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Link Between Worlds Hilda and Zelda custom ponies
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Published: July 23, 2018
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Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds, Princess Hilda (purple hair) and Princess Zelda (light)

Now resides with MLP-FIM-TPM
~~~FOR SALE: $95.00~~~ as a 2 piece set only
Message me or send a private note if interested
2 partial payments accepted on this, every 2-3 weeks.
shipping is extra.
No holds or trades accepted.

This project was inspired by the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game I’ve seen posted around in online groups. These princesses are particularly from the Nintendo 3ds video game LoZ: Link Between Worlds game though. So I referenced the original art work from that game, and screen caps from the new Smash game and came up with my own vision.

Pony bases are generation 4.5 Princess Twilight Sparkle ponies, but in different poses! Felt they were perfect for this task. Cut the original wings, horns and ears off and make these gals hylian elf ears from leather. Coated entire bases in white gesso, then gave them full body repaint jobs in sunkissed peach acrylics. Eyes painted in my style, in their own expressions. All paint work sealed in Artists Varnish.

Manes and tails are rooted in all nylon mlp dollyhair.
Hilda’s mane and tail: I cut hair off of a Rarity figure and reused it on Hilda. The colors are likely bouganvillea and sour grapes. The light purple is amethyst from dollyhair.
Zelda’s mane and tail: rooted in nylon colors mango tango, golden sun and buttercreme. Zelda’s bangs are styled with a hair dryer and permanent hair gel method.

Next up, I did their boot sandals. Cut from faux brown vinyl- used a lighter brown for Zelda and a dark chocolate brown for Hilda. Painted acrylic details on them, made them buckle straps from brown ribbon and gold rhinestones for their buckles. Did a brown rhinestone for Hilda. Soles on both are thick real dark brown leather.
I then cut Zelda’s gauntlets and both of their shoulder armor from a very shiny gold vinyl I ordered from China. Detailed them with 2 tones of acrylic paints.

Made Zelda’s sleeves and both of their pleated white dresses from wide bias tape. Glued their stripe details on and they are ribbon, and the wider stripes are bias tape.
Next up, I stitched the colored torso pieces of the dresses and the sash trains. Hilda has a purple cotton material, and Zelda has a light pink silk material. Did their intricate sash details with acrylic paints applied on with a toothpick. Hilda has a upside down triforce and Zelda has a regular one.
Stitched those in place, then made their belts from teal and pink bias tape.

Gold broach and belt accessories were crafted next. Took flower beads and crafted pink wire through them, cut fringe detail 6 times from the faux gold vinyl, clamped flat gold aluminum wire to finish. For the belt center pieces, did a bottom layer of vinyl, middle layer of a gold sequin then aurora colored rhinestones in the middle and flat aluminum gold wire on the backs.
Chest broaches have a bottom layer of the gold vinyl, middle layer of gold sequin, center pieces of gold pearl rhinestones with gold metallic square rhinestones on the sides.

Tiaras have a base of textured gold trim with large metallic gold square rhinestones glued down for Hilda, with gold and red rhinestones in the centers. Zelda has painted gold triangle rhinestones as triforces on her with a blue drop rhinestone in the center.

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