso, full body repaint in black and brown acrylics in kind of a wood grain texture. All paint work sealed in Artists Varnish. 

Tail is black caviar nylon RetrodollUS hair, red is volcano nylon mlp dollyhair. I noticed after the photoshoot, that the colors of feather I chose to stick out of the top of the hat, also match the tail. Purely accidental!
The mask is cut from thick leather, painted and detailed in painted beads. Sealed in Mod Podge, removable from face via pin. 

Hat is half of a plastic craft egg with dyed feather plumes, fabric glued around, beads stitched around the brim with hemp cord stitched. Red dyed feathers glued around the brim. 
Boots have a thick leather sole of boot leather, with a thin faux vinyl fabric for the rest. Beads and orange hemp cord detail. 
Tunic is hand stitched from same faux red vinyl as hat and boots, a moon bead belt strung on orange hemp cord. Mustard yellow dyed feathers detail on legs, and around neck. 

Finishing details are red and yellow cotton balls painted to resemble Navi and Tatl from Majora’s Mask. Their wings are cut from butterfly sequin confetti and glued in place. 

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