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I am a sufferer of mental illnesses, which tend to be the subject matter for what I write. I love art, but lost my touch. I used to write songs, and played piano by ear, but that hobby also fell behind. I plan to pick it up again, as well as my guitar, once I learn.

A little backstory: I used to draw band logos all the time as a hobby. I was the girl in school who would rather doodle than take notes. I was (and am) a daydreamer. I have many passions, and I have only recently decided to use the Internet to share these passions. I have a blog, link in the website section. I also have 3 YouTube channels; one for my blog, which has my "vlogs" on it (Sitic), a personal one for videos and slideshows of my pets and stuff, and my FNAF art and theory account, Lightning-SFM. I only recently came back into art, after I was introduced to Source Filmmaker. I don't animate yet, but I do create pictures. I may not post many of my writings on here, but you can find them all on my blog. Thanks for checking me out! Leave some love :)


Just Monika
Part of the new project I'm working on. This was too perfect to not make into something haha. [EMOTE] just Monika Monika all icon Doki Doki Literature Club! - Monika Icon #2 Doki Doki Literature Club! - J u s t  M o n i k a I DESERVE Some Happiness!

J̶̨͎͇̀̽̓̓̂̍͒̈̎̀̿͘ǔ̵͚͍̺̜̖̔̃̏̎͛͐̕͠s̴̤̝̺͇͇̤̱̥̝̽̒̊́t̷̿̃̊̌͜ ̵͓͔̬͎͓̩̼͚̽̏͆̃̌͌̈́̕͠͝ͅM̷̧̢̢̛̙̜̯͉̹͇̥̗͇̰͕̿͒̐͐̇͜͝͝ớ̷̮̣̖̟͕̮̺̀̃͐̑̆̀̀̈̄͛͘͝ṇ̴̺͍͔̥̪͉̜̮̙̜̃̅̌̎͋́͜i̷̖̊̓̍̈́́͆̿̓͒͐̓̚͠k̵̡̩͈̟̅͋̅̅͛̄̎̈̉̈́͝ã̶̢͎̖͕̦̖̹̝͙̩̓̋̈́̅̊̀̉͋̕̕ͅͅ
Happy Underversary!!
3 years of such a beautiful game. I made this in the spawn area of my minecraft server, since we started out as an Undertale RP place. I owe SO much to Toby and his brilliance. This isn't really "art", but I wanted to post it to help celebrate! :3 Undertale:~Frisk pixel~ [Undertale] Flowey Icon GIF Undertale Sans Brows Emoji Undertale Icon - Papyrus gaster icon - Gaster's stare | undertale Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale Catty Emoticon Icon Gif 2- Undertale Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale - Sad Mettaton Being Beautiful Toriel disapproves Annoying Dog Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale LOLOLOLOLOL ALPHYS NO Asgore Icon Monster kid [INTENSIFIES] Chat Icon (Undertale) Chara Icon 

oh and if anyone still plays Minecraft and wants to "come join the fun" :3 , my server IP is

Also, I streamed the full game yesterday in celebration - True Pacifist. Check it out on my Twitch channel - or youtube -
Its Going To Be Alright [Refined]
Here's a better version of my previous piece. I've been tinkering with this all damn day, and I'm FINALLY happy with the result. Still doesn't have shading though <.<
Finally done with this. Going to start working on my other project soonish here. If you want early access to the video here ya go: Early Access - SFM Animatic coming next Thursday! Become a $10 patron to see my early access stuff :)…

Also, you can join my discord to help suggest new projects for me (not commission, just requests!) here:


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