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Princess Sailor Luna Moon by LightningSilver-Mana Princess Sailor Luna Moon by LightningSilver-Mana
Princess Sailor Luna Moon!

NOW RESIDE WITH :iconmlp-fim-tpm:

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I’ve made Luna from Sailor Moon as a custom before and sold her, and have also made various Princess Luna customs from Friendship Is Magic and sold those too, so now I present…. PRINCESS SAILOR LUNA MOON!!!! A splice between the two fandom concepts mashed up together in my style.

This concept works so well because both Lunas have close to the same hair colors, eye colors too and symbolism (moons!). The challenge was figuring out a body color to balance them both together. I felt a lighter purple would work and to still keep the essence of the pony Princess Luna from getting lost in the mash up.
Other Princess Luna aspects that were kept, are her necklace and tiara, hoof armor, and eye color. I repainted her cutiemark in Sailor Moon colors!

With all that said, her pony base is a purple Princess Luna fakie I purchased from China. Kept original body color and repainted the cutiemarks. Made the hoof armor match the hair, and painted the eyes in Princess Luna’s aqua color but in Sailor Moon Luna’s expression. Put Luna Moon’s moon on her forehead, added some paint detail to the tiara and necklace with rhinestone detail. All paint work sealed in Artists Varnish.

Mane and tail are rooted in mohair- the deeper navy color is dyed with Rit Dye, from a time I was experimenting. Am glad I found a use for it! I made Sailor Moon Luna’s hair buns, and embellished them in ribbons with bells tied to them then some rhinestones. Yellow ribbon tied around her neck also with a bell attached for her catness.

Her dress is hand stitched. Started off with pleating sheer navy blue fabric for the under layer, then stitched a thin yellow cotton material in 4 pieces then stitched them together. Pleated some sequined sheer black material for the flowers on each side of the front of her dress. Made her moon necklace by cutting moons from gold vinyl, and threading thick thread with small gold beads tied in place. Added black rose and rhinestone details too the hoof armor, Moon and heart rhinestones on tail base.

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